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Chapter: 3027

Chapter 30 11 Good or bad

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Go on myself!

Ye Xuan glanced at the elf. This little guy couldn't be located.

In the distance, the monster's body was extremely large, like a mountain, with thousands of feet high, the body was like a dragon, with nine heads, and the upper body was in the clouds. The fierce trembling, extremely appalling.

Ye Xuan was a little curious, "Little guy, what is this monster?"

Little Elf: "Nine Gods Beasts!

It has nine heads, and each skull represents a life, that is, nine lives. It is the sitting of the Spirit of the Universe.

Ye Xuan frowned, "What is it called?"

The elf said: "It may be crazy, Ye Xuan's expression, I wish the elf smile," It will say such a while in a while: "It seems that it does not find us again, why do you want to hit it? "

The elf pointed to the distance, "The place we are going, behind it, there is also the place where the treasures of the universe are the treasures of the universe!

Hearing the words, Qin Guan's eyes on the side suddenly lit up.

The elf continued: "If we are going in, we must defeat this guy 1. She looked at Ye Xuan," Ye Brother, you can only think of 1 Ye Xuan, and then ask, "The Spirit of the Universe is now How about it? "

The elf said: "After being beaten, it hid it into its own universe world, and never appeared again!

I think it should be beaten and suspected of life. Ye Xuan shook his head and smiled!

The elf continued: "Brother Ye, don't have any psychological burden. The treasure of the Spirit of the Universe is also grabbed by others. Moreover, it is basically just collected, and those things are not useful for it.

Ye Xuan looked at the monster in the distance, and said, "I am not interested at all. I mainly want to discuss with this monster. He walked towards the monster!

The elf looked at Ye Xuan, and she blinked. "I believe you a ghost. 1 Ye Xuan walked towards the monster beast. From the shape of the body, he was undoubtedly like ants in front of this monster.

But Ye Xuan's eyes did not have a little fear!

Qing Xuanjian has just broken through, just to practice this monster!

At this moment, the monster found Ye Xuan's existence, and it turned his head to look at Ye Xuan's position. When he saw Ye Xuan, it suddenly flashed with a sorrow in his eyes. Ye Xuan suddenly roared below!


A terrible sound wave attack swept down from the sky and crushed it towards Ye Xuan!

Below, Ye Xuan palm spreads out, Qing Xuanjian appeared in his hands. The next moment, he suddenly turned into a sword qi Changhong!

"Cut 1 As Ye Xuan's voice fell, the sword gas Changhong directly chopped the sound wave attack, the sword gas long drove in, and directly cut it on the monster.


Suddenly, a sword light broke out from the monster, and the monsters retreated again and again, but Ye Xuan's eyebrows frowned because he found that the monster swallowed his sword qi!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan's eyes suddenly showed a doubt!

At this time, the sound of the elf suddenly sounded from Ye Xuan's ears. "He has a special place that can devour energy. Therefore, it will fight with others. Beast, a little surprised.

Devouring energy!

This is a little tricky!

At this time, the monster roared suddenly, and the head he headed looked at Ye Xuan. The next moment, it opened his mouth and sprayed it, and a flame sprayed directly from his mouth!


Where the flames pass, the space is directly burned into ashes!

Ye Xuan looked calm, and he raised his hand and waved out.


A piece of sword light went away, and the flame was instantly divided into two. Then, the sword light was cut directly on the head of the monster!

But being absorbed again!

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly spread out his left hand, and the next moment, a red mang rose from his body!

Power of blood!

After activating the blood, Ye Xuan cut out again!

A long bloody sword qi instantly cut it on that monster!


The monsters retired again and again, and at this moment, it could not swallow Ye Xuan's sword qi again. Not only that, the sword qi directly tore a long mouth on it, and the blood was surging. Intersection

Seeing this scene, the monster was suddenly stunned!

I was injured? How long have I been hurt? The monster was furious, he yelled, and then waved his right hand directly towards Ye Xuan!


This punch bombarded, the whole world cracks directly!

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed slightly. In the face of this horrible punch, he did not dodge, but took a step forward and stepped out. The Qing Xuanjian in his hand suddenly turned into a sword light and flew out!

"Chopping Ye Xuan's voice sounded like a thunderous sound!


This sword was cut off, and the monster's right arm was torn out. Then, the Qing Xuan Sword directly penetrated the monster's skull.


Qing Xuanjian nailed the monster in place!

A sword town soul!

The soul of the monster and the monster was directly town in Qingxuan Jianjian, and it could not move at all!

At this moment, the monster's eyes were suddenly revealed!

Below, the elf looked at Ye Xuan, and his eyes were full of incredible eyes. "Ye brother is so fierce!

I thought he was a strong second generation!

It turned out that he was so fierce that Qin Guan shook his head and smiled. She looked at Ye Xuan and had to say that she was also a little shocked!

Ye Xuan now is really stronger than once!

She didn't expect Ye Xuan to defeat the monster so easily!

In the sky, Ye Xuan looked at the monster and laughed: "You lost 1 monster and stared at Ye Xuan," Who are you 1 Ye Xuan thought about it, and then said, " After hearing 1 Ye Xuan smiled, "Have you heard it now?"

The monster looked at Ye Xuan and didn't speak.

Ye Xuan's palms spread out, Qing Xuanjian flew back to him. He looked at the monster, "Do you want to leave here?"

This monster is indeed fierce. If it is not the power of Qing Xuanjian and blood, why not it!

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the monster frowned, "Leaving here?"

Ye Xuan nodded, "Yes, the 1 monster shakes his head," Do you know who I am sitting? "

Ye Xuan laughed: "The Spirit of the Universe 1 monster watching Ye Xuan," While it hasn't awakened now, you'd better leave here now, otherwise, once it wakes up, it will be difficult to see 1 Ye Xuanqing said: "I may not be able to beat it, but I will definitely not die 1 monster frowned." Are you bragging? "

Ye Xuan laughed, "No, in this world, there must be a lot of me that I can't beat it, but I should not die. Of course, this is not a proud thing. Talking about it, there is no bragging meaning 1 monster shakes his head, "You are strong, but if the spirit of the universe wants to kill you, you will definitely stop it."

Ye Xuan laughed: "You don't go with me, and it doesn't matter. 1 said. He appeared beside Qin Guan. He laughed:" Let's go in 1 Qin's point of view.

Ye Xuan's three walked towards an ancient city behind the monster's body. Qin Guan suddenly said: "You can still flicker again. I think it is excited. Ye Xuan blinked. A smile, "Understand the elf to look at Qin Guan, look at Ye Xuan again, and then whispered;" You look good or bad 1.

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