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Chapter: 3343

Chapter 3343: Sudden Changes (84)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Her exquisite features were revealed to everyone!

The woman seemed even more frightened and helpless now. Her eyes were wide open, and even her long eyelashes quivered with fear. She shook her head desperately as if she was praying. She looked pitiful, with tears falling from the corners of her eyes!

"10 million USD!"

Someone immediately raised the bidder card and continued the bidding process!

However, the host was no longer in a hurry to respond. Instead, he started to look mysterious as he said, "I wonder if everyone has heard a Nightingale sing?"

As he spoke, he removed the black tape that had sealed the woman’s mouth. The moment he did this, the woman could be heard pleading, "Please… no…"


The people were dazzled.

"Her voice is sweet like a nightingale’s!"

"Hehe! I like her sweet voice!"

"20 million USD!"

The auction was in full swing.

Mu Yichen found it unbelievable.

What was going on!?

Auctioning a living person?!

It was simply lawless!

Looking at the exquisitely dressed woman, he suddenly realized why his mommy was dressed in a gorgeous gown!

Could it be…

He finally understood—Mommy is also an "auction item"?

Youyou had previously mentioned that Dietris was the leader of a dark website. He had a huge network under him that was specially used for international transactions.

However, these international transactions did not involve ordinary items, but living people!

He suddenly felt a gripping fear.

He could not think what would have happened to his mommy if he and Youyou had been late.p

Would she have been auctioned off like this woman?!

In the end, the woman was bought by a man in his fifties at a high price of 50 million USD.

She was then packaged and sent off somewhere.

The emcee returned to the stage and the red curtain fell. He raised his glass and finished it in one gulp. Then, he said, "Next up, it’s the finale piece tonight, ‘Yun Shan Shi Yi’! Keep your eyes peeled, everyone!"

Yun Shan Shi Yi…

Little Yichen’s heart skipped a beat. Just from the name alone, he could tell that this so-called finale piece must be his mommy!

The host whispered to a woman next to him. The woman nodded and left through a secret doorway.

Seeing this, Mu Yichen immediately knew that this woman was probably heading to the dungeon.

However, Yun Shishi was no longer around!

He didn’t know which way that woman had gone. There were many secret passageways on the cruise ship and there was no way he could know her whereabouts.

No, he had to save Youyou as soon as possible. Otherwise, if he stalled for more time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Who’s there!?"

A man shouted from nearby.

Mu Yichen turned around and looked at the man with a smile. "Passing by, passing by."

"Passing by?!"

Little Yichen spoke in Mandarin, so the man did not understand him for a moment. However, when the boy jumped down from the box by the window and was exposed to the moonlight, the men saw that he was covered in blood and had a sinister smile.


Before the men could react, Little Yichen had drawn his dagger out from around his waist. A cold light flashed past…

A few seconds later, several bodies fell to the ground. Before they could close their eyes, they took their last breaths.

Little Yichen wiped the blood off the tip of his dagger and tucked it away in his belt, then quickly left.

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