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Chapter: 3019

Chapter 303 Gagmi

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SO, the fastest update of a sword alone!

Ye Xuan was so shocked because he incorporated his own sword intention into this mysterious space -time, and he found that in this mysterious space -time, there was even a sword of swords on the world!

what happened? Ye Xuan's heart was shocked!

After a moment of silence, Ye Xuan showed his own swords on earth again, and when these swords on earth poured into the surrounding time and space, there were countless swords rushing out of time and space!

It's a sword on earth!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan's expression gradually became dignified!

What time is this? At this time, Xiaobi suddenly said: "This may be the legendary mirror time and space 1 Ye Xuan frowned slightly." Mirror time and space? "

Xiao Bi said; "Yes 1 Ye Xuanshen said:" Explanation and explanation 1 Xiaobi Shen said: "When I follow the host, I heard him say this time and space. This is a legendary special time and space. This kind of space -time can be copied by mirroring 1 Ye Xuan's eyes. "That is, I can change two pieces of Lingyuan in, can I change two pieces? "

Xiao Bi said: "Why don't you try 1 Ye Xuan's palm spread out, a piece of Lingyuan integrates into the surrounding time and space without any movement!

Ye Xuan frowned, he felt it again, soon, he froze!

Oh shit!

That Lingyuan was directly swallowed!

Ye Xuan's face is dark!

Xiao Bi said: "This mirror time and space should also need energy!

Moreover, even if you can copy the mirror, there should be a certain request 1 Ye Xuan Qing said: "This is the time and space left by Qing'er to me. She must have a deep meaning 1:" At this time You picked it out 1 Ye Xuan nodded slightly, and he felt the mirror time and space in the field again. After a while, he felt a mysterious atmosphere.

Ye Xuan suddenly laughed; "Come out?"

That mysterious atmosphere has no response!

Ye Xuan thought about it, and then said, "If you don't come out, I will sue Qing'er, saying that you want to rebel 1 small tower:". ".

Xiao Bi: ".

At this time, the surrounding time and space suddenly trembled slightly. The next moment, a white light suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xuan, the white light gradually dispersed, and a large palm of the palm appeared in front of Ye Xuan. She looked at Ye Xuan and looked very angry!

Ye Xuanxiao said: "How to call it?"

The elf snorted, "Don't tell you 1 Ye Xuanping said," I will sue the way later. I have never thought of rebellion, you.

You bully me 1, she shed tears!

Ye Xuan is speechless.

Why can't this little guy be so funny? Ye Xuan smiled slightly, "Don't cry!

I joking with you, I won't blink the elf who will sue you, "Really?"

Ye Xuan nodded, "Really 1 small elves grin suddenly," Hao Ye 1 Ye Xuan shook his head and smiled, "What is your name?"

The elf laughed: "My name is Xiaoxiao 1 mirror!

Ye Xuan smiled: "Did you take it for you?"

The elf shook his head, "It was a younger skirt sister who took me!

Ye Xuan was a little surprised, "The name she gave you?"

The little elves nodded, "She said that I was very young, so I took me a little 1 Ye Xuan, and then laughed!

This green name is compared with yourself!

The elf looked at Ye Xuan, "Isn't it good?"

Ye Xuan hurriedly said: "Nice, especially nice to hear, the elf suddenly laughed," I know that it sounds good 1 Ye Xuan: "Little, can I ask you something?"

The elf nodded, "Yes!

Sister vegetarian skirt asked me to follow you, saying that I could help you with a smile: "I listen to the small pen and say, you are mirror time and space, you can copy anything, is it?"

The elf shook his head, "You can't frown by Ye Xuan's eyebrows.

The elf looked at Ye Xuan, "Do you still have to ask?"

Ye Xuanshen said: "Why not?"

The Elf said: "Because of law 1 law!

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed, "What law?"

The elf said: "The law of the universe, I am time and space, belongs to the jurisdiction of the universe. Therefore, I have to follow the law of the universe 1 Ye Xuan," Is the law of the universe set? "

The elf shook his head, "No, the master of the avenue is the law of the avenue, that is, the order of the avenue, and the law of the universe is the law of the universe. The difference between the two is different from Ye Xuan," Who is more powerful? "

The elf thought for a while, and then said, "Strictly speaking, the law of the universe is powerful, but as far as I know, the order of the universe cannot suppress the avenue order. Therefore, in us, the avenue order and the laws of the universe are coexisting. Who who is coexist? Anyone who didn't want to say, she paused and continued: "This universe, the strongest is the sister of the vegetarian skirt. She almost gave the law of the universe and the law of Ye Xuan stunned, and then said," Almost abolished the law of the universe? "

The elf nodded, "Yes!

The Spirit of this universe was going to restart the universe at first. It was restarted the universe before those foreign guys woke up, but I was stopped by the sister of a vegetarian skirt. I told you that the spirit of the universe was so arrogant before After a meal, it became very honest now. Ye Xuanqing said: "Qinger also hit the Spirit of the Universe 1 Little Elf and laughed:" Yes, I was present at the time!

The spirit of that universe was the old cow at the time!

I also said that the three swords of the vegetarian skirt.

1 Ye Xuan's expression suddenly became weird!

The elf laughed: "Do you want to restart the star with me?"

Ye Xuan frowned slightly, "restarting the star?"

The elf nodded, "Yes!

Not far from here!

That place is where the spirit of that universe. Before each restarting the universe, it will collect a lot of good things in the universe, and then stay in that place to protect it. I tell you that there are many babies in that place. This universe has been restarted many times. After each large reincarnation, there will be many more good things in that place.

Said, she paused, and then said, "I take you, we do five or five points, what do you think?"

Ye Xuan hesitated, and then said, "Is the spirit of that universe be killed?"

The elf shook his head, "It was not killed, but was beaten!

Then, it promised at the time that as long as you were still in this universe, it would not restart the universe 1 Ye Xuan, and then said: "If we go like this, will it hit us?"

"It dares to open the elf with a round eyes." Give it a hundred courage, and it dare not hit me.

We are puzzled by Ye Xuan, "Why?"

The elf said seriously: "You add me, and then add the sister of the vegetarian skirt. The three of us joined forces.

Then, then, then

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