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Chapter: 1570

Ren Tianxiong s Encounter

Meng Chao took a deep look at Shen Yuanbao.

The nine mega corporations of Dragon City were all famous for their high salaries, long working hours, and extreme work pressure.

The employees of the nine mega corporations worked from morning to night every day for three to five weeks straight or even two to three months without rest. It was a common occurrence.

Every night at twelve o’clock, one could go to the financial district or the high-tech development zone to take a look. The brightly lit buildings all belonged to the nine mega corporations.

However, the cultivation of superhumans required a large amount of time without interruption, a body that was well-rested, and an absolutely clear mind.

During the day, they were extremely busy in the company. For the sake of the project targets, they lost a lot of hair and returned home exhausted. Just as they started to cultivate, their superiors would call and raise certain requests. They might even have to cultivate while having a conference call or something.

In such a state, how could a superhuman cultivate?

Therefore, a very strange phenomenon appeared in Dragon City.

Due to the super high salary and the green channel to purchase cultivation resources, the employees of the nine mega corporations could rely on resources to forcibly build up their realms.

However, the probability of their spirit energy deviation was often much higher than the extraordinaires of the "Non-nine supercorporations.".

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Furthermore, this assassin leader named Ren Tianxiong, a former employee of Universe Corporation, was right.

The nine supercorporations all raised a powerful legal team.

They were also inextricably linked to the law enforcement and arbitration organizations in their respective regions.

When recruiting new employees, new employees were often required to sign all kinds of disclaimers, struggle statements, and exemption clauses.

Unless it was during office hours and the employee went crazy on the job.

Otherwise, although the compensation was not small, it was definitely not much. It was impossible to cover the rest of the employee’s life.

"I see."

Shen Yuanbao ignored Meng Chao’s gaze and said in a deep voice, "So, this is revenge?"


Ren Tianxiong laughed. "President Shen, you place too much importance on yourself and the Huanyu Group.

"Although I do have some complaints about the Huanyu group, these complaints are not enough for me to destroy the rest of my life and get entangled with the Huanyu Group.

"After all, I still have my own family and my own life to live.

"Therefore, after I received the compensation, I simply forgot all the grudges and disputes with the Universal Group.

"However, my situation at that time was indeed terrible. Not only was I as weak as an ordinary person, but I also had to bear the high medical fees that ordinary people did not have to bear. The compensation could not last long at all.

"I had no choice but to become a ‘drug tester’."

Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao both knew what a ‘drug tester’meant.

Every year, the major enterprises, universities, and medical institutions in Dragon City had to develop hundreds or even thousands of new gene reagents.

Most of the new gene reagents originated from the monster’s body fluids, hormones, or the depths of the Archean ruins.

Naturally, they possessed a certain level of danger.

Therefore, many experiments were needed to confirm the effects before they could be marketed.

After animal experiments and monster experiments were confirmed to be basically harmless, recruiting volunteers to test the drugs was also a necessary process.

Of course, a formal drug test had multiple layers of supervision and protection. It was usually able to ensure that the volunteers’bodies were not harmed.

It was completely different from what the Blood Union did.

"When I was still working at the universal group, I made a lot of friends in the circle. After their introduction, I got the qualification to test drugs from several super companies and major universities, including the Universal Group."

Ren Tianxiong smiled and said, "I just wanted to make some money. I didn’t expect that my luck would turn around. When seven or eight kinds of drugs were injected into my body, I didn’t know what kind of wonderful chemical reactions happened. They gradually healed my injuries and even allowed my strength to soar. I crossed the threshold of the heavenly state in an instant!"

Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao nodded at the same time.

The Sequela of Qi Deviation was miraculously cured. Although it was rare to see a person’s strength soar by leaps and bounds, it was not unique either.

Ren Tianxiong told them that after the dispute with the universal group the last time, he had already seen through the behavior of the Super Enterprises.

Although he had become a heaven-grade powerhouse and had worked in the universal group for many years, if he applied for another job, there was a high chance that he could join another super enterprise — such as Atlas Group. He could even be promoted, get a raise, and get shares or something, however, he did not want to live such a life of looking up to others.

Therefore, he decided to set up a small company by himself. He found three to five friends who shared the same interests and personally went into the wilderness to hunt monsters.

Although he did not get much, it was fortunate that no one was in charge of him. He also did not need the daily, weekly, and monthly reports. He was burdened with all sorts of performance indicators. He allowed his superiors at different levels to oppress him. He lived a carefree life.

Since that was the case, Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao didn’t understand.

"Since you’re living such a carefree life, then who can drive you to assassinate me?"

Shen Yuanbao narrowed his eyes and stared at Ren Tianxiong. "Could it be that the other party is using something to threaten you — your scandal, your career, your family?"

Ren Tianxiong shook his head slowly.

He stretched out his arm and rolled up his sleeves.

Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao saw that there was a dense red bump on the inside of Ren Tianxiong’s elbow.

There were also small white spots on the bump.

It looked both horrifying and disgusting.

"I’m going to die."

Ren tianxiong said calmly, "There is no free lunch in this world. We have to pay a corresponding price for everything we get.

"I once naively believed that the sequelae of my qigong deviation had been completely cured by the chemical reactions brought about by seven or eight pharmaceutical experiments.

"However, I was wrong. I was terribly wrong.

"The chemical reactions of the pharmaceutical experiments merely suppressed the sequelae of my qigong deviation and suppressed it deep into my blood, brain, and internal organs.

"It was like a thick spring. The more it was compressed, the more violent the rebound would be in the future.

"And I didn’t realize it at all.

"Carrying the fatal ‘spring’in my body, I fought crazily with the monsters in the wilderness. I burned my cells unscrupulously and overdrew my life force. I exploited the potential of my flesh and blood to the fullest time and time again. As I pushed the limits of my life, I also pushed the ‘spring’.

"Finally, one day a year ago, my body suddenly collapsed.

"My immune system completely collapsed. My body, which was originally made of copper and iron, became an undefended city. Regardless of whether it was the cold virus from Earth or the mysterious power from another world, they could march straight in without bloodshed

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