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Chapter: 1571


When Ren Tianxiong said that, he started coughing loudly.

The outline of his heart and lungs could be clearly seen on his pale skin, which was as thin as a cicada’s wings.

His coughing was so intense that Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao even suspected that he would shatter his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys.

There was no doubt that it was not caused by the injuries from earlier.

Instead, it was the total eruption of the hidden injuries that had accumulated in his body for decades.

"I suffer from 41 Specific Immune System Deficiency Syndrome," Ren Tianxiong said calmly.

Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao’s pupils suddenly contracted.

It was just as Ren Tianxiong had said just now.

There was no free lunch in the world.

Every power had its price.

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Superhumans had the ability to move mountains and overturn seas.

However, during the process of breaking through the limits of their lives, they were bombarding the stability of their lives time and time again. If they were slightly careless, they would easily suffer from a large number of strange diseases that ordinary people would never imagine.

Genetic mutation was an extremely risky thing to begin with.

Usually, out of a hundred mutations, only one would be considered an "evolution." The other ninety-nine would be degenerated or even deformed.

41 Special Immune System Deficiency Syndrome was an incurable disease that superhumans, especially warriors above the Heaven Realm, were prone to suffer from.

In plain English, the principle of the disease was that the cells of superhumans would be bombarded repeatedly by spirit energy after a long period of training, resulting in distortions that would turn them beyond recognition, the degree to which even their own immune system could not recognize them.

When their own immune system mistakenly believed that the distorted cells were foreign "invaders."

Naturally, they would attack the cells.

As a result, the extraordinary would be in a high fever state for a long time.

And the distorted cells soaked in psionic power, driven by their survival instincts, would in turn attack the extraordinary’s own immune system.

This would continue until the immune system was completely paralyzed, shattered, and disintegrated.

The immune system was the most crucial defense line within the human body.

The total collapse of the immune system meant that the seemingly vigorous and unmatched extraordinaire might even be defeated by a small cold virus.

The symptoms that resulted from this were very similar to a certain infectious disease on earth that began with an "A".

However, the speed and intensity of the attack was ten times faster than any other immune system disease.

With the current level of science and medicine in Dragon City.

There was no particularly effective treatment for the 41 special immune system deficiency syndrome.

Once one was infected with this disease, they could only inject the "Beast protein"extracted from the flesh of high-level monsters for a long time to strengthen the nutrition and resistance, and build a second line of defense in the body.

The "Beast protein"could be simply understood as the most nutritious essence extracted from the monster’s flesh by humans.

There were no side effects, and it could be injected for a long period of time.

As long as one was injected regularly, those extraordinary people who suffered from the 41-specific immune system deficiency syndrome could continue to cultivate, work, and fight like normal extraordinary people.

There was only one side effect.

And that was the high price.

However, the high price was not a problem with the bestial protein.

It was a problem for the extraordinaire who suffered from the 41-specific immune system deficiency syndrome.

It was also Ren Tianxiong’s problem.

Ren Tianxiong could not solve this problem.

"My body has been tormented by the 41-specific immune system deficiency syndrome. Even if I were injected with the bestial protein, I would not be able to return to my peak condition. Naturally, I would not be able to earn the money I earned at my peak."

Ren Tianxiong said, "Now that the Beyonder protein on the market has been hyped up to such an expensive price, it’s impossible to buy it at the recommended retail price in the Official Monster Mall authorized by the Beyonder Tower.

"I can only go to the black market. I can only get one or two at three to five times or even seven to eight times the price.

"And the next time I go, the price might rise by 50% . How can I afford it?

"This is a vicious cycle — the less money I earn, the less money I have to inject the beast protein.

"The longer the cycle of injecting the beast protein, the worse the effect of the drug, and the worse my body is.

"Not only do I have a high fever all day long and feel dizzy, I also have all kinds of weird herpes and red spots on my body. Even a gust of wind can blow me down. How can I go out and exchange my life for money?

"I know very well that I’m going to die soon.

"I’ve imagined my death countless times. I’ve imagined that I would be sacrificed in a magnificent battle at the mouth of an unparalleled ferocious beast. I didn’t expect that the one who killed me in the end would most likely be a cold virus that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye!

"Say, if someone comes to me at this moment with a lot of super beast protein and promises that I can inject it on time and for free, do I still need to care about who he is and what he wants me to do?"

Ren Tianxiong’s face was calm.

He looked like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water.

Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao looked at each other. At the same time, they saw the realization and shock in each other’s eyes.

"Now, you should understand why we dare to attack a godly state expert, right?"

Ren Tianxiong smiled and pointed at the assassins around him who were still alive but would not live for long, "That’s right. They are all like me, suffering from all sorts of strange and incurable diseases. We are literally ‘Death Warriors’, a group of pitiful worms who are struggling on the verge of death.

"Although godly state experts stand at the peak of evolution, in the eyes of us who are about to die, they are not that impressive. Since we are going to die anyway, we might as well make up our minds and take a gamble. Even if we fail, at least during the period before the assassination, we were still living peacefully and happily. In medical terms, the quality of our lives is very high."

Ren Tianxiong told Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao that when he was at his wit’s end, a mysterious man came to him and promised to provide him with unlimited amounts of beast protein. The condition was that he had to kill someone, a very difficult person to kill.

The mysterious man did not lie to him.

Instead, he told him from the very beginning that this assassination mission would most likely fail. All the assassins would die at the hands of the target.

But what choice did Ren Tianxiong have?

Life was precious. Even if he could live for one more second in this world, it would be good!

Ren Tianxiong nodded in agreement.

He was dragged by the mysterious person to an indoor secret base where he could not distinguish the location and coordinates.

There, he met other death warriors.

They came from all walks of life and had different backgrounds and experiences, but they had one thing in common. They suffered from 41-specific immune system deficiency syndrome, or a terminal illness that was even more dangerous than it.

Injected with the protein, they received rigorous training in a secret base.

They deliberated and simulated dozens of assassination plans.

Of course, they also used this last period of time, to enjoy the most primitive, pure and intense pleasure in the world.

No more regrets.

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