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Chapter: 1565

Possibility of Cooperation

Shen Yuanbao did not hide the hostility in his words.

However, before the new generation of Deity Realm warriors who were rising like the sun, the hostility of this old Deity Realm warrior did not sound threatening. He was just complaining without end.

Meng Chao smiled slightly. "It seems that you have a misunderstanding about our Superstar Company, Senior Shen."


Shen Yuanbao gritted his teeth and said, "The Xinhui Business Center incident was caused by your Superstar Company and the Azure Alliance, wasn’t it? Nothing like that has ever happened since Dragon City transmigrated! That was how huge of a farce it was!

"I don’t understand. We’ve completely won the Monster War. Dragon City should have entered a period of rapid development. All of us have to work together to prepare for our early conquest of the entire Other World. The nine mega corporations have also sincerely accepted your Superstar Company as one of us. As long as you obey the rules of the game, you’ll be able to reap astronomical benefits!

"Why? Why do you have to start your own business and get mixed up with the Red Dragon Army? What’s the Azure Alliance? Are you trying to provoke us? Aren’t you deliberately stirring up new chaos in Dragon City?"

"Senior Shen, you’re wrong."

Meng Chao calmly said, "It looks like you already know about what happened in the Monster market and Xinhui Business Center. You also know how many mid-level and low-level superhumans were gathered in the south of the city last night. They were indignant and furious.

"Fury that can destroy everything is like a raging wave. It is definitely not something that Superstar Company or the Azure Alliance can stir up. There are so many low-level superhumans, and they are not fools who are at the mercy of others. If the rules of the game practiced by the nine mega corporations are really open and transparent, and can benefit the majority of the children of humble families who have no power or influence, how can they explode like a powder keg that has been exposed to the sun for three days and three nights?

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"It’s not that we deliberately caused new chaos in Dragon City.

"It’s that chaos has long existed in Dragon City. It exists in the hearts of the majority of middle-and low-level extraordinary humans, who are weak but have absolute advantage in numbers.

"If we don’t find a way to solve our internal problems, not to mention conquering the entire foreign world, even the long-term peace and stability of Dragon City will probably turn into a dream!"

Shen Yuanbao stared at Meng Chao for a long time before he snorted and said, "So, Meng Chao, you came all the way here to teach me a lesson as an obstinate vested interest?"

"I don’t dare."

Meng Chao burst into laughter and spoke frankly, "To tell you the truth, although I’m very supportive of the middle-and low-level extraordinaires uniting and making their voices heard, I’m also willing to do everything in my power to represent all the middle-and low-level extraordinaires to challenge and even challenge the nine Super Enterprises that have ruled Dragon City for too long, to take back our rights and interests.

"But what happened in Xinhui business building, including the establishment of the Azure Alliance, has nothing to do with me.

"In fact, today is the third day that I’ve returned to Dragon City.

"For the past year, I’ve been traveling in the middle and lower reaches of Tiger Fury River, the region known as ‘Tulan Ze’by the local natives.

"I’ve made some powerful friends in the local area, and as you can see, I’ve also obtained unparalleled strength. I’ve even signed some agreements with local friends that are beneficial to both sides.

"The price is that I know nothing about what happened in Dragon City in the past year.

"I’m also curious about what happened in Dragon City today."


Shen Yuanbao narrowed his eyes.

He was seriously considering the authenticity of Meng Chao’s words.

And the power that Meng Chao’s so-called "Local friends"contained.

Gradually, a brand-new light blossomed in his eyes.

"So, you haven’t been hiding in the dark and controlling the Superstar Corporation in the past year?"

Shen yuanbao mumbled, "Even the establishment of the Azure Alliance has nothing to do with you?

"You’ve been abandoned?

"That’s true. Lu Siya is famous for her ambition, her greed, and her audacity.

"Meng Chao, you came from a humble family, and you haven’t experienced the internal strife and intrigue of the rich and powerful sects. Even if you could defeat Lu Siya in terms of martial strength, you would definitely be eaten by her in other aspects. Even if you were sold by her, you would have to count the money for her!"

Meng Chao laughed.

"Senior Shen, I’m sincerely looking for the possibility of cooperation between you and me."

Meng Chao said, "You don’t have to be so simple and crude to sow discord between me and LÜ Siya, do you?"

Shen Yuanbao also laughed.

He seemed to feel that his sowing discord was indeed a little low-class and unpresentable.

"Tell me."

Shen Yuanbao said, "What is the possibility of cooperation between us? Do you want to use the power of the Universal Corporation to help you take back the dominance of the Superstar Corporation?"

"It’s just a superstar corporation. It’s not worth my trouble."

Meng Chao said, "The possibility of cooperation I’m talking about is to deal with our common enemy."

"Common Enemy?"

Shen Yuanbao narrowed his eyes. "Who’s that?"

"These guys."

Meng Chao pointed at the unconscious assassins around him. "The people who tried to assassinate you… I believe senior Shen will be able to tell that they’re definitely not sent by the Azure Alliance."

Shen Yuanbao fell into deep thought.

"That’s right."

He slowly said, "Although the Azure Alliance’s rise is very fast, they don’t have enough foundation after all. It’s unlikely for them to train so many death warriors in just a short year and equip them with so many of the most advanced and expensive ‘Fire Kylin Battle Armors’.

"Moreover, after the Xinhui business building incident, the Azure Alliance’s momentum is getting bigger and bigger. They have the upper hand. There’s no need for them to make a stupid move and expose the scandal of assassinating a god-level powerhouse.

"Wait a minute. Meng Chao, it’s definitely not a coincidence that you’re here. Instead, you’re following the trail of these assassins. In other words, you know their identities?"

"A little."

Meng Chao said, "They’re from the Blood Union."

"The Blood Union?"

Shen Yuanbao was slightly stunned. He said subconsciously, "Didn’t the Blood Union fall apart decades ago and be completely destroyed?"

"The Blood Union is just a name. As long as their desires and ambitions continue to grow and become monsters lurking in People’s hearts, any ambitious person can form a brand-new blood union."

Meng Chao said, "A few years ago, wasn’t there someone who said that the universal group was bullying and dominating the market? It was simply a smaller blood union."

Shen Yuanbao was speechless for a moment.

However, this expert of the older generation was, after all, an ambitious person. He knew the priorities of the matter.

He ignored the sarcasm in Meng Chao’s words and said with a serious face, "What exactly is going on? Could you please tell me the whole story, young friend Meng?"

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