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Chapter: 163

President spoke to both Shizuku and Kirasaka as if she were giving advice as their elder sister.The two, who had been listening quietly, naturally turned their sharp gazes toward her.

However, she doesn’t seem to be bothered.I felt that the president’s words were correct.

Solely, without any interference, this current situation will not last forever.It would not be surprising if I or the girls, were to disappear.

However, president was the one to sharply point out my inability to take action in the current situation with the girls, and them, who were happy with their stagnant relationship.

In fact, what happened today is because of that stagnant relationship.I guess neither I nor the girls had any words to say back to her.

I was quietly listening to the president’s words with a reluctant look on my face.

"President said that as a future partner, she wants someone who doesn’t seek perfection …I’m sure, even if it’s not me, there are plenty of people like that out there."

In fact, it’s a condition that many could satisfy if she were to look for them.

Is ‘he’ not good enough?Probably not what the president is looking for, but ‘he’ still came to my mind.

"I have an idea of the person you are thinking of …but that’s no good."


Shaking her head, she told me grimly.A clear denial cleanly chopped off the possibility that began to sprout in my head.

"Admiration and envy are to me the furthest from my requirements. It’s even farther off with someone with whom I’ll have a genuine romantic relationship with."

As she spoke these words, she spun them around.She began to speak about ‘her’, Hiiragi Akane’s personal feelings, which I have never had the chance to hear before.

"Underlying feelings unconsciously change into actions, words and deeds. The other person can feel them even if one is not aware of them, …that’s why you were the only one who fit the criterion I mentioned."

"…I don’t think my impressions of the president is much different than the people around me."

This is not modesty, but a genuine expression.I too, consider president to be the most perfect student in the school.

She is always calm and is a role model for the students, and she never makes a mistake in her words or her deeds.

It is an undeniable fact that she is the best student body president of all time.

That is why I am curious.Why am I the only one who has passed the conditions that president has stated?

"It’s simple, because you didn’t treat me like the others. Or, to put it another way, you had no feelings for me at all."

Despite her words, she smiled brightly.I was not sure how I should react to this.

Am I the only one in the room who didn’t understand what the president meant?

Both Shizuku and Kirasaka are trembling slightly as if they know what she meant by that.

I could see a slight change in their expressions, their breathing, and their moods.

"You may not understand it …but that’s your charm and the reason we’re attracted to you."

"You making me sound cold…"

"You have a tendency to twist when people think well of you."

President said that with a sigh.But I’ve been around long enough to see myself in a twisted way.

People’s evaluations are ultimately made by others.There is no real equality there.

Personal values, thoughts, and consideration for others.That is why I search behind the words.

"For those of us who have been treated differently by others for our perfection, our talents, and our innate gifts, you give us the greatest peace. Your …indifference and lack of special treatment can make some people happy, just for reference."


Hearing these words, my gaze unconsciously shifted to Kirasaka.

Because of her natural talent and family background, she has been treated as special without any recognition of her efforts, and she hates that special treatment.

As a result, she became an isolated existence in the school and said she was interested in me for the same reason as the president.The same is true for Shizuku.

In order to meet the expectations of those around her, she always acted like the Kanazaki Shizuku that everyone wanted, suppressing her own will.

I wonder if every talented person wants to live an ordinary life.People around me don’t notice the small details.

No, even if they do notice, they turn a blind eye.For them, it is natural that they chose an escape route comparing their own abilities with them.

"Anyway, all the actors are now in place. Now, let’s get started …for the ‘ordinary boy for the extraordinary us’."

President declared this with a fearless smile.Shizuku and Kirasaka, too, show no signs of running away from her remark, but instead took it head on.

…What about me?Am I totally not in the air?

In case you’re wondering, today was supposed to be a meeting between me and the president…Perhaps you have been anticipating this turn of events ever since you knew that the two of us were here?

It is the same Shinra Minato-kun who completely into air from the start of this quiet battle between these women.

Yep, that’s right, it’s me.

Then president told me.

"If there is anything that I want from Shinra for the time being, it’s…"

President puts her hand on her chin and pondered for sometime and them proclaimed loudly, I wondered if she had come up with it on the spot.

"Let’s have a cup of tea after the activities of the Student Organization, of course, in the Student Organization Room."

"…Sober, aren’t you?"

These days, I started to believe that tea was something you order at a fancy coffee shop with magical toppings, with a laptop open, and drink while having conversation.

President …is simple, isn’t she? No, she’s cool.

Thus, the day that revealed the mystery that began with the new school year, opened up a whole new set of problems.

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