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Chapter: 1561

This Was the Deity Realm

Under the white-haired ghost’s shocked gaze, the thirty-six thousand pores on Meng Chao’s arms unleashed blinding flames at the same time.

It was as if two… no, two hundred ferocious flood dragons were coiling around his arms simultaneously.

When the flames dissipated, two thick and long chains that were almost melted by the flames had already been dragged from the ends of his arms all the way to the ground.

Two heavy sabers were wrapped around the chains.

They seemed to be made of extremely dense cosmic materials from a neutron star.

The blades were not sharp, however,they easily cut into the hard ground as if they were cutting tofu.

They went all the way to the bottom, leaving only the handles of the sabers exposed.

That was not all.

When Meng Chao’s cells exploded, the spirit energy that shot out flowed into the earth through the chains and sabers.

The rocks hidden deep in the ground were apparently infected, burned, and stirred by his vitality magnetic field, melting into surging magma.

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With Meng Chao’s feet as the center.

The ground within a hundred meters was shaking, roaring, and tearing. Soon, intersecting spider web cracks appeared.

Dazzling red brilliance blossomed from the depths of the cracks, turning into bubbles that were thousands of degrees high and containing magma.

Even though the flesh and blood of the undead creatures were extremely tough, they were still not as tough as they used to be.

In the face of the land that was neverending "magma," the ferocious roars a moment ago had turned into wails of fear and trepidation.

There was an undead creature with three monster heads sewn onto it. The creature happened to be where the red cracks were the densest. One moment of carelessness and half of its body fell into the magma created by Meng Chao.

Its flesh and blood were instantly charred.

No matter how the Blood Flower spores stimulated its cells as well as accelerated the division and growth, they tried to cover and replace the charred parts with fresher and more blood-red flesh and membranes.

Large patches of charred marks continued to spread throughout the body of the undead creature like a virus that swallowed a virus.

In just a few seconds, the two heads and three limbs of the undead creature were all dehydrated, split, and disintegrated, turning into countless crispy cinders.

The remaining heads and limbs were not truly ‘dead’under the control of the blood-striped fungi cluster. They were still struggling with all their might, trying to escape the entanglement of the magma.

However, a section of red-hot chains suddenly drilled out from the underground magma and wrapped around the body of the undead creature dozens of times like lightning, forcefully dragging it into the depths of the magma.

In the end, the undead creature completely disappeared.

Only a few shrill screams were left. They were sealed on the surface of the magma and kept rolling in the bubbles.

The other undead creatures hesitated.

Although they did not have "Wisdom"in a narrow sense, they were still afraid.

However, the most basic primitive instinct of the carbon-based creatures still made them feel a wave similar to "Fear.".

The crisis management program embedded in the depths of the genes gave them an extremely clear and strong command — this man, who was like a torch surrounded by flames, was definitely not someone they should provoke, he was also an existence they could not afford to provoke!

The undead creatures retreated one after another.

However, Meng Chao had no intention of letting them go.

He did not move his feet or hands.

He merely bent and extended his fingers, playing a symphony representing death on the chains.

Magma from the depths of the Earth shot out from dozens of burning cracks in the ground, turning into dozens of fiery whips that entangled all the undead creatures and dragged them into the cracks and magma.

The undead creatures struggled desperately.

The flaming whips were deeply embedded in their flesh and blood, cutting their bones and tearing them into pieces.

With the help of the blood-striped mushroom clusters, more whips and tentacles grew out of the disintegrated undead creatures, trying to break them into pieces and escape separately.

However, Meng Chao’s flaming whips also split apart. Like burning roots and branches, they caught up with and entangled every piece of wriggling and screaming flesh and blood again.

A few undead creatures realized that there was nowhere to run, so they could only fight to the death.

They exploded the flesh of the monsters to the extreme.

On their bodies that were as messy as mud, it was as if a hundred man-eating flowers had opened their bloody mouths.

And from their bloody mouths, tens of thousands of blood-patterned mycelium that looked like flower buds and nerve clusters, but were even sharper and more evil, stabbed at Meng Chao like a dense forest of swords and halberds.

Meng Chao still did not Dodge. He allowed the blood-patterned mycelium to stab at his body.

His seemingly unprotected skin was emitting a metallic luster. The spiritual magnet made of Nanorobots had already formed an indestructible line of defense under his skin.

The blood-patterned mycelium kicked an iron plate.

Not only did it fail to invade Meng Chao’s body.

Instead, it was entangled, cut off, and swallowed by the spiritual magnet. It was sealed in a sticky, liquid-like metal substance, waiting for Meng Chao’s further research.

When Meng Chao had collected enough experimental samples, the ‘game’was over.

Finally, he extended his hand and snapped his fingers, ending the ‘game’.

The number of fiery whips from the depths of the crevice suddenly increased by three to five times, wrapping every undead creature as solid as a dumpling. They were dragged into the depths of the magma without even letting out a single scream, in a series of "Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi"burning sound, into the curl of green smoke.

Fei is right.

It is indeed a hell of Asura.

But it was built by Meng Chao, specially prepared for the undead Asura Hell.

In the face of Meng Chao’s absolute destruction,.

Not even half of a strigosae spore escaped.

But that’s not the end.

Meng Chao glanced around indifferently.

The assassins who were hiding in the forest were dumbstruck and kept quiet as if they were scared out of their wits. They only cared about shivering.

Other than the commander on the scene who was being suppressed by Meng Chao.

There were seven elite snipers and four heavenly state experts wearing the ‘fire qilin’who were still alive.

At the very least, ignoring the fact that their souls had already dispersed, their bodies of flesh and blood were still barely alive.

However, to their horror, they discovered that not only were every bone and muscle fiber in their bodies being pulled by the mysterious expert standing in the center of the magma, whose aura was even more tyrannical than the white-haired ghost’s, they were also being pulled by the mysterious expert, they were being suppressed and could not move at all.

Moreover, their communication devices could only emit rustling and beeping noises. They could neither communicate with the outside world nor transmit the unbelievable scenes that they saw, they could transmit even one pixel!

Of course, the commands from the outside world, whether they were required to fight to the end or forcefully activate the self-destructing chips in their bodies, were all blocked.

Then, their vision blurred at the same time, as if they saw billions of tons of magma spurting out of the ground and turning into an overwhelming red tide that was rolling, roaring, and dancing crazily, it covered the entire sky and also covered their entire vision!

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