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Chapter: 1573

Cleaning House

It was a sad story.

It was as if a husband and wife were supposed to be the most intimate partners that transcended blood.

Yet, after one of them disappeared or was murdered, the other would always be the first and highest-ranking suspect.

The bond between a father and son was supposed to be something that transcended everything.

As the saying went, "filial piety is the first priority, and a tiger would not eat its own son."

However, in the face of supreme power and unparalleled strength, the relationship between father and son seemed to become as fragile as a mantis that could not withstand a single blow.

When Shen Yuanbao was young, he was famous for being elegant and suave.

In addition to fierce battles with monsters, he had also planted seeds everywhere in Dragon City, trying his best to pass his bloodline on and continue human civilization.

Until now, he had acknowledged more than a hundred children.

Several of them, who were born with extraordinary aptitude, had indeed inherited his cultivation talent. With the support of a large number of resources, they all broke through to a level comparable to the Deity Realm.

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Shen Yuanbao also had a few foster sons who had joined him and fought side by side with him when the flames of war were raging and the future of both Universe Corporation and Dragon City civilization was at its most bleak. They never left him.

Those adopted sons had also become the dukes who controlled Universe Corporation’s key technologies and lifeblood in certain strategic fields to this day. Their subordinates were strong and in possession of their own system.

According to Shen Yuanbao’s calculations, there were at least ten heirs within Universe Corporation and the Shen family who were qualified, capable, and ambitious to inherit his position.

In other words, these ten heirs were all suspects in his assassination.

It was not a big secret that he had gone into seclusion to recuperate and was about to come out of seclusion to clean up the recent mess.

The ten heirs were able to obtain the exact time of his motorcade’s route through various channels.

Now that they discovered that his motorcade had not appeared for a long time, the heirs must have known that he had met with an accident.

Perhaps, they were searching along the way and rushing here!

"If the Shen family and the universal group are really hiding the so-called members of the Blood Union, as you said, what they are most afraid of is my martial strength,"Shen Yuanbao explained

"That’s why I can’t let anyone see through my background and find out how serious my injuries were in the shocking assassination and whether or not I can recover,"Shen Yuanbao explained.

"These people are suffering from terminal illnesses. They won’t be able to live for more than two or three days. Assassinating a godly state expert is a capital crime. I’ll send them on their way without any pain or fear. What’s the problem?"

There was no problem.

Meng Chao just felt very unhappy.

"Next time senior Shen wants to kill someone, you’d better tell me in advance."

Meng Chao said coldly, "Unless senior Shen thinks that you can solve this complicated and unpredictable mess without my help!"

Shen Yuanbao grinned.

"It’s precisely because I still need brother Meng’s help that these people must die."

Shen Yuanbao said, "If these people are allowed to live for a few more days, they will definitely brag about brother Meng’s strength to the people who came to rescue him.

"When the time comes, how will I explain brother Meng’s identity to the Shen family and the Universal Group, and why you have the power of a deity?"

Meng Chao pondered for a moment and said, "Then how will you explain it now?"

"Now, I will say that you are the private doctor that I secretly hired,"Shen Yuanbao said.

"Will your son, especially the suspect of the assassination, believe it?"Meng Chao asked.

"Of course not. As a suspect with a guilty conscience, he will definitely have doubts about your identity."

Shen Yuanbao said, "Once he has doubts, the suspect will definitely be tossing and turning. He will not be able to sleep at night. He will have to figure out your identity. Then, he will start from you. He will find out about my injuries and strength. He will find out about everything that happened today and whether he can not be exposed."

"I understand."

Meng Chao said, "Senior Shen is trying to use me as bait to alert the enemy!"

"That’s right."

Shen Yuanbao admitted straightforwardly, "If it were someone else, it would be extremely dangerous to act as bait. The slightest carelessness would cause the damned suspect to swallow the suspect whole. He would die without leaving any bones behind.

"However, since young friend Meng has already broken through to the divine realm, I believe that you will definitely give the suspect a big surprise, right?"

"It sounds reasonable."

Meng Chao said, "However, what benefits will I get from doing so?"

"The benefits will come from being able to intervene in the internal affairs of the Shen family and the Universal Group."

Shen Yuanbao said, "I made an exception this time. I came here to clean up the mess of the Shen family and the universal group in the first place.

"In the process of cleaning up, it is inevitable that I will encounter a lot of unspeakable trade secrets.

"Once we know these trade secrets in advance, we can easily earn astronomical profits even in the financial market by using the simplest and crudest trading methods.

"Does this count as a benefit?"

"Yes, but I don’t care."

Meng Chao said casually, "With my ability, I have a hundred ways to earn astronomical profits in any minute."

"Oh, what about the friendship between the Shen family and the new generation of the Universal Group’s leader?"

Shen Yuanbao was not surprised by Meng Chao’s calmness.

A godly state expert was indeed not someone who could be moved by a few zeros on a financial transaction account.

Shen Yuanbao coughed lightly and said, "I don’t have much time left. The Shen family and the universal group are destined to be the new generation’s world.

"The process of finding the suspect is also the process of selecting the heir.

"If brother Meng can find and kill the suspect with me, and then choose the new leader of the Shen family and the universal group, and put him on the horse to send him on his way, I think you will definitely get the highest degree of friendship and unreserved support from him.

"As the saying goes, ‘a broken ship has three nails’. No matter how badly the Universal Group looks now and how shaky it is, it is still one of the nine super enterprises in Dragon City.

"I think, no matter what brother Meng wants to do, no matter what kind of ambition he wants to achieve, the support of Huanyu Group is a force to be reckoned with, isn’t it?"

Meng Chao’s mind raced.

Shen Yuanbao’s words made sense.

If he could really deeply intervene in the internal affairs of the Shen family and Huanyu Group.

In addition to the friendship and support of Huanyu group itself, he could also use Huanyu Group as a breakthrough point to penetrate into the nine super enterprises and find a way to achieve compromise and balance between the nine Super Enterprises and Azure Alliance.

Perhaps, for Dragon city, this kind of "Two-legged walking"was the best state.

"And the Blood Union."

Shen Yuanbao continued, "We may not be friends, but at least, the blood union is our common enemy. Everything should wait until we completely eliminate the Blood Union and kill the last member of the Blood Union, right?"

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