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Chapter: 3024

Chapter 308 I am very mixed

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Civilization destruction!

This is not a small civilization, but the destruction of the entire cosmic civilization!

And it is the spirit of the universe!

At this moment, Ye Xuan thought of the king of sin!

There is also the spirit of the universe in the real world, and it is extremely powerful!

This allows the strong world to plunder the universe to survive.

In the final analysis, whether it is the spirit of the universe or this sentient beings, it will only be one thing for a lifetime: survival!

All sentient beings want to survive, and the spirit of the universe will also survive!

At this moment, he suddenly understood why the owner of the avenue no longer blended!

Save the sheep, the wolf wants to starve to death!

Is this really fair? Ye Xuan's eyes suddenly became a little confused!

At this time, Qin Guan suddenly whispered: "Xiao Xuanzi 1 Ye Xuan returned to God, looked at Qin Guan, Qin Guan smiled slightly," It's all for survival, then there is no right or wrong, but only stronger than weakness. Strong, who survives, this may be one of the laws of the universe 1 "On the side of 1, the elf suddenly said:" This sister said very, right, brother Ye, but you can't be kind, I can tell you to tell you you If you are weak, the spirit of the universe is ruthless, you can't imagine it!

It's really too ruthless. Ye Xuan laughed at himself!


Oh shit!

Now that I am the weak!

Benefit? This is not what the weak!

I am really a little stunned!

What should I do now? It is to enhance your strength, and then let yourself live with the people behind him!

When the gods come, kill the gods, the spirit of the universe, then kill the spirit of the universe!

Survey is serious!

As Qin Guan said, everything has developed to the present, no one is right and who!

It can only be said that the strong survive!

It's that simple!

At this point, Ye Xuan's thoughts were suddenly accessible, and his whole body was loose.

Seeing this scene, Qin Guan smiled slightly, "I have recorded everything here with clouds just now. At that time, I will pass everything that happened here back to the small view of the small view, so that the people in the small viewing mainland will Knowing everything here 1 Ye Xuan nodded, "There is this necessary 1 Qin Guan laughed:" It is very necessary. 1 Ye Xuan laughed: "You can do it. 1 Qin's point of view!

The three continued to walk towards the ancient city in the distance!

Soon, the three entered the city. As soon as they entered the city, Ye Xuan frowned, and a pungent bloody air came!

Of course he is not afraid, but Qin Guan and Xiaolian seem to be a bit uncomfortable!

So, Ye Xuanfu waved his sleeve, and a sword meaning directly shrouded Qin Guan and the elf!

The elf suddenly said: "This place is called funeral city. In that year, all the strong men of the mainland gathered here to fight the Spirit of the universe. After that war, all the strong men died, so here, here is being being killed, so here is the here. It was called a funeral city. That battle, the miserable Qin Guan suddenly asked, "Little guy, are you watching that battle? "

Little elves nod!

Seeing this, Ye Xuan stunned, "Have you lived so long?"

The elf grinned, "Yes, Qin Guan is puzzled," Why doesn't the Spirit of the Universe kill you? "

The elf laughed: "I didn't have any threat to it at the time, and I did not fight with others, so it did not kill me, not only me, but also some special time and space. Time and space, strictly speaking, it is the same type as it, so in the absence of conflicts of interest, it will not laugh at our 1 Ye Xuan: "But you don't seem to like it 1 small elves nod,"1     "1     "Killing a quack 1 "Hee Hee 1 Little Elves laughed like a flower, the little hand cut around," Gaggia!

You are responsible for the random killing, I am responsible for gag 1 Ye Xuan and laughed, this little guy is too interesting!

The elf suddenly pointed at the distance, "Come, there is something 1 here, she flew towards the distance!

Ye Xuan and Qin Guan smiled at each other, and then followed.

Under the leadership of the elf, soon, Ye Xuan and Qin Guan came to a hall. Although the hall has experienced tens of billions of years, it is still immortal and not rotten, and it is very clean!

Ye Xuan frowned slightly, and someone lived? But he didn't feel any breath!

At this time, the elf suddenly said: "Blood Spirit, come out to play with a sound of 1, a slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap -slap suddenly appeared in front of the elf not far away.

Ye Xuan looked at the blood cell, a little curious, "Little, this is this?"

The elf laughed: "It is called blood spirit. At that time, the blood flowing into a river that year. After a long time, a spirit body was born here, that is, after countless years, it has a spiritual wisdom. The blood spirit is obviously alert to Qin Guan, it is a bit far away!

The elf laughed: "Don't be afraid, both of them are good people 1 blood spirit," Little, how have you been out for so long? "

The elf laughed; "It's fun outside!

Do you want to go out with us? "

The blood spirit shook his head, "Danger outside the elf shook his head," Okay!

How fun is you here? "

The blood spirit hesitated, and then looked at Ye Xuan and Qin Guan, "Is there a lot of creatures outside?"

The elf nodded, "Very much!

The fun 1 blood spirit shook his head, "There is that guy outside!

If you go out, you have to be beaten with a big elf. "Don't be afraid, you follow me, I cover you!

I tell you, I am now a very good 1 Ye Xuan: ".

Qin Guanle can't help but this little girl is so fun!

The blood blinked, and then said, "Really?"

The small elves nodded, "You know me, in general, you won't think about the blood spirit of bragging, and then said," Then let's go out with you 1. " In the sake, she suddenly floated to Ye Xuan, and then whispered: "It is called blood spirit, and the blood of hundreds of millions of strong people condenses. The fight is very powerful, because here, its only opponent is the Spirit of the Universe, and it must not hit the Spirit of the Universe, so it feels that it is very weak. It's!

This little guy is looking for a helper for himself!

Thinking of this, he immediately looked at the blood spirit and laughed: "You follow us!

You rest assured, I am very powerful and the little. After going out, we killed 1 blood spirit and suddenly became excited. "Good!

Brother, I am silent with you now. Ye Xuan is silent.

Your true society!

Then, then, then

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