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Chapter: 1577

A Bunch of Good for Nothings

Shen Yuanbao’s roar was like a clap of thunder.

It shook the successors until they turned into clay figurines that were torn to shreds. All of them went silent as their faces turned ashen.

"What exactly is going on with the Red Creek Project? Isn’t it just that the actual reserves aren’t up to expectations and that there’s a small deficit? There are many ways to flatten it without anyone knowing. Why does it have to be the crudest, most extreme, and most dramatic one?"

Shen Yuanbao was still fuming. He glared and berated them. "What era is this? Why are you still using the ‘fire dragon burning the warehouse’ trick?! Do you really think that the Supernatural Tower is a soft persimmon in the hands of the nine mega corporations and that we can do whatever we want?

"Furthermore, you bunch of idiots have even implicated Universe Corporation’s internal affairs with the orcs. As a result, those senators who oppose the war have no choice but to investigate the matter to the end!

"Tell me, tell me, have all of your brains been gnawed by monsters? Have you been infected with the zombie virus? Have your brains turned into a pool of feces? You’ve been sold, and you even have to count the money for them!

"Let me ask you. Is the expansion of the outside world Universe Corporation’s business? Is the Shen family the only one who can benefit from it?

"No. The expansion of the outside world is the common demand and interest of the nine mega corporations and the nine noble families of cultivation!

"If that’s the case, why do the Shen family and Universe Corporation have to take over the people and affairs of so many organizations? Why do we have to be the ones to step up and take the blame?!

"Right now, the outside world is fixated on the Red Creek Project scandal. The Shen family and Universe Corporation have become the biggest joke in the industry!

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"Do you think that the ‘nine superstars’ will unite with each other at this moment? Do you think that a competitor like Sky Pillar Corporation will help us? Naive! Childish! Dream on! Sky Pillar Corporation will not take the opportunity to get into trouble, even if that old fellow Lu Zhongqi has a conscience!"

His words made the successors break out in cold sweat, especially the higher-ups in Universe Corporation’s Internal Affairs, who were in charge of the business lines related to the mining and refining of crystals. They had been in an especially heated battle, and their hearts froze.

"There’s also the problem of the underground black market."

Shen Yuanbao said in a deep voice, "There’s no need to explain. I know the principle that ‘when the water is clear, there will be no fish.’

"The problem is that if you have the guts to take it, you must have the ability to make everyone submit to you. Now that such a big commotion has been made, the Azure Alliance can actually gather thousands of low-level and middle-level superhumans in just half a day and openly challenge the nine of us.

"Did those tens of thousands of low-level and middle-level superhumans all fall from the sky and get dug out of the ground?

"Did they show no signs of starting a fight beforehand?

"Did none of you hear any kind of complaints?

"Or did you really think that because I’m invincible under the heavens, you could flaunt your might as well? That there are no other forces on the same level as the Shen family and Universe Corporation?

"I really want to know. I really want to know what Universe Corporation’s Intelligence Department and Crisis Management Center have been doing for the past two years. How could they not notice the birth, rise, and expansion of the Azure Alliance at all? They only started jumping up and down when they were on the verge of a huge crisis?"

The higher-ups related to the research and development of genetic drugs, the collection and analysis of commercial intelligence, as well as public relations and crisis management also lowered their heads deeply.

They really wanted to find a gap as thick as a strand of hair on the flawless floor, which had entirely been carved out of crystal, and hide in it for three days and three nights.

"One or two of them are all useless, incompetent, and full of trouble!"

Shen Yuanbao snorted coldly and turned his head a little. He seemed to be talking to himself, but he also seemed to be saying to Meng Chao, "Do you know what is the most annoying thing? The most annoying thing is not the stupidity of these useless people.

"To be honest, stupidity is not scary.

"But stupidity without self-awareness, feeling good about themselves, thinking that they’re extremely smart, and having ridiculous ambitions because of that, then doing things that make me hate my own family, is the true stupidity!

"Today’s assassination was nothing.

"In my life, I, Shen Yuanbao, have fought my way from being a member of the mining team, who had nothing to lose, to owning more than a hundred crystal ore veins. No matter where I went, there were a lot of people who hated me to the bone and wanted to tear me into pieces.

"More than twenty years ago, there would always be two or three assassinations aimed at me every month. I have nothing better to do now!

"In the past few years, there have been fewer open attacks and more hidden attacks. Countless people have been scheming and sharpening their knives, hoping to eliminate me with unspeakable evil tricks!

"Even my own flesh and blood are coveting my position under my nose. It’s not surprising that an old man like me could die at any moment!

"However, since they have the guts to assassinate me, why don’t they make the most thorough assassination plan?

"Just a few Fire Qilins, a few snipers, and a few undead creatures, and they want to kill me, Shen Yuanbao? No matter who the mastermind of this assassination is, he doesn’t have a brain!

"If I were an assassin, I would have appeared at the scene and stabbed the old man with my own hands. I would have seen the old man die, and then I would have chopped the old man into pieces and burned him into ashes, completely cutting off his life force!

"This assassin doesn’t even have such determination. This guy is even less courageous than a rat!

"He has neither brains nor guts. How can such a rat do anything big?

"Even if he were lucky enough to succeed in the assassination, such a rat will never seize the Shen family and Universe Corporation’s power!

"Even if he were lucky enough to steal a high position, such a rat will never lead the Shen family and Universe Corporation to glory again. He will only drag the hard work that I have put in for my whole life into a bottomless abyss!"

Shen Yuanbao’s gaze was like a burning thorny whip.

It ruthlessly lashed at his successors.

It was as if he was trying to pull the mastermind of the assassination out of the crowd.

"I don’t care about my own life and death. Even if my own son is responsible, as long as you are smart, decisive, tyrannical, and audacious enough to send the Shen family and Universe Corporation to a new peak, I will surrender my old bones!"

Shen Yuanbao glanced around, as though he had confirmed that the real culprit was hiding among his children. However, he remained expressionless as he coldly said, "But, since you are just an idiot who has failed and ruined everything, I will not sit by and watch you destroy the Shen family and Universe Corporation!

"I will not let anyone ruin my life’s work.

"Should someone try to pluck a hair from the Shen family and Universe Corporation, I will cut their throat first, skin them, pull their tendons, and bleed them—it would be the same even if they are my own son!"

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