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Chapter: 1581

Clause 507

Shen Yuanbao was immediately angered by Shen Yuhe’s fearless attitude.


He smashed the chair’s armrest into pieces and growled. "My second child, what is the meaning of this? Are you going to quit your job, retreat at the last minute, and become a deserter?"

Many of the successors were frightened by Shen Yuanbao’s spittle.

However, Shen Yuhe did not have much hope in the first place. He did not have much hope of winning the throne of power in the Shen family and Universe Corporation.

As the saying went, "If you don’t have any desires, you will be strong." He was not afraid of anything.

"It’s not that I want to quit. It’s just that my ability is limited. I don’t know what to do."

Shen Yuhe spread his hands and looked straight at Shen Yuanbao without a trace of fear.

If he was the mastermind of the assassination, then, at least in terms of acting skills, he was definitely the most outstanding one among the many heirs.

"You make it sound like you’ve been wronged," Shen Yuanbao said coldly.

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"Let me teach you how it’s done. It’s true that there are a lot of rats hiding in our pharmaceutical factory, abusing public and private interests, isn’t it? Find them all! Kill each one that you find. Kill them until everyone’s heart palpitates. I refuse to believe that there are people who don’t care about money and their lives!

"Motherf*cker, do you really think that I, Shen, would no longer be able to carry a knife after the end of the Monster War?"

"That’s all I’ve been doing."

Shen Yuhe calmly said, "Ever since the Xinhui Business Center incident broke out, three executives in our family’s pharmaceutical organization have committed suicide. Two executives have gone missing. Oh right, a person in charge of the accounting firm that we are working with has also gone missing. I’m certain that he’ll be missing forever. No one will be able to find even a single strand of his hair.

"However, these people are all small fish and shrimps. The amount of gene reagents they have released is less than one-tenth of the total amount of gene reagents that our family has released to the black market.

"Even if we exterminate all these small fish and shrimps, it won’t solve the fundamental problem."


Shen Yuanbao narrowed his eyes. "Those smell rats have only released one-tenth of the gene reagents? Then, who’s the source of the remaining nine-tenths?"

"Me," Shen Yuhe said calmly.

Shen Yuanbao remained silent as he waited for an explanation from his eldest biological son.

"I have the account book in my hand. Every single transaction is recorded clearly. Father, would you like to take a look?" Shen Yuhe asked calmly.

"No need."

Shen Yuanbao stared at Shen Yuhe for a long time, and his tone softened. "My second child, I know you well. You know your limits. Besides, with your physique, even if you really lose your public and private benefits in exchange for astronomical benefits, you can’t use them all on yourself, am I right?"


Shen Yuhe said, "The astronomical benefits that I earned from the black market were indeed not used on myself."

"Then, why did you do it?"

Shen Yuanbao asked, "What were the enormous benefits used for?"

A strange light emanated from Shen Yuhe’s eyes.

He asked, "Father, do you still remember Special Clause 507?"

"Hmm, 507…"

Shen Yuanbao pondered for a moment, "Are you talking about the one where employees of Universe Corporation had to reduce their cultivation time during the war and devote more of their time, as well as energy, to their work, and the losses that they suffered would be doubled after the war?"

"That’s right."

Shen Yuhe said, "Cultivation and work are always in conflict with each other. You can’t have it both ways.

"Putting aside those talented individuals who have had many fortuitous encounters and are as rare as Phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, for most of the superhumans, whose aptitude is above average, the cultivation realm is always proportional to the cultivation resources and cultivation time.

"In the case of limited cultivation resources, the longer the cultivation time, the higher the cultivation realm. That is certain.

"However, for a mega corporation such as Universe Corporation, every employee is like a part in a precision machine that requires him to operate steadily for a long time. It is impossible to give him too much private time and space to improve his cultivation.

"To be specific, as the scale of the company continued to expand, the fields involved started to become more specialized, and the work processes became increasingly standardized as well. The skill range that every employee has actually been growing narrower and narrower.

"Often, the more they work, the more hindrance they have to their training.

"Even if the management, who isn’t responsible for front line operations, has to run around all day, drink until their liver explodes, and then use spirit energy to repair it, how will they have the time to focus on their training?

"Under such circumstances, many employees naturally raised their opinions. They demanded an eight-hour work schedule that guaranteed two days of rest per week, during which all contact with work would be cut off. They also demanded that all on-site meetings and video conferences after work be cut off. If they really had to work overtime, the overtime pay would have to be paid according to industry standards. Even so, they could not work overtime more than four times per month. There was also the annual leave, which had to be fully utilized. Money could never be used as a substitute because many employees had to use the annual leave to cultivate to higher realms, and so on.

"We can’t say that the demands of the employees were unreasonable.

"But at that time, Universe Corporation was in a period of rapid development, and Dragon City was also facing a serious threat from the monster civilization. We had to gather all our resources and make Universe Corporation strong enough to crush the monster civilization at all costs. How could we possibly satisfy the demands of the employees?

"How could an enterprise that didn’t even have employees working overtime grow into a mega corporation that was destined to conquer the entire Other World one day?

"Therefore, back then, under your leadership, we signed Special Clause 507 with the employees, Father. We agreed that during the Monster War, the employees and management would unite and work together to fight for the great goal of defeating the monsters and conquering the Other World. For the time being, we did not care about personal gains and losses. We didn’t care about the level of our cultivation either.

"As for the risk of realm stagnation and even spirit energy deviation caused by the long hours of work, the compensation would be doubled after our victory in the Monster War. The employees of Universe Corporation were guaranteed to achieve the highest realm in the circle of superhumans in Dragon City.

"At that time, 90% of the employees signed Special Clause 507.

"Now, the Monster War has ended with our complete victory.

"It’s time to fulfill our promise and fulfill the clause. Don’t you agree, Father?"

"Cough cough! Cough cough cough cough!"

Shen Yuanbao started to cough violently.

As a "personal doctor," Meng Chao hurriedly stepped forward to help him.

He leaned close to the old fighter’s ear and considerately asked, "Do you want me to knock you out directly to avoid any embarrassment?"

Shen Yuanbao glared at Meng Chao.

His voice was hoarse as he said, "Continue."

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