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Chapter: 1578

First Suspect

On the way to The Grand View of the Universe, the successors had already formed cliques and exchanged information with each other.

They all agreed that this assassination had definitely been committed by their own people.

It was not worth making a fuss over.

After all, in the past year, there had been much false news about Shen Yuanbao running out of steam.

Everyone hoped that their father, the giant pillar of the Shen family, could live for a hundred years, or even three to five hundred years under the nourishment of the Other World’s spirit energy.

At least on the surface, everyone said so.

However, in the dark, which of his few heirs with the highest cultivation, the strongest combat strength, and the most power had not planned how they would take control of the Shen family and join Universe Corporation if their father really passed away?

While most of them probably did not have the courage to assassinate him, to fight for power in the Shen family and Universe Corporation, killing a blood brother was something that did not even require blinking.

As for those not related by blood, there was no need to mention it.

Both sides had sharpened their knives for a long time, and they were ready to attack.

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Therefore, Shen Yuanbao’s words were cold and ruthless.

The shock that his heirs felt was still on the surface. It had yet to penetrate into their flesh and blood.

Their eyeballs rolled around, and they occasionally glanced to the left and right out of the corner of their eyes.

They wanted to identify who the real assassin was, but they were also secretly calculating who would be the biggest threat to them in the absence of any real evidence. On whom should they place the blame?

"Let’s talk about it. Let’s analyze it."

Shen Yuanbao watched coldly from the side, pretending that he could not see the hidden ambition and malice between the heirs.

He rushed to the left and stood at the front. He looked at the middle-aged man who was in his fifties and whose flesh was as hard as iron, but his face was full of hostility and bitterness. "Boss, you go first.

"You have always been in charge of the Blood Flower laboratory hidden in the depths of Raging Waves Mountain Range.

"I’m curious to know why a secret laboratory that was supposed to provide the Shen family and Universe Corporation with new gene reagents has become a bioweapons research and development center.

"Moreover, the new generation of Blood Flower bombs developed in this research and development center of biological and chemical weapons has been used on your father?"

At the center of the chamber, in addition to the rows of bodies of the assassins and a few lumps of black coke, they were remains of the undead burned by Meng Chao’s spirit flame.

Even though they had been burned to a pulp, after Universe Corporation’s expert analysis, they still managed to extract highly active spores from inside the Blood Flower fungi cluster.

With the scene of the assassination, those heavy vehicles carrying undead creatures, and the traces left by the crushed jungle, it was impossible to perfectly cover things up at a moment’s notice.

Following the clues, they would naturally find the Blood Flower laboratory.

Therefore, even without the truth that Meng Chao knew, Shen Yuanbao would be able to find the problem with his secret laboratory.

The middle-aged man with a gloomy face took two steps forward and lunged forward. With a cracking sound, he knelt before Shen Yuanbao.

The moment he knelt, he smashed the crystal tiles below his knees, which were as hard as iron, into pieces.

The crisscrossed cracks that resembled spider webs spread out in all directions to the others’ feet with his knees as the center.

No one knew whether it was because of the suspicion, the shock to his soul, or the disorder of his vitality magnetic field, or he was demonstrating his power to the other heirs in such a way.

"Father, I have nothing to say!"

The middle-aged man’s face seemed to be inlaid with a hard metal mask as he spoke expressionlessly in a deep voice. "Back then, you proposed that to increase the Shen family and Universe Corporation’s competitive edge, we absolutely could not let anyone lead us by the nose when it comes to the issue of developing gene drugs. We need to have our own research team, as well as technical reserves, and we have to establish our own high-end laboratories!

"At that time, my brothers and sisters were very self-aware. They knew that this would be a troublesome and thankless task that lay in the gray area. No one was willing to step forward and ruin their father’s big plan.

"I was the only one who was greedy for credit in front of my father. I overestimated myself and picked up this mess from scratch. From scratch, I personally went to explore the caves at the bottom of Raging Waves Mountain and established this enormous Blood Flower laboratory!

"It was a pity that many giants had already emerged in Dragon City’s biochemical field and pharmaceutical field at that time.

"Most of the fighters and scholars owned shares in the giant corporations. Some of them were even the founders of a powerful private laboratory. It was not easy for us to poach them.

"My father knows that I have always been stupid and incompetent. I am only loyal to my father, the Shen family, and Universe Corporation. In the absence of top talents through regular channels, what else could I have done aside from recruiting the most wanted criminals, such as ‘Doctor Monster’ Fei Qingyun?

"Thankfully, under my father’s guidance, the support of my brothers and sisters, and Fei Qingyun’s leadership, our laboratory has more or less produced some results.

"The protective ointment that can prevent the radiation of crystals was launched half a year in advance by Sky Pillar Corporation.

"The Blood Soul Pill can activate the long-range combat ability of seriously wounded superhumans and allow them to fight despite losing one-third of their blood.

"There is also the Heaven-reaching Elixir, which can greatly increase the success rate of breaking through to the Heaven Realm.

"It is probably because of the introduction of these genetic elixirs that I was blinded by success and became complacent. As a result, I neglected the management of the Blood Flower laboratory and failed to see through ‘Dr. Monster’ Fei Qingyun’s cunning ambition, which led to today’s disaster.

"I am Fei Qingyun’s direct superior. I am responsible for the Blood Flower laboratory’s loss of control and Fei Qingyun’s insane behavior. Therefore, no matter how my father punishes me, no matter how much he cuts me into pieces, I will never frown!

"However, there is one thing that I must explain to my father, as well as my brothers and sisters.

"That is, I am definitely not the mastermind of the assassination!

"It is very simple. If my ambitions had somehow consumed me and I attempted to kill my father, would I have been so stupid as to ask my best subordinates to carry the most iconic weapon and take action personally?

"Everybody knows that I am in charge of the Blood Flower laboratory.

"Forget the possibility of failure, even if, even if it hypothetically succeeds, with so many traces of the undead and the ruts leading to the Blood Flower laboratory, would my brothers and sisters be blind enough not to see it?

"When the time comes, my brothers and sisters will attack me together. Even if I have mouths all over my body, how will I clear my name?"

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