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Chapter: 1566

Jumping Out of the Three Realms

Meng Chao did not want to provoke this old Deity Realm warrior who was seriously injured but still as ferocious as a mad tiger.

He told him everything that he had seen and experienced after he sneaked into the Red Creek Valley, including the loss of the Red Creek Project, someone pretending to be an orc, detonating the crystal warehouse, and Shen Yulin joining the Blood Alliance.

In the end, Shen Yulin had been killed by the Blood Alliance via remote control, and so on.

Finally, Meng Chao stared at Shen Yuanbao and said, "Senior Shen, the Red Creek Project has a huge problem. The Red Radiance Jade reserve isn’t as rich as your company’s annual report claims, which was announced to the Financial Transactions Committee and the majority of investors. The raw crystal ore that’s mined hasn’t been 100% reported to the Supernatural Tower. You haven’t obtained trading permission in accordance with the requirements of the Crystal Transaction Law and the Strategic Resource Management Regulations. Are you aware of that?"

Shen Yuanbao listened silently.

Even when he heard the most thrilling and horrifying part, his expression remained unchanged.

Faced with Meng Chao’s questioning, the tyrannical leader of Universe Group was silent for a full three minutes before he slowly shook his head and said, "I didn’t know."

Meng Chao obviously did not believe him. "Is that so?"

"Don’t misunderstand. I have no intention of shirking responsibility."

Shen Yuanbao raised his head. The aura of a warrior who had the air of a scoundrel was unmistakable. "In fact, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with what we are doing. Mining the mother lode of crystals is a gamble in the first place. It is common for the actual reserves to be inconsistent with the expected reserves.

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"However, the investors, especially the small and medium-sized investors who have taken out their coffins and daily necessities, are all short-sighted and short-sighted. If we tell them the real situation of the mother lode of crystals honestly, it will only scare them away. Instead, it will lead to turmoil in the financial market. In the end, the interests of the small and medium-sized investors will not be harmed?

"It’s just a mere Red Creek Project, so be it. As long as you can muddle through the accounts, What’s the problem if you make up for it from other projects?

"As for the large number of crystal ores not being reported to the Supernatural Tower truthfully? This is an unspoken rule in the circle!

"Meng Chao, you are now considered a powerhouse. Your Superstar Company is also considered one of the top ten companies in Dragon City’s market cap. Just be honest and honestly say that on the path of your Superstar Company’s miraculous rise, are you really 100% legal? Absolutely. Can you withstand the scrutiny of a magnifying glass or even a microscope?"

Faced with the questioning of the older generation of godly state experts, Meng Chao was silent for a moment before he said seriously, "I dare to touch my conscience. To be honest, everything that I have done on my way to rise is absolutely legal and can stand the test.

"As for the Super Star Group… The main shares are in my father’s hands. I usually don’t participate in the daily operations of the company. Besides, after a few mergers and acquisitions, the company is too big and has too many employees. I Can’t make such a guarantee on behalf of the entire company."

"Then it’s settled!"

Shen yuanbao grinned and said, "People in the jianghu have no control over themselves. We are all people in the circle. We both know the unspoken rules in the circle. Why do we have to pretend to be pure and flawless hotheads?

"Now, which of the big companies and big figures in Dragon City, which one of them can pat their chest and guarantee that they are 100% legal?

"How can a fool who is 100% legal cultivate to the heavenly or godly state and become the overlord of a certain domain?

"In fact, the rules of the extraordinary tower are unreasonable in the first place. The crystal veins that contain heavenly materials and earthly treasures and rich spiritual energy were all snatched back by the strongest experts like us who had their heads on our belts, danced on the fangs and claws of the monsters, and fought with the monsters.

"Why do they have to pay such a high resource tax and transaction tax?

"According to the Beyonder Tower’s statement, ‘all strategic resources belong to all citizens of Dragon City’. What motivation do Beyonders have to plunder more resources for Dragon City’s civilization in the wilderness or even beyond the Monster Mountains? Wouldn’t it be more fragrant if everyone stayed at home comfortably and slept on their beds, waiting for the Beyonder Tower to ‘distribute’the resources fairly?

"After all, Beyonders are also members of all the citizens of Dragon City!

"Such lofty rules are nothing but Bullsh * T. they can only be used to restrict small and medium-sized enterprises that have not contributed much to Dragon City.

"As for the Superstar Corporation and the Universal Corporation, we can tell from our size that we have contributed greatly to Dragon City’s tenacious existence and development. We have made great contributions. Of course, we can not and should not be subject to any restrictions. Instead, we have to ‘jump out of the three realms and not be in the five elements’. We have to do whatever it takes to develop in order to continue making greater contributions to Dragon City!

"Therefore, if I were personally in charge of the Red Creek Creek Creek project, I would not have disclosed the real situation of the project to the investors. I would have also kept a large batch of raw crystals for the training of my own extraordinary individuals. At most, I would have done things more beautifully and not as crudely as the useless juniors.

"It’s a pity that I did not know anything about it at all.

"As you know, I’ve been treating my injuries for the past year.

"I know that many news outlets have reported my injuries.

"However, even the most sensational ones have reported less than one-tenth of my actual injuries.

"In fact, after the decisive battle with the monster mainframe, I was in a coma for a full three months. There were a few times when I felt that my soul had passed through the Endless Abyss and returned to Earth, where my dreams lingered.

"After I slowly woke up, it took me another three months to barely regain the ability to stand and walk.

"Under such circumstances, of course, I don’t have the spare energy or thoughts to take care of the matters of the Universal Corporation.

"In the past year, I’ve left the affairs of the Universal Corporation and the Shen family, big and small, to my children and grandchildren to take care of. I’ve been cultivating in seclusion in the secret sanatorium in the depths of the raging waves mountain range.

"I don’t expect to recover to my peak condition. I just hope that I won’t end up like the martial god, Lei Zongchao!"

Meng Chao observed Shen Yuanbao’s expression and felt that he wasn’t lying.

He carefully recalled Shen Yuanbao’s style of doing things.

This supreme expert, who had been tyrannical all his life, was indeed not the kind of rat who would hide his head and show his tail.

Although what he said just now was very shameless and magnanimous.

But in the magnanimity, there was also a bit of helplessness.

Meng Chao’s thoughts flashed, and he instantly understood. "It seems that in the past year, senior Shen’s control over the universal group and even the Shen family has not been as great as before. To put it bluntly, you are the same as me. I don’t know who to believe!"

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