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Chapter: 158

How many people in this world can make their ideal future come true?

At least, for me, I don’t remember having an ideal life.

Or perhaps I should say that I have never even had a clear idea of what my life would be like in the future.I have just taken the easier path in the situation at hand, and have lived my life with a carefree attitude till now.

I guess since I avoided trouble, I started to believe that the choice I made was the best choice.

The result …is this what’s happening right now.

Unable to understand the emotions that make us like other people, unable to relate deeply to those around us.From a place where a line was drawn between us, I remained still.

In the same place, yet not in the same place.It’s still the same.

In the living room of the Shinra family, Shizuku and Kirasaka were in attendance, alongside me, Kaede, and my parents, discussing the further prospects of the matter.

While everyone was expressing their opinions and was busy discussing, I was watching the scene as if I were a stranger to the situation.

Even though the topic of discussion was centered on me.I know more than anyone else that I am a hopeless person.

However, for some reason, there was a very calm part of me that looked at the situation objectively and proposed rather bland alternatives occasionally so as not to create a stormy situation.I understand that interjecting my opinion in the current situation would cause unnecessary disruptions, so I decided not to say anything unnecessary.

I understand my father’s opinion.

I know that he wants to find a suitable partner for his son, whose future is helplessly unclear, so that he can lead a better life as much as possible.

I also understand mom’s opinion.

She wants her son to be able to choose his future of his own free will, not through an arranged marriage that disregards his feelings.

And I also understand Shizuku and Kirasaka’s thoughts.

From the perspective of two people who have spent a lot of time outside of the family with the individual, Shinra Minato, they know that I would not agree to this discussion since they had prior knowledge about my personality and thoughts, as well as my feelings.

No matter whose choice they take as their final, even I, as a quintessential person, know that they are taking me into consideration in no small manner.

That’s why I was made to wonder.What kind of life was the one I wanted?

Was it a normal life where everyone is happy and smiling?Although there is a lot of noise and problems that come up now, was it a life where I don’t have much time on my hands like now?

"That’s why, Oji-sama! Isn’t it not too late to put the arranged marriage matter on hold and wait until Minato-kun’s schooling and other matters are done?"

Shizuku suggested to my father after finishing a series of explanations.My father looked a little reluctant at that.

Although they were outsiders, Dad had watched Shizuku grow up since she was a baby and had a certain sense of parental love for her.

There was no way that dad would not feel something when someone like his daughter gave him a totally negative opinion.

And then there was Mom, and the appearance of an irregular character named Kirasaka Ren.

The story was at a standstill because of the unexpected turn of events.With just one trigger, the story could have turned either way, and not only me but also Kaede just stared at the scene.

Maybe Kaede is the same as me.The difference between the life we originally wanted and the current situation.

I feel this, but I am just watching the current situation such that I have no control over it.

In order to solve the problem before it gets any bigger, I have to make a move of my own volition.

I will probably make a mistake here.

But, even so, I am willing to make a mistake.

With the current situation where there are people who do not want that, this action is probably wrong.

"…Dad, when is the date and time of the meeting?"

I asked in the room where the conversation had stalled and silence prevailed.

Dad answered immediately.

"The appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. at an inn near Kaede’s school."

Indeed, Kaede’s school used to be a hot spring resort and there used to be a lot of people around here.It might be one of them.

As all eyes were on me, I gathered my thoughts.

After all, there was only so much I could do.

"I’ll …go."

I said clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear.

My dad exhaled in relief, and my mom just looked at me sadly.

Shizuku bit her lip hard, as if she wasn’t convinced, and Kirasaka remained quiet with her eyes closed.

I gave a slight chuckle to Shizuku, who leaned forward to retort at my answer.

"I’m sorry …dad, but I’m not going to accept an arranged marriage with someone I don’t know …It’s just best to meet them once so they don’t feel troubled."

I tell him that, as if to say it to myself.

If I really want to say the best thing that everyone could agree on, then I should refuse the arranged meeting and come up with a reason that will be acceptable to the other party.

Make an excuse that won’t cause problems in the relationship between my dad and the other party.

I’m in high school, and accepting an arranged marriage now will have some impact on my future schooling and career prospects.

I can think of any number of excuses.

But for now, the first priority is to get this situation under control.The scene in front of me is far from the daily life that Kaede and I had hoped for.

Perhaps we are at the most distant place from the desired one.

I feel bad for my mom, for Shizuku, and for Kirasaka.But I felt that something would change if I didn’t answer like this now.

"Is it okay, Nii-san?"

Kaede looked up at me anxiously, and I could feel her worrying about me, in her eyes.

"I’m fine, …I’ll just meet with them and refuse them directly …and it should be over like that."

"I’d like to go with him to the inn, if you don’t mind?"

She would not enter the room.She just wanted to be there to hear the results immediately.

Dad nodded to Kirasaka’s request.

"I don’t mind if you can’t …be a part of it, but if that’s okay with you then…"

"Thank you."

They exchanged a few words, and no one said anything else.The discussion ended quietly, and the room was quiet.

The sky was beginning to darken, and mom stopped Shizuku and Kirasaka from going home and to have dinner.Kaede and mom cooked a simple and traditional meal, which the Shinra family hadn’t had in a while.

No one’s expression was clear.

However, they were relieved somewhere.

They knew the outcome.

Now that I had said it, there was no need for us to worry more than we should.

To be honest, I was also somewhat optimistic.

That’s probably why I hadn’t thought of it…

That tomorrow’s meeting had a possibility of creating a disturbance in our daily life.

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