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Chapter: 741

685 One Hit

The Dark Blaze Sect was founded by the Evil God of Dark Flames, Phantro. He mated with a human, thus creating a slightly malformed and rather infamous lineage. The reputation of the Dark Blaze Sect was rock bottom during the second and third eras, and despite being decently strong in terms of manpower and cultivation techniques, they were regarded as spawn of Phantro.

Slowly but surely, the prejudice disappeared and the sect rose to prominence, becoming one of the highly-distinguished powers in the Cloud Sea Universe, though it fell short in comparison to the clans and sects in the Divine Planets, or even a handful of others all around the universe. Still, every Patriarch that took over the sect was always an Exalted God, which solidified their position and reputation, as well as drive some rogue but talented cultivators and explorers to seek refuge and knowledge in the Dark Blaze High-Realm.

Randuin Ak Dark Blaze, grandsire of Holand and father of Rasnod, wasn't lucky enough to inherit the special Dark Blaze Technique of his ancestors, nevertheless, he managed to rise to the apex by learning the mysterious mystical arts.

Although eccentric and unsocial, Randuin deeply cared for his sect and, very much like his son, was angered by Cristina and Bora's desertion. However, what mattered most were the Twin-snake Black Snake Spear, and the Unbreakable Bow of Faith, which were two priceless artifacts lent to two of their strongest disciples.

The Dark Blaze Sect wasn't wealthy, but it had a decent amount of artifacts, however, the bow and the spear were special as they dated back to the second era. The records briefly mention their origin and how they belonged to an antagonistic clan which had waged war against the whole of the Dark Blaze Realm. 

Apparently, that reason, along with the massive loss of face, had driven Rasnod to concoct a sinister plan and execute it in the MoonStar Sect out of all places. 

By now, there hasn't been any cultivator who has not heard of Arthur and Lucy MoonStar, the couple of century. Two monsters, one was a White Specter and the other was a Parasite, two people who were banished into Oblivion yet came back stronger and totally unscathed.

Unfortunately, Rasnod did not conduct a thorough investigation on Arthur and Lucy. He saw them as slightly talented cultivators who just founded a sect in a random middle-realm. He has severely underestimated the duo and only when he witnessed the Black Dragon Formation and seen them with his own eyes did he feel their might.

Nevertheless, with Randuin, a peak Exalted God, along side him, Rasnod refused to back down or change the plan. While he was participating in the last two trials, his father would perform a costly summoning to call forth the avatar of their one and only ancestor, the Evil God of Dark Flame, Phantro.

Although the avatar was not real and wasn't as strong as the real one, it would still wreak havoc in the city and cause the parasite a lot of trouble. Not even the Black Dragon Formation covering the entirety of the city will be able to retaliate against the avatar.

While things were progressing smoothly for Lucy in the Trial stage, Arthur no longer sat down and watched. As he had confidently proclaimed, there was nothing in the city he couldn't feel, see or hear. So, when Holand was dragged away by his aunt, Arthur saw it, but that wasn't the end, he also noticed the suspicious Randuin, holed up in his room and positioning the materials to begin the summoning.

"I will be back shortly."

The parasite stood up from his seat and soon vanished into thin air, his body appearing a couple of paces away from the startled Randuin.

The eccentric old man had laid a formation that should have covered his presence, but such trivial trickery wouldn't work on Arthur. Even if his Sixth Sense wasn't able to notice anything, his special eyes would have seen through the formation.

However, Arthur did not immediately attack the old man. Although Randuin was wearing a strange wizardly outfit and looked harmless, he was still an Exalted God.

A bout of silence flowed between the parasite and the old man, and when the latter was about to make a move, he suddenly found himself in a totally different environment.

No longer was he standing in the inn room, surrounded by a bunch of materials; He was unwittingly brought to a foreign dimension, in which the sky was a mix of grey and crimson, and the hissing of countless snakes reverberated repeatedly.

"I thought you were wise enough not to attempt anything."

Finally, Arthur spoke, his expression grim and his body enveloped by sinister black flames.

"Hohoho, it appears I failed to fool you."

The parasite shrugged and unsheathed Makaze, looking unfazed by the old man's rising pressure.

"I wouldn't want my precious city to be destroyed by our fight. How do you like this place?"

Randuin Ak Dark Blaze looked around, his hand holding a lengthy staff and tapping it on the ground, which was enough to disintegrate any snake that got too close to him.

"It's not a bad pla-"

Unfortunately for him, Arthur didn't wait for him to finish, his figure blurred and the dark blade was swung with full force. Randuin was fast enough to raise a white crystalline shield, but it was all in vain as Makaze cut through it with ease and slashed his ċhėst, causing a fountain of blood to splatter on the parasite.

As he faced an Exalted God, even in such advantageous circumstances, Arthur held nothing back and immediately used [Thousand Waves].

The intensely vibrating dark blaze, happy to be used after a long rest, was raised upwards, its glowing tip pointing toward the canopy. In a matter of seconds, the world was covered by a looming darkness, suċkɨnġ the light and even the energy dwelling within.

Even though he was attacked by surprise and sustained a heavy injury, Randuin was composed and counter-attacked by summoning an enormous illusory green tiger, which fought back against the threatening darkness.

Alas, it was eventually crushed and the first wave of [Thousand Waves] was unleashed at the stiffened silhouette of the old man.

'First Wave: Black as Night, Calamity Descends!'

Makaze was swung vertically, splitting the very fabric of reality in two and unleashing a devastating and unstoppable gale along with a swirling darkness.

It all happened in the blink of an eye, and when Arthur finally returned to the inn room, he was standing alone. Not even a piece of Randuin was left, he was ripped into shreds by the Dark Blaze's gale then swallowed by the darkness.

It was an underwhelming battle considering that his opponent was an Exalted God. Nevertheless, Arthur wasn't the least bit surprised. Before he even retrieved Makaze, he had been able to face an Exalted God, so it's to be expected that after getting such a huge power-up, he would be able to one-shot someone like Randuin.

In fact, it was the enemy's fault, after all, he was the one who underestimated Arthur. Then again, the parasite used all of his strength, going as far as activating [Eternium] and using [Thousand Waves], which was arguably his strongest skill.

Just like that, the threat was eliminated before anyone could be harmed. Randuin Ak Dark Blaze, the Grand Elder of the Dark Blaze Sect, was killed and his corpse was turned into nothingness. The only one left was Rasnod, who would be finished by Lucy.

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