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Chapter: 1574


"That’s true."

Meng Chao admitted, "No matter how many differences and contradictions there are between us, at least we have the same interests in completely destroying the Blood Alliance.

"However, before I decide to join hands with you, I still want to know your attitude toward the war, Senior Shen.

"Do you also think that Dragon City should be eager to launch a new round of colonization war before the wounds left by the last war are licked clean?

"Brother Meng, I think that with your current state and power, you should be very clear that the outbreak of war has never been decided by one person."

Shen Yuanbao said, "Even in the history of Earth, those warmongers, who were despised by everyone and have been notorious for thousands of years, were often not the main cause of war but puppets carried by the torrent of war.

"It doesn’t matter whether I personally support the war or not.

"The current Dragon City is full of unresolvable contradictions. We need to launch a war as soon as possible to resolve or at least divert the contradictions. That’s what’s important!"

"There are many ways to resolve the contradictions, and war is the most inefficient one," Meng Chao said, "Especially a war where you’re bound to lose, or at least cause both sides heavy losses."

There was a flash in Shen Yuanbao’s eyes.

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"It seems that the situation in the middle and lower reaches of the Raging Tiger River is different from what we expected."

Shen Yuanbao said, "Since you have first-hand information, Brother Meng, why don’t you tell me what you think the success rate of the nine mega corporations completely conquering the middle and lower reaches of the Raging Tiger River within three months to half a year is?"


Meng Chao was straightforward, "Not to mention the armed forces of the nine Super Enterprises, even if the Red Dragon Army is added in and the War Machine of Dragon City is activated to the extreme, the probability of conquering the middle and lower reaches of Tiger Fury River within half a year is still zero.

"Believe me, the foreign world is far more vast, mysterious, and terrifying than we imagined. A mere apocalyptic beast is just the tip of the iceberg."

Shen Yuanbao narrowed his eyes.

He fell into a long silence and thought.

"I’m already old."

After a full three minutes, he sighed and said, "If I were twenty years younger, I wouldn’t believe your nonsense about ‘boosting the morale of others and destroying my own prestige’.

"But now, every morning when I wake up, I can hear the cracking sounds of my bones and joints, like the continuous ringing of the death knell.

"At my age, my ambitions in the past have become nothing worth mentioning.

"Right now, I only want to find a loyal and capable successor before I close my eyes so that the Shen family and the universal group can continue in peace.

"If war can help me achieve my goal, I will choose war.

"If peace can help me achieve my goal, I will choose peace.

"Brother Meng, will this answer satisfy you?"

Meng Chao wasn’t very satisfied.

However, at the very least, Shen Yuanbao was honest enough.

In the current confusing situation, such honesty was already rare.


Meng Chao extended his hand toward Shen Yuanbao and said with a smile, "From now on, I’ll be grandfather Shen’s personal doctor."

When the hands of the two godly state experts were tightly clasped together, their spiritual energy collided with each other like surging tides.

Outside the jungle, the high-power crystal engines of armed suvs and armored airships could be heard from all directions with a deafening roar.


Shen yuanbao sighed and said, "It’s my useless and troublesome children who are here!"


At the same time.

Dragon City’s financial district.

In a convention and exhibition center that was overflowing with lights and high-tech colors.

In the fully-occupied conference room of the Ten Thousand People’s Congress, a middle-aged man with sword-shaped eyebrows, starry eyes, white sideburns, and gold-rimmed glasses, who was refined and full of mature charm, was speaking confidently on the stage:

"… the future of Huanyu group lies in innovation, and the future of Dragon City also lies in innovation. For the future of Dragon City, we, Huanyu venture, have always spared no effort to support small and medium-sized enterprises that are full of innovative spirit!"

As he spoke, the middle-aged man’s wristwatch gently vibrated.

The middle-aged man glanced at it, and his pupils suddenly contracted into two needle tips. Even though he had honed himself for decades in the wilderness where corpses were strewn all over the place and in the business market where there was no bloodshed, it was still an annual event in front of his eyes.., at the most important strategy launch of Huanyu venture, the middle-aged man could not help but have blue veins that kept twitching on his glabella and forehead.

Taking a deep breath, the middle-aged man smiled at the audience. He gracefully bowed and called his assistant over while he was drinking water.

"You will host the next conference,"the middle-aged man said calmly.


The assistant was shocked. "President Shen, what is more important than our annual strategy conference?

"Furthermore, the Xinhui business building incident has blown up so much that the entire Huanyu group is involved. It has a big impact on the image of Huanyu venture capital. There are many reporters here today and there will be a press conference later. This is a great opportunity to use our new strategy project to change public opinion.".

"President Shen, what… What is wrong with you?"

"President Shen"did not answer.

He only looked at his deputy calmly.

There was not a trace of emotion in his gaze, but it made his deputy feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave. He could not help but shudder.

The deputy’s face instantly turned extremely pale.

"I… I understand."

The deputy hurriedly said, "President Shen, don’t worry. I will let today’s strategy conference come to a successful conclusion!"


At the same time, three and a half kilometers away, in a private clubhouse with a low-key appearance but a hundred times more luxurious interior than Xinhui business building.

The lights were red, the people were dancing, and the deafening music was so loud that one’s heart was about to be ripped out of their chests.

"Young master nie, Young Master Feng, Young Master Zhou, what’s there to worry about when you’re in my territory? Go ahead and have fun!"

A young man with silver-white hair and the appearance of a second-generation heir shouted crazily, "Dragon City is our Dragon City! Do those bastards think that they can turn the sky upside down just by gathering a bunch of mobs? Dream On!"

While they were laughing, the golden tactical watch on the second-generation heir’s wrist vibrated slightly.

The second generation glanced at it, and his smile became even more intense and crazy. He gestured to his three friends, grabbed a bottle of wine, and staggered toward the bathroom.

As soon as he entered the bathroom, the crazy and arrogant look on his face disappeared.

What replaced it was hunger like a wild wolf, ferocity like a lion or tiger, and cunning like a fox.

He rubbed his face with cold water.

He locked the door of the bathroom, hid in the innermost cubicle, and dialed a number.

"Fourth brother, how many men can you mobilize?

"Too few, not enough.

"No matter what method you use, no matter how much money you spend, those few secret channels can all be activated when necessary.

"I want you to assemble the toughest, craziest, and most fearless elite soldiers in the city within twelve hours.

"I want cannon fodder as well, except for the elite soldiers who dare to fight and fight. I want as much as I can get. No matter how much others offer, I will double it.

"Don’t be afraid of burning money. In Dragon City, nobody knows how to burn money better than me, Shen. Nobody knows how to burn money better than me

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