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Chapter: 1572

Ruthless and Merciless

Therefore, when the other party finally revealed that the target of the assassination was the Heaven Battering Leopard, Shen Yuanbao— the leader of one of the nine mega corporations—these people who were about to die were not surprised at all.

The super beast protein was very expensive.

To keep the lives of these people who were about to die, the other party’s daily expenses were equivalent to throwing tons of raw crystals into a bottomless pit.

If he was not a Deity Realm powerhouse, why would he have to pay such a high price?

Of course, the other party also said that such an assassination mission required a strong-willed and unregretful death warrior to complete.

If he had any doubts, he would drag his companions down instead.

Therefore, if someone was intimidated by Shen Yuanbao’s fame and was unwilling to carry out the mission, he would understand it well. He would never force them to do so, and he would never recover the beast protein that he had consumed.

However, since they were unwilling to carry out the mission, there was no reason to continue enjoying the super beast protein for free, right?

There was nothing wrong with what he said.

Taking money from others and eliminating disasters with them was a matter of course.

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The problem was that for these people who were seriously ill and could collapse at any time, it was all because of the super beast protein.

If they did not inject the beast protein for one day,.

They would become a puddle of mud with a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

If they did not inject the beast protein for three days,.

Their cells would collapse and their bodies would rot to death.

Including Ren Tianxiong, they were not afraid of death.

They just did not want to die in such a humiliating, painful and silent way.

Hence, no one backed down.

All the men of sacrifice reached a consensus.

Kill the Shenyuan leopard.

Or be killed by the Shenyuan Leopard!

As for the real face of their employer, they didn’t know anything until the last moment.

From the beginning, the employer had always been wearing a metal mask with lead plates embedded in it and used a voice changer to talk to them.

It was to ensure that their extraordinary vision couldn’t scan their real face.

Moreover, the "Employer"who communicated with them directly was probably not the real big boss behind the scenes, but another pitiful worm hired by the big boss behind the scenes.

As for the fully enclosed base where the assassins were located, there were no windows, and the surrounding walls were covered with thick soundproof cotton.

The assassins could not even tell whether they were in a high-rise building in the downtown area of Dragon City or in an underground base somewhere in the wilderness.

When they first came to this base, they took a small van with a fully enclosed carriage.

Inside the van, there was a device that rotated 360 degrees, similar to a large gyroscope.

When they boarded the van, their employer asked them to get into the large gyroscope.

As the van drove, the gyroscope constantly changed the speed and frequency of the rotation, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes left, sometimes right. They were so dizzy that they almost spat out their bile.

Under such circumstances, they could not remember the route at all, and they could not even remember how long it took them to drive.

In short, the other party eliminated all hidden dangers.

They made sure that they did not know anything other than the target of assassination.

"That’s all I know."

Ren Tianxiong concluded with a smile on his face, "President Shen, if you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do. I just want to remind you that if you insist on serving me with severe punishment, you’d better send me to the hospital first for a comprehensive examination and in-depth treatment. Otherwise, I’m afraid that my body won’t be able to withstand your first round of torture."

It seemed that he was trying to prove his words.

Ren Tianxiong coughed violently again, almost to the point of dying.

He coughed for a full three minutes, until his face and body were covered in tiny drops of blood. It was as if his internal organs were about to turn into blood and ooze out of his pores, leaving only an empty skin bag.

Meng Chao stepped forward and pressed two fingers on Ren Tianxiong’s carotid artery.

Spiritual energy sneaked into the other party’s body. After a comprehensive scan, Meng Chao discovered that the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys of the assassin leader were rapidly failing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His fire of life was like a flickering candlelight in a pouring rain that could be extinguished at any moment.

Shen Yuanbao knew that Ren Tianxiong was in a bad situation when he saw Meng Chao’s expression.

He turned around and dragged the other assassins who were still alive together. He scanned their bodies one by one and found that Ren Tianxiong was not lying.

All the assassins were showing symptoms of multiple organ failure.

It should be that the fierce battle just now had exhausted their last bit of vitality.

The assassins were about to die.

Now, even the Great Luo Golden Immortal could not save them.

The Shen Yuan leopard pondered for a moment.

Suddenly, he pricked up his ears as if he heard some kind of sound coming from outside the dense forest.

His face was filled with shock as he cast his gaze toward the southwest direction.

Meng Chao had never seen the Shen Yuan leopard show such an out-of-control expression.

Naturally, his attention also turned toward the southwest direction.

However, just as his gaze turned toward the southwest,.

He heard a few fast and urgent wind-breaking sounds coming from behind him.

Soon after, he heard the sound of flesh tearing and bones breaking.

When he looked back, Meng Chao realized that there was a finger-sized hole between the brows of all the assassins, including Ren Tianxiong. A meandering mixture of red and white flowed out.

The assassins widened their eyes. Their eyes were filled with a light of relief.

As the light gradually faded, they slowly collapsed. They groaned and sighed as they exhaled their last breath.

"What are you doing? !"

Meng Chao was anxious.

"They’re hopeless. It’s just a matter of one second more and one second less."

Shen Yuanbao said coldly, "But I can’t let anyone know about my injuries. I Can’t let them know how much of my strength I can still display."

Shen Yuanbao’s words made sense.

Based on Meng Chao’s and Ren Tianxiong’s descriptions, as well as the fact that the mastermind was so familiar with Shen Yuanbao’s schedule and route of action, he was even able to bribe his foster son, who was a private doctor, to replace his medicine with poison.

A very sad and terrifying conclusion was that the mastermind was most likely a mole, someone from the Huanyu group or even the Shen family.

What reason did the universal group or even the Shen family have to assassinate their own big shot?

Other than being afraid that his crimes would be exposed and that Shen Yuanbao would clean up his house, he had no choice but to strike first.

The only thing left was to plan meticulously and seize power.

Taking into account that Ren Tianxiong and the other assassins were not recruited at the last minute, but had been secretly trained for at least three to five months.

At that time, the mastermind behind the scenes did not know that his crime would be exposed because of Meng Chao’s accidental involvement.

Therefore, the possibility of snatching the position of power was still higher.

Then, who would be qualified to seize the power of the universal group or even the Shen family after Shen Yuanbao’s death?

Of course, it would be the people closest to Shen Yuanbao right now — his children!

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