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Chapter: 3028

Chapter 301 Sugar Hulk

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SO, the fastest update of a sword alone!

The monster watched Ye Xuan's three walking towards the ancient city, it did not stop!

And it has always stared at Ye Xuan!

go out? Of course, it wants to go out. In this ghost place, it is trapped for many years, and it is almost forgot who it is!

It's too long!

Here, there is no freedom at all. If there is a chance, it also wants to go out!

But he was still afraid that although the Spirit of the Universe had not been out of the universe, it was still afraid!

It's really strong!

In the distance, the three Ye Xuan had come to the gate of the city, and in front of the city gate, there were two statues standing, and the two statues were as high as a few feet, both holding a spear with a hand and a shield on the left!

The elf is about to move forward, Ye Xuan suddenly pulled her!

The elf was a little puzzled. Ye Xuan looked at the two statues. "There was no hesitation after one after one, and the elf retreated behind Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan looked at the two statues, and his palm suddenly spread out. Qing Xuanjian appeared in his hands. At this time, one of the statues suddenly opened his eyes. The next moment, he rushed forward, and a spear pierced to Ye Ye to Ye Ye. mysterious!

Ye Xuan's expression was calm, and a sword pierced out!


This sword stabbed directly on the spear, and the spear was torn apart instantly, but at this moment, the statue suddenly roared, and countless gunfire rushed out of its body!

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed slightly, with a sword with a sword, and a sword shocked!


For a moment, the countless gunfire was cut directly by Ye Xuan's sword. At the same time, the powerful power shook the statue into the city!

At this time, the other statue also opened his eyes. He glanced at the statue behind him. When the statue stopped, his body split directly and scattered!


The living statue retracted his eyes. He glanced at Ye Xuan, and then immediately made a gesture.

The elf blinked, "I thought you were going to hit a statue without talking, and still kept the posture.

Ye Xuan glanced at the statue, then put away Qing Xuanjian, and walked towards the city with Qin Guan and the elf!

After Ye Xuan three entered the city, the statue's eyes suddenly closed and kept guarding.

Then, then, then

After entering Luzhou, Ye Xuan glanced at four weeks, surrounded by silence, and there were only six tower in the city. Each tall tower was tens of thousands of feet and went straight to the sky.

Ye Xuan looked at the elf, and the elf pointed to one of the high towers. "This high tower is all that kind of book, very many, and the 1 Ye Xuan and Qin Guan of the Spirit of the Universe glanced at each other. The two walked towards the tower!

They are most concerned about this kind of ancient books that may record various civilizations!

Now I want to know those civilizations in the past, only through this ancient book!

The two came to the tower and were about to enter. At this time, Ye Xuan stopped the elf and Qin Guan again. He looked at the gate, and there were some mysterious runes on the door!

Seeing this scene, the elf's face changed suddenly, "It is the symbol of the universe, and the guy stays!

I know that we must not be so easy to get its baby 1 Ye Xuan to the door, and at this time, the runes suddenly glowed with a red light, and then a terrible breath permeated around!

Ye Xuan's expression was calm, he spread out his palm, and Qing Xuanjian appeared in his hands.


For a moment, the rune is directly turned into ashes!

Seeing this scene, the elf's eyes suddenly opened up, "Is this broken?"

Ye Xuan blinked, "Is it amazing?"

The elf nodded!

Ye Xuan laughed, "Let's go and talk about it, he walked into the tower, and when he entered the tower, Ye Xuan and Qin Guan saw the dense ancient books, and this tower was at least tens of thousands of layers. , Each layer is ancient books!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan and Qin Guan's look suddenly moved!

Too much!

Qin Guan walked aside, she picked up one of the ancient books, and she frowned, because she couldn't understand the text above!

At this time, the little elves on the side hurriedly said; "I understand, I understand the text of many times 1 Qin Guan smiled. She walked in front of the elf and pointed at the elf's eyebrows. Soon, countless text information surged. Entering Qin eyebrows.

After a while, Qin Guan retracted his right hand, but the elf became a little pale!

Qin Guan gently rubbed the little head of the elven, "I'm sorry!

I did not expect that you were so weaker and the elf suddenly turned his eyes.

Qin Guan smiled slightly. She took out a sugar gourd and handed it to the elf. The elf was a little curious, "Is this?"

Qin Guan said seriously: "Sugar gourd, the most precious thing in our Milky Way, you tasted, very delicious 1 hearing, Ye Xuan was speechless!

The most precious thing!

This little view has also begun to deteriorate!

The elf took over the sugar gourd, and she licked it, and her eyes suddenly brightened. "Wow 1 said, she licked again.

Qin Guan said seriously: "Is it delicious?"

The elf nodded, "This is good, this is really good, thank you Sister Qin 1 Qin Guan laughed:" You are polite 1, she took out another one to the elf, "Reward you again 1 little small little The elves quickly picked up, and then said, "Sister Qin, you are so good that you shook his head immediately, and he couldn't stand it!

Qin looked at the elf in front of her, her eyes were full of love. She gently rubbed the small head of the elf, and then looked at Ye Xuan. "Let's look at 1 and say, she walked to Ye Xuan, and then Guide between Ye Xuanmei.


For a moment, countless text information was integrated into Ye Xuanmei!

After a moment, Qin Guan retracted her right hand. She handed the ancient books in her hand to Ye Xuan. After Ye Xuan glanced, she looked dignified. "Is this?"

Qin Guan Shen said: "A technique from the previous era, although the foundation, is the one that is very different from some of our cultivation methods in this era." The practice of cultivation is better, or the practice of our practice in this era is better. 1 Qin Guan sat down. She read it carefully. After a while, she closed the ancient books and then said, "Their practice of their cultivation Intersection

However, we are not bad. Of course, if you have to compare, they are better 1 Ye Xuan's silence!

What does the Spirit of the Universe do? He didn't understand a bit!

At this time, Qin Guan whispered; "I have to read all the ancient books here, and then integrate the ancient and modern times, and create a more powerful practice method. More developed!

Of course, this requires a process. Otherwise, even if these flow to our Xuan universe, the people in us can not understand, and these cultivation methods are created based on the physique of people in that era. Some are not suitable for us this time. People of the times!

Forcibly cultivating, I am afraid that I will go into the magic 1 Ye Xuan and nodded slightly, just to speak. At this moment, a footsteps suddenly sounded on the tower!

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed suddenly.

Then, then, then

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