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Chapter: 1582

Victory Came Too Early

Shen Yuhe reported a series of numbers.

It was the total number of employees who had signed Special Clause 507, as well as the overtime pay, cultivation allowance, and paid vacation that should be cashed in so that they could focus on cultivation. There were also cultivation resources that were promised to be compensated to them, and so on.

In total, it was such an astronomical figure that even Shen Yuanbao’s face turned pale and his heart stopped beating when he heard it.

"It’s… It’s that much?" Shen Yuanbao could not believe it.

"This is how much it has accumulated over the past few decades."

Shen Yuhe said, "Back then, the promise was that once we won the Monster War, the terms would be settled and the employees would be given a high reward. Perhaps, back then, no one expected the Monster War to end so quickly and smoothly, right?"

Shen Yuanbao was silent for a moment.

The other successors did not say a word either. They did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Shen Yuhe had already said so much anyway. He simply continued to speak in one breath. "The employees who signed Special Clause 507 include skilled workers, who have worked on the front lines for seven to eight years or more than ten years, as well as those who have been the backbone of our various business lines on the grassroots level. There are also quite a number of people who have climbed to the management positions of our branches and subsidiaries.

"There’s no way to deny this debt.

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"If we can’t fulfill Special Clause 507, I’m afraid that the entire Universe Corporation will fall apart overnight!"


Shen Yuanbao was furious. He beat his chest and said, "The reason why I’m able to achieve what I’ve achieved today is because of the word ‘trust’. All the employees of Universe Corporation are my brothers and sisters. As long as I, Shen Yuanbao, am still alive, I will guarantee that they will live a glorious and good life!

"What are you talking about? I will keep my promise even if I have to sell everything I have!

"However, although the Monster War is over, Dragon City is going to expand to the outside world soon. There is a high possibility that a new war will break out. We will have to spend a lot of money on everything. This is also a great opportunity for Universe Corporation to develop further and dominate the entire Other World.

"Therefore, is it possible to sign new terms with some of the employees and delay the payment date for a while? The terms can be improved. At most, we will compensate them with double, triple, or even ten times the cultivation resources after we conquer the foreign world!"

"We’ve looked into it. Most of the employees do not agree with delaying Special Clause 507’s payment date, no matter what it takes."

Shen Yuhe said, "The golden period of cultivation for superhumans only lasts for ten to twenty years. Many employees have worked hard for Universe Corporation for so many years and are at the tail end of their golden period of cultivation. If they don’t seize this last opportunity, they might not be able to break through their current realm for the rest of their lives. What’s the point of giving them more cultivation resources when they are in their seventies or eighties?

"Some of the employees are already middle-aged. They stopped thinking about how far they can cultivate a long time ago.

"However, the children of these middle-aged employees are mostly still of schooling age and are facing middle school selections as well as college entrance exams.

"During such a critical period, one more cultivation resource means one more score. They will stand on the critical score line and completely change their fate.

"Under such circumstances, it is impossible for the employees to consider the issue of completely dominating the foreign world after ten or twenty years and rewarding them for their contributions.

"People nowadays are very realistic. Two birds in the bush are better than one bird in the hand. Everything is fake. Only real gold, silver, and cultivation resources are real!"

Shen Yuanbao was speechless.

"Father is right. Although we’ve won the Monster War, the economic problems of Dragon City and Universe Corporation have not been solved. On the contrary, because we are in a new phase of expansion and rapid development. Dozens of projects have been launched inside and outside Monster Mountain Range at the same time. All the funds and resources needed are astronomical."

Shen Yuhe said, "Under such circumstances, if we use the corporation’s original funds and resources to fulfill Special Clause 507, it will only slow down our development. In the end, Universe Corporation will be dragged down by traditional competitors like Sky Pillar Corporation and aggressive new players like Superstar Company.

"I have no control over the funds, but I should compensate the training resources for the employees, especially the genetic drugs. As the person in charge of the pharmaceutical administration, I have to come up with a solution.

"After much consideration, I can only rely on the mountain’s support and adopt a solution from the black market.

"Yes. I know that there are a lot of illegal operations here, and I’ve let down the consumers who bought the training resources from the black market at a high price.

"However, the consumers in the black market are on one side, while the employees who have been supporting us for decades are on the other. If I’m forced to make a choice, I can only grit my teeth and choose the latter!"

Hearing this, Shen Yuanbao leaned against the back of his chair weakly. He closed his eyes and rubbed his nose.

"Is there anything else?" Shen Yuanbao asked tiredly.

"Aside from filling the deficit of Special Clause 507, are the profits from the black market being used for anything else?"

"Not much."

Shen Yuhe said, "It’s mainly the expenses of the Shen family’s own people. It’s the resources needed for the third and fourth generations to cultivate, build the foundation, awaken, and reach the Heaven Realm.

"The problem is that the Shen family is getting larger and larger. The third and fourth generations have been increasing in number, hence the expenses in this area have accumulated over time. It’s difficult to settle them with a completely compliant method."

As soon as he uttered those words, disgruntled discussions immediately came from behind Shen Yuhe.

It was not just the adopted children who were scowling at him.

His uncles, brothers, and even his nephews who were related to him by blood all frowned slightly.

"I have no intention of blaming anyone."

Shen Yuhe had already thrown caution to the wind. In such a situation where the Shen family was constantly scheming, it was not necessarily impossible for him to survive as a lonely person whom everyone hated.

He said, "It is human nature to wish for a son to achieve great heights. If I had a talented son, I would risk everything as well. I would use all means to request the person in charge of my own pharmaceutical administration to provide me with a few extra sets of top-quality cultivation resources.

"Besides, it’s not just the Shen family doing this. Which of the nine great cultivation families doesn’t have their own cultivation resources?

"If only our family is honest and reports all our cultivation resources to the Supernatural Tower, after paying sufficient resource taxes and obtaining the Supernatural Tower’s approval, it is likely that the Shen family’s disciples will become weaker in a few years. They will be left far behind by the other eight great cultivation families."

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