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Chapter: 3025

Chapter 309 Once Daomen

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SO, the fastest update of a sword alone!

It can be seen that this blood spirit also wants to leave this place!

After all, here, lonely.

Ye Xuan suddenly spread out, "Come over, I am still curious about this blood spirit!

The spirit condensed by hundreds of millions of people's blood must be unusual!

The blood spirit shook his head, "No, Danger 1 Ye Xuan said with a smile:" The blood spirit hesitated, and then turned directly into a blood light without entering Ye Xuanmei!


For a moment, Ye Xuan's pupils turned directly to blood, not only that, a horrible red mang suddenly rose from Ye Xuan's body, and instantly, the entire sky became a sea of ​​blood!

Qin Guan's face changed suddenly!

Ye Xuan's eyes are like a sea of ​​blood, and the whole person exudes terrible suffocation and killing intentions!

At this time, the mad blood in Ye Xuan's body suddenly boiled!


Gradually, Ye Xuan's eyes began to return to Qingming slowly. After a moment, Ye Xuan's expression returned to normal!

Qin Guan said quickly; "Is okay?"

Ye Xuan shook his head, "It's okay 1 to say, his expression gradually became dignified!

This blood spirit is really scary!

At that moment, his crazy bloodline almost couldn't suppress it!

In the blood spirit, there are endless murderous intentions and suffocation. In addition, there are resentment. These resentment is left by the countless strong men. These grievances swallow up!

Fortunately, he has the blood of the madness, and his strength is strong enough. Otherwise, he can't suppress these resentment!

It seemed to think of something, Ye Xuan's face had a smile on his face. This blood spirit was helpful for him!

Because it can strengthen his blood!

In this stuff, suffering from suffering, murderousness, and murderous intentions. He did not need to kill people to get these. With these, his blood power can be improved infinitely!

At this time, Qin Guan suddenly pointed at the hall. "You see 1 hearing the words, Ye Xuan retracted his thoughts, looked at the temple, and was in a remote place in the temple, where a woman was kneeling. There is no breath, only an immortal body!

Ye Xuan and Qin Guan looked at each other, and then walked into the hall. The two came to the woman and not far from the woman. There was a portrait there. When she saw this portrait, Ye Xuan stunned!

Avenue master!

Ye Xuan was shocked, "The owner of this avenue existed tens of billions of years ago?"

Qin Guan is also a little shocking!

At this time, the elf said: "He has always looked at the elf at Ye Xuan, and the elf calmly said:" Before the last civilization was destroyed, his Taoism was there, that is, the door, and there were many people at the time, many people still had many people. Ask for him to save Cangsheng, but he didn't shot 1 Ye Xuan, "Why not shot?"

The elf shook his head, "I don't know how to be silent.

Door door!

The master of this avenue is a mix of this reincarnation civilization!

Can mix more than the boundless Lord!

Seems to think of something, Ye Xuan suddenly asked, "Is there a door in this place?"

The elf nodded quickly, "One Ye Xuan laughed:" Take us to see 1 small elves nod, "Okay 1 and at this time, Qin Guan suddenly said:" Wait for Ye Xuan to look at Qin Guan, Qin Guan goes In front of the woman, there is a ring in front of the woman!

Above the ring, there is energy fluctuation!

Qin Guan whispered: "It was protecting this Najie 1, she spread out her palm, and the natal ring flew slowly to Qin Guan's hands, and at this moment, the change was protruding, and I saw the natal ring. There was a sudden black light flying in it, and the speed was extremely fast, and there was no eyebrow between Qin Guan in the blink of an eye!

Ye Xuan's face changed instantly, and he was about to step forward. At this time, Qin Guan suddenly raised his right hand.

At this time, a horrible soul atmosphere suddenly broke out in Qin Guan's body. For a moment, a soul was directly shocked, and Ye Xuan immediately pointed out. Qing Xuanjian nailed the soul on the distant pillar!

That soul is the woman who was kneeling in front of the two!

The woman stared at Qin Guan in horror, "You.

Why can't I win you 1 Qin Guan laughed and said, "My soul and blood are relatively special. You can't catch my 1 woman staring at Qin Guan. His face is hard to see the extreme.

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly moved, and Qing Xuan Sword suddenly began to devour the women's soul crazy!

The woman was not frightened, but her eyes closed slowly, as if she was fate!

Qin watched the woman, and then said, "Let's go 1 Ye Xuan nodded, and the two walked outside!

The moment when he walked out of the hall, Qing Xuanjian flew out suddenly!


A sword sounding suddenly broke out from the Qing Xuanjian, and then, a powerful and unparalleled sword trend rose into the sky, and went straight into the sky!


The whole world is shrouded in this sword!

Ye Xuanqing said: "Breakthrough, Qin Guan laughed:" Yes, at this time, Qing Xuanjian suddenly flew to Ye Xuan, and the little soul excitedly: "Little master, I break through ha!

Finally broke the 1 Ye Xuan and suddenly reached out and held Qing Xuanjian!


Ye Xuan directly felt an endless sword and sword, and he suddenly waved his sword.


For a moment, the whole world became illusory at this moment.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed, and this Qing Xuanjian improved more than a little bit!

Compared with before, its power has increased at least times more than a few times!

Now if he goes out to fight with the giant, he can easily shatter the giant!

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan couldn't help shaking his head and smiled.

After recovering his thoughts, Ye Xuan looked at the elf, "We go to Daimen Bar 1 small elves nodded," Okay 1 to say, she floats towards the distance!

Ye Xuan and Qin Guan followed. After a while, the elf took Ye Xuan and Qin Guan to a Taoist view. The Taoist view was not very big. At a glance, he was desolate!

Above the gate of the mountain, the word "Daomen" can still be seen, but as the erosion of the years has become extremely vague.

Ye Xuandao: "I suddenly thought of one thing, that is, after each reincarnation, civilization will be erased, and who will lead the new civilization?"

The Elf said: "The owner of the avenue was silent.

He has guess!

The Elf said: "Whenever a civilization is destroyed, after a long time, this universe will have a new life. At that time, the master of the avenue will come out to create a new civilization 1 Ye Xuan and Qin Guan. At a glance, Qin Guan was a little puzzled, "Why doesn't he stop the Spirit of the Universe directly? Could it be.

Speaking, she narrowed her eyes slightly, "Is it because he couldn't stop the Spirit of the Universe 1 Ye Xuan nodded," There may be this might be this possible Qin Guan suddenly turned to look at Ye Xuan, "You said, will he wait for you? Fighting the Spirit of the Universe? "

After hearing the words, Ye Xuan's face was dark instantly, "Mom 1. Mom 1.

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