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Chapter: 1580

To Blame

"That’s enough!"

Shen Yuanbao’s voice was like thunder in the middle of the night. It shook the large windows made of monster-proof glass and stopped the conflict between his successors.

"My eldest, if I really don’t believe you, you won’t have a chance to walk through the door of this meeting hall alive!"

Shen Yuanbao stared at Shen Chenglie and coldly said, "But, where is Fei Qingyun?"

"…He ran away."

Shen Chenglie hesitated for a moment, but he still answered honestly.

"He disappeared without a trace with more than half of the information from the Blood Flower lab and one-tenth of the lab staff!

"Ten days, Father. I’ve issued a military order to bring back Fei Qingyun and all the things that he took with him within ten days. I’ll bring his head even if one page of the experiment log is missing!"

Shen Yuanbao remained expressionless and did not comment.

"Seven! Seven days!"

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Shen Chenglie’s eyes were bloodshot, while his body was trembling. He gritted his teeth and said, "Brothers and sisters, please bear witness for me. I will bring Fei Qingyun back to this place within seven days and interrogate the real culprit!"

"Alright. Those are your words. I want to see Fei Qingyun’s head and body in seven days. I also want to see the Blood Flower laboratory run again. I don’t want to see any news about the Blood Flower laboratory on any media or on the Internet either. No matter what you do, take care of it, my eldest!"

Shen Yuanbao retracted his gaze and closed his eyes slightly, as though he was sharpening a knife in the depths of his pupils.

Subsequently, he cast a sharper gaze at the "blood descendant faction."

"My second child, you’ve always been in charge of matters regarding the medicinal plant. You’ve always been fair, generous, and smart. You know how to divide the cake in order to satisfy everyone, and you know when it’s fine to extend your hand and when you can’t even pluck out a single hair. I’ve always been 100% at ease when it comes to you." Shen Yuanbao’s voice was filled with confidence

"What’s going on?" Shen Yuanbao narrowed his eyes and asked with displeasure. "What exactly happened this time that caused such a big commotion in the Xinhui Business Center?"

"Yes!" a middle-aged man with a face and skin color that was as yellow as wax and a rather skinny figure replied.

Upon careful inspection, his facial features were extremely similar to Shen Yuanbao’s.

However, it lacked Shen Yuanbao’s domineering and malicious aura.

Instead, he seemed listless.

It was like the difference between a hungry lion and a sickly, skinny tiger.

He was Shen Yuhe, Shen Yuanbao’s eldest biological son.

"Cough, cough! Cough, cough, cough, cough! Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough!"

Before Shen Yuhe could speak, he started coughing as if he was about to die.

His sallow face was now as clear as white jade. It was as if one could see the blood vessels, nerves, and bones beneath his thin skin.

Meng Chao had heard Shen Yuanbao mention this before.

Although Shen Yuhe was the eldest among the blood descendants, in modern society, the title of "eldest biological son" was not important.

Everything depended on whether one had enough strength.

Shen Yuhe was the product of a spring fling between Shen Yuanbao and an ordinary woman before Shen Yuanbao had made a name for himself.

At that time, the order in Dragon City had collapsed and resources were scarce. For a can of meat or a bag of compressed biscuits, both men and women were willing to give up their bodies and do anything to cross the bottom line.

At that time, Shen Yuanbao had yet to make a name for himself.

However, he had already awakened his supernatural powers and become a slightly famous fighter. Sometimes he would get canned meat and compressed biscuits, while other times, it would be women.

Similar flings were just common occurrences.

Many times, especially after a bloody battle and flying just above hell’s gates, he would engage in promiscuous activity several times a night.

Even now, he could not quite remember who Shen Yuhe’s mother was.

On top of that, Shen Yuhe had not been lucky.

He had been possessed during his cultivation process. As a result, the spirit energy accumulated in his body stimulated his cells crazily and secreted a large amount of toxins, which overburdened his liver and kidney system. That caused him to suffer from a chronic disease that could not be cured for the rest of his life. It was almost impossible for him to enter the Deity Realm, so he withdrew from the fight for the position of the Shen family’s next head.

While he and his mother had not received help, Shen Yuhe had benefited from the misfortune instead.

Since he did not pose a threat to anyone due to his damaged liver and kidney system, he dared not wantonly consume top-grade genetic medicine refined from heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Instead, he had secured his position as the person in charge of the Shen family’s pharmaceutical system.

It was a throne full of profits.

Even if he could not consume the top-grade genetic medicine, there were still many ways to "realize value."

Of course, if there was a riot like the Xinhui Business Center incident, Shen Yuhe would not be able to get away with it.

Shen Yuhe was also to blame for the issue.

"My second child, don’t be anxious. Speak slowly."

Shen Yuanbao did not trust anyone right then.

However, he still had some faith in his eldest biological son.

After all, with Shen Yuhe’s non-existent maternal influence and his body that was strained in such a way, it was unlikely that he could replace Shen Yuanbao even if Shen Yuanbao was killed.

On the contrary, once the emperor became a minister and the new family head took over, the entire Shen family and Universe Corporation’s power system would inevitably be reconstructed. As the person in charge of the pharmaceutical system, he would most likely be removed.

In other words, aside from Shen Yuanbao himself, Shen Yuhe was one of the biggest victims of this assassination.

It was hard to think of what motive he would have to do such a thing.

However, the riot at the Xinhui Business Center was no less serious than Shen Yuanbao’s attempted assassination.

Now that the incident was still unfolding, it was easy to imagine that the matter would not be resolved easily with the Azure Alliance’s help. The Azure Alliance and the hungry superhumans would not let this matter rest unless they bit a large piece off of the Shen family and Universe Corporation.

Therefore, Shen Yuanbao had no choice but to bring Shen Yuhe out.

Otherwise, how could he continue to beat up Shen Chenglie and the other foster children?

"My second child, don’t be so agitated. I understand the principle that there are no fish in clear water."

Shen Yuanbao sighed and said, "It’s not easy to be the person in charge of the pharmaceutical system. There are hands reaching out from every direction. They are all mouths that can never be filled. After so many years of painstaking efforts, it’s really hard for you.

"However, I’ve said this to the eldest earlier. Merit is merit, and past is past. These are two separate matters. Recently, a lot of things have happened in the pharmaceutical system. Some things have gone too far!"


Shen Yuhe’s face turned sallow again. "What you’ve taught us is true, Father," he said in a daze.

"And then?" Shen Yuanbao frowned.

"There’s no ‘and then.'"

Shen Yuhe was expressionless as if he was wearing a mask made of wax. "I was incompetent, hence I caused a huge scandal that damaged the reputation of the Shen family and the entire Universe Corporation. I will bear all the responsibility and resign!"

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