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Chapter: 1576

The Grand View of the Universe

An hour later.

Fifty miles east of Dragon City, there was a manor that was as grand as an ancient palace. It was still expanding and being built.

The manor had a very domineering and rustic name, called The Grand View of the Universe.

As the name might suggest, it was the Shen family’s mansion.

During the Monster War, the Deity Realm warriors had to live in Dragon City’s main city area. No matter how luxurious the interior of the mansion was, the external space was only so big. It was not conducive to build a training hall in a "snail shell."

With their victory in the Monster War, the Deity Realm experts, especially the leaders of the nine noble cultivation families and the magnates who controlled plenty of resources, could finally run their horses around the land and claim the mountain as kings. Driven by some kind of vengeful mentality, they built an endless legacy that could be passed on to future generations.

These large mansions were not only built with the excuse of "guarding against the remnants of the monster soldiers." They also had high walls and accumulated grain. In addition, they were installed with a 360-degree three-dimensional defense system with no blind spots, as well as three layers of high-voltage power grids, inside and outside. Watchtowers with heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft guns were everywhere.

Moreover, there were also independent soilless cultivation sheds inside, where fruits and crops were planted with abundant spirit energy.

Meanwhile, an inexhaustible water source lay a hundred meters underground.

There were large-scale ammunition depots, crystal warehouses, and small-scale arms processing factories with well-equipped facilities.

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There were even private armed forces that were completely obedient to the orders of Deity Realm powerhouses and fought for the interests of the enterprises.

It did not matter if the beast horde broke out again or the zombie virus evolved and mutated seventeen to eighteen times, turning the outside world upside down.

The descendants of the nine cultivation aristocratic families could enter the mansion. The doors would be locked and the defense network would be stretched to the limit. They could defend themselves in the mansion for eight to ten years before they went out to clean up the land again.

In a word, a mansion like The Grand View of the Universe was like the strengthened version of a fortress in an ancient chaotic world. It was a small world with its own system.

The meeting hall was as majestic as a royal palace and as murderous as a colosseum. However, at that moment, the atmosphere in the hall was extremely tense in the depths of the modern fortress that was still expanding like a gluttonous beast.

The most outstanding successors of the Shen family were warriors, elites, and leaders from all walks of life. A single look from them was enough to make countless people tremble in fear and work themselves to death.

Right then, they were like flies frozen by ice. They lowered their eyebrows and eyes as they stood with their hands hanging down, not even daring to breathe loudly.

Even so, the successors were still clearly divided into two rows and two camps.

The successors on the left side of the meeting hall were all older. They had different appearances, but their faces were cold. They had the temperament of someone who had crawled out from a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. They probably did not even blink when they killed someone.

They were all Shen Yuanbao’s godsons.

Although they were not related to Shen Yuanbao by blood, they were an important pillar that was indispensable to the Shen family. They played a role in the family’s rapid expansion into one of Dragon City’s nine giants in just a few decades.

In fact, many of them had even brought their own people and plenty of resources to join Shen Yuanbao’s sect in the past. While they called each other "father and son," they maintained a considerable degree of independence.

The heirs on the right were mostly young, and their appearances were relatively delicate. One could see the traces left behind by Shen Yuanbao’s powerful genetic power between their brows and eyes.

Although there was not too much smoke and killing intent emanating from them, their eyes were deep, and their breathing was long. Their skin faintly emitted a jade-like and metallic luster, while spirit tattoos that resembled menacing dragons were also faintly discernible between their sparkling and translucent flesh.

Obviously, Shen Yuanbao had poured an astronomical amount of resources into their bodies and spared no expense in nurturing them into first-class or even super first-class fighters.

That was because the Shen family’s blood flowed within their bodies. If they were not Shen Yuanbao’s children, they were either his nephew, niece, or the third generation of his direct descendants.

When a father and son went into battle, they would be connected by flesh even if their bones were broken.

Even if Shen Yuanbao relied on his adopted son who held a high position and power in his daily life, when it came to considering the family and the group’s heir, it was inevitable that he would lean toward his own son.

Usually, in order to fight for the right to speak within the family and the group, the two camps would be at loggerheads with each other. There were at least several insulting words in three sentences.

Today, however, no one was willing to stand out.

Everyone was focused on studying the dozen or so corpses that were lying in the middle of the hall.

It was as if flowers would suddenly bloom on the corpses that were covered in wounds. Those individuals had died horribly.

A few of the more reckless successors would occasionally cast suspicious gazes at Meng Chao, who was standing beside Shen Yuanbao at the front of the hall.

However, no matter how they looked at it, they could not figure out what kind of person this "private doctor" who seemed to have descended from the sky was.

After carefully disguising himself in a white coat, Meng Chao meticulously played the role of a personal doctor.

Speaking of which, he was not completely putting on an act.

The truth was, after experiencing the betrayal of the people closest to him, coupled with the fact that he was seriously injured, the venom had penetrated deep into Shen Yuanbao’s bone marrow and nerves.

Shen Yuanbao was a little jittery. He did not dare to trust anyone for the time being, including all his adopted sons and his own flesh and blood.

Naturally, he would not let any doctor he had invited at the last minute examine his body.

Meng Chao had cultivated his body to the Deity Realm, so his mastery of the human physique was not inferior to that of many professional doctors.

Knowing the problems, feelings, and side effects that were unique to Deity Realm fighters could be equated to a person drinking water. They could tell their own temperature, for instance. Ordinary doctors would not be able to figure it out no matter how hard they tried.

Moreover, Meng Chao was a gifted Reaper who was one in a hundred.

He could even extract organs that were as thin as cicada wings from the body of a palm-sized insect monster.

It was not difficult for him to suture the wounds on Shen Yuanbao’s internal organs, repair the damaged bones, and even use spirit energy to stimulate his spirit aperture to eliminate the neurotoxins.

With Meng Chao’s treatment and his own tenacious will to survive, Shen Yuanbao’s condition had improved greatly…

At least, compared to half a day ago, when he was pale and on his last breath.

At this moment, his blood vessels were like surging stimulants that were burning furiously. His face was so red that it was unnatural. He had the strength to blow his beard and glare. He pointed at his successors and cursed at them loudly.

"You’re all good-for-nothings. Each and every one of you has grown wings and become famous. It has been an eye-opener for me!" Shen Yuanbao roared.

"Usually, when talking about the policies of Dragon City and the future plans of Universe Corporation, we talk about them eloquently. Things would sometimes be embellished to the point that I’m dumbfounded. I wonder if I’m really old and can’t keep up with the development of the times. It’s time to hand over the Shen family and Universe Corporation to you!

"Yet, in the end?

"I’ve only been in seclusion for a year. Look at what you’ve done to the Shen family and Universe Corporation!"

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