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Chapter: 1607

Chapter 1607

Punishment was Braham’s unique magic. Just as Disintegrate, which embodied light with magic power to form a spear, had its origin in the symbolic meaning of light, Punishment originated from Braham’s blood, magic power, and knowledge.

It was designed and created by Braham himself from the basics. It was completely different from other magic that had been established and developed through the hands of countless people over a long period of time. The more people that witnessed Punishment, the more that Braham’s magic would be worshipped as a myth rather than a legend.

Why did he make Punishment? It was intended to be used against Gamigin, who was a formidable enemy at the time.

Yes, it was a good opportunity. The significance of Punishment lay in the beginning, not the end. The techniques that made up Punishment were free beyond the various standards. They worked as if they were alive. They eroded and covered other magic techniques.

A thunderbolt struck after Braham waved his hand through the air. It stretched out like a hundred-pronged spear and soon reached the end of Braham’s field of view. Clouds flowing around the mountain peak released blue light and rainwater. It was an unchallenged power.

He changed the weather with magic alone.

"...Che." Braham’s expression was full of complaints. The remnants of the electric current in his hand were colored purple. It was a sign of the addition of the techniques of Punishment.

It was too slow. The result that Braham wished for was that the entire electric current fired earlier was purple. However, the current had already reached its goal and took effect before the formula of Punishment was overlaid. Of course, if he had mixed in Punishment at the magic execution stage, the current would’ve been purple rather than blue from the beginning. It was just that this method required too many processes. The casting time itself became longer. It meant Braham’s greatest strength in casting magic was fading.

‘I have no choice but to simplify the techniques even more.’

It wasn’t easy.

Braham had already adjusted the techniques of Punishment again and again. It was reduced by twice as much compared to when he created it to fight Gamigin. He couldn’t even estimate how much more time it would take to reduce the techniques beyond this while maintaining its power and functionality.

Nevertheless, the ideal solution was to strengthen the ideas. Strong thoughts combined magic and willpower. It meant realizing magic as soon as he intended it. However, Braham became complete when he regained the power of a direct descendant. His thoughts reached the extreme in an instant. Among the great magics, the large-scale Meteor could be realized immediately. Even so, the development and utilization of Punishment took time.

‘Right now is my limit.’

From now on, it was a battle against time. He would have to immerse himself in research for many years before he could complete Punishment and make it the ‘base of all magic.’ It might take decades or even hundreds of years. It was fine. He would become a ‘magic god’ if he could reach the level where he could use Punishment to that extent. He was certain that he would be successful one day, so it could take as long as it took.

The god referred to here wasn’t just a god born of worship. A magician who killed even a god—in other words, it meant reaching the ranking of a god using simple force.

"Come on out now," Braham suddenly spoke while he was trying to keep his mind together. It was toward the uninvited guest who had been waiting.

"I’m sorry to interrupt you."

The identity of the intruder was Piaro. His face was haggard. He might be a legendary farmer but he lacked dignity. It was hard to find anything extraordinary from his dead eyes.

‘Did he end up experiencing shock from going overboard?’

Braham frowned. It was several years ago. It was a time when Braham hadn’t regained his body and drifted as a soul. Piaro was the pillar that supported the kingdom. Grid and all the people relied on Piaro. He had that much skill.

Braham, who regained his body and sparred with Piaro, had a deep impression of him.

‘However, the progress has been slow since then.’

The one who shone the brightest next to Grid ended up so shabby. It was something that Braham hadn’t expected. It was proof that the occupation of a farmer was more insignificant than expected. Of course, Piaro himself was very proud of his profession as a farmer, but that was a story of the past.

It was as Grid became a god and started to recruit new apostles one by one. Piaro clearly recognized his limitations. He gradually became agitated. He started struggling to overcome his limitations. In the end, he couldn’t overcome it and became like this...

"Tell me what you want," Braham urged him. It was with his distinctive vague expression and indifferent voice. He looked impatient. It was a misunderstanding. If Braham was really annoyed, he wouldn’t have associated with Piaro. Others might not know this, but Braham was very favorable toward Piaro. It was respect to the person who protected Grid’s side when he wasn’t confident. He naturally had good feelings toward Piaro. He just couldn’t show it due to his personality. Furthermore, he felt more sympathy than liking these days.

"Please spar with me."

"Spar?" Braham laughed. He didn’t mean to laugh. It was just so absurd and ridiculous that a laugh naturally burst out.

"I don’t think a spar will be valid," Braham spoke calmly. He was thinking of Piaro’s skills that he saw in the Great Human and Demon War. He might be strong as a legend, but that was a story when compared to ordinary humans.

Braham wasn’t just a legend, but he also built up transcendence and divinity. Furthermore, he regained the power of a direct descendant. It was at the level of discussion the extremes in both the physical and magical aspects. To be honest... the level difference was too great.

He knew Piaro’s intention to get inspired by changing blows, but he thought there was little possibility that Piaro’s intention would be achieved. In the first place, Braham had no talent for teaching anything other than magic.

"It is better for you to give up your pride and ask your disciple."

He meant Mercedes. The knight who once served as Piaro’s aide—she had the best conditions to teach Piaro. Of course, it would be horribly cruel for Piaro, but... Braham gave realistic advice as the Duke of Wisdom.

Piaro shook his head. "I don’t have the confidence to control my power yet."


"So it must be your noble self."


Braham’s eyes widened. It was because he felt the magic power in the atmosphere fluctuating as Piaro’s blurry eyes regained light and focus. The bushes. No, the entire mountain started to shake. There was the momentum of being uprooted as they poured out all their energy and delivered it to Piaro.

Braham felt the operation of Mana Drain becoming uncomfortable and floated his body in the air. He pulled out Belial’s Staff and armed himself.

‘This guy?’

Braham always used detection magic when fighting a strong opponent. It was to intuitively sense the movement of the target more quickly and clearly. Even now, he reflexively used it, but he became shocked.

Piaro, who was standing at the top of the mountain—Braham’s eyes captured him, but his magic didn’t detect Piaro.

"A natural body..."

From the day he became a farmer, Piaro’s combat abilities were related to nature. However, nature was sometimes rowdy and uncontrollable. It was an area beyond complete control. It was the wrong approach.

He shouldn’t have controlled it.

Piaro instead chose to be part of nature. It was so he could be the ground that Grid stood on, the rain that washed off Grid’s blood and sweat, and the wind that dried Grid’s body. It was harmony, not subjugation. Then Natural State was completed.

"I’m coming."

The moment that Piaro took a step forward—Braham felt a pressure like the mountain he climbed was approaching and became thrilled. It was the sign of a new inspiration.

The techniques of Punishment that had been floating in his mind changed. The formulas that had been reduced as much as possible were expanded from the original state, resulting in the loss of the ability to erode other magic. Instead, the formulas were now quickly added. It was harmony, not conquest.

A purple current covered the sky.


"It is strange."

The first experience was special for everyone. Nefelina activated Dragon Words for the first time since her birth and she fell into doubts without any time to rejoice. The operation of Dragon Words was successful. However, it was an empty field that stretched out in front of her eyes. There was nothing, let alone Grid. What was going on?

‘Don’t tell me?’

Nefelina’s face turned pale as she wandered around in bewilderment. She lay flat on the ground and pressed her ear to it while holding her breath. She was concerned that Grid was buried in the ground.

‘I-Is he dead and buried?’

She had thought the gap was too long. Her eyes were spinning round and round. Her thoughts weren’t properly connected and breathing became difficult. The senses of her body were floating.



A great being—the insane dragon’s daughter, Nefelina wandered through the wilderness in confusion. One ear was attacked to the ground as she crawled around. She was reminiscent of a giant cockroach or lizard. Even though she looked like a cute human girl... therefore, it was even more bizarre.

"Are you corrupted?"


Where was Grid buried? Nefelina was crawling around with stiff thoughts when she suddenly stiffened. She could see human legs in her wet, hazy vision. Grid...? No. Grid’s smell wasn’t like this. In the first place, Grid didn’t walk barefoot.

Nefelina slowly looked up and met the gaze of Ken, who was staring down at her.

"What is a hatchling doing here?"

The 6th Seat, Ken—among the members of the Tower of Wisdom, his senses were at the highest level and was transcendent. It was the aftermath of a martial artist’s desire to use his entire body as a weapon. He easily detected the presence of a hatchling wandering near the tower and descended.

"H-Hiiik." The deathly pale Nefelina let out a shriek. She smelled death from Ken, just as cows and pigs instinctively felt the scent of death from a slaughterhouse. She naturally added scales to her body. The scales were as beautiful as obsidian.

Ken understood. "You are the child of the insane dragon. You must not be sane."

Fortunately, she wasn’t corrupted.

The other tower members arrived at the scene as Ken was feeling relieved. Nefelina’s mind went blank as she smelled the deeper smell of death. She felt like she was going to faint. However, she was the daughter of the insane dragon and the apostle of the Overgeared God. She couldn’t show her ugliness, so she held herself together. At this moment—

"Nefelina?" A voice she missed came from behind the monsters.


As expected... as expected, he was still alive. It was natural. Her god, her parent couldn’t die...

Nefelina smiled and turned her head in the direction of the voice. Then she was stunned. It was because the sight of Grid, whose body was wrapped with the scales of her people, was terrifying. It wasn’t something she could handle while she was mentally and physically weak.

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