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Chapter: 3342

Chapter 3342: Sudden Changes (83)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fresh blood splattered all over his body. He immediately jumped up and quickly loaded his gun. With two loud bangs, he fired a bullet each at the other two men.

One of them was struck in his chest and struggled as Mu Yichen walked up to him. The boy lifted his leg and brought it down on the man’s neck. Grabbing his chin with his right hand, the boy broke his throat with a forceful twist.

He tossed the three men into the sea and quickly cleared the ground.

As he passed by the banquet hall, he saw that it was brightly lit. Through the window, he could see many people, all dressed up.

What was going on?

Mu Yichen peered in suspiciously from outside.

The guests were gathered in a hall, but the strange thing was that everyone was wearing a mask that covered the top half of their faces. At first glance, it was extremely strange.

They were all gathered around the stage in high spirits.

The music playing in the venue background was melodious and the guests were chatting happily. It looked like a simple banquet.

However, Mu Yichen still found something amiss.

A host stood on stage. Behind him, a red screen was slowly being drawn up.

"Next, we will be presenting our third piece of work! The name is "Pearl of the Sea"! The starting bid is 500,000 USD!"

As the red curtain rose, a rectangular iron cage was gradually revealed.

The curtain rose very slowly.

The music came to a sudden stop at the same time, so it was easier to hear the strange sounds coming from behind the red screen.

It was the sound of a person struggling, the sound of metal clashing.

Mu Yichen widened his eyes in horror. It was not because of how bizarre this auction set up seemed, but because in the cage, there was a woman and her hands and feet were bound.

Not only were the woman’s limbs bound, her face was also obscured by a mask, and her mouth was taped shut by black tape!

She had clearly regained consciousness and realized that she was tightly tied up. She was both afraid and uneasy as she struggled intensely!

Although there was a mask hiding the top half of her face and she could not speak, her exquisite nose and lips could be seen, and it was quite obvious how stunning she looked.

Her golden hair and fair skin gave hint to her European descent.

"I’m sure everyone can see how exquisite this piece of work is! The starting bid is 500,000 USD, and the work goes to the highest bidder!"

When the woman heard what the host said, she started trembling nervously.

Everyone held their breath and turned their attention to the stage in amazement. Whispers could be heard from among the crowd.

"She’s a stunner!"

"500,000, the starting price is not high!"

"I’ll take her!"

Someone immediately raised the bidder card. "One million USD!"

The host said, "Alright, gentleman number 10, one million USD going once!"

Immediately, another lady raised her bidder card. "2 million!"

The host was starting to flush with excitement. "Lady number 24, two million USD going once!"

"5 million!"

Everyone below stage gasped!

The sudden increase was too great and everyone became nervous.

Mu Yichen did not know the identities of the people gathered here, but they were all either extremely wealthy or noble.

The host shouted, "Gentleman number 10, 5 million going once!"

"5 million going twice!"

"Is there no one else?"

The host shook his head. "What a pity! This is a top-grade stunner."

He walked to the cage, unlocked it, and slowly removed the mask from the woman’s face.

Her exquisite features were revealed to everyone!

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