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Chapter: 3150

"Alas ~"

The black mask monk sighed, his eyes quite complicated.

"Uncle Lian, why do you sigh so much? Am I wrong?" After hearing this, Wang Jue looked sideways at the masked monk and said.

But the black mask friar just lightly shook his head and said, "maybe the little Lord has his own consideration in doing so, but you two are all from the Wang family. At this time, you should also unite as one, rather than mutual suspicion and internal struggle."

In fact, the words of monk black mask were very euphemistic. He almost taught Wang Jue a lesson directly, but he still didn't understand it so clearly.

In his opinion, although the king's family in Baishi city is very big, they can't stand such tosses, and internal friction is often the most terrible.

Wang Jue shouldn't, or it's unnecessary to continue the infighting at this time. After all, as long as two people work together, it's difficult to escape that space. Most of them can succeed, and Lei Yuanjing won't be preempted by others.

It looks like a big profit.

But obviously, Wang Jue didn't think so. He just smiled faintly and didn't comment on the words of the mask monk.

"Uncle Lian, there may be some truth in your words, but have you ever thought that if Prince ang and I exchanged positions, would he help me? In addition, the struggle for the throne has always been the tradition of my royal family. After all, there is only one city Lord. Whoever takes that position will have nothing to do with others. The strongest person in our family only needs one. The more one is not necessary at all. It has always been the struggle for the throne It's so cruel for the defeated party to either die or go away from home and never return to Whitestone again, isn't it? "

Wang Jue asked the masked monk back, choking the other party completely speechless.

After half a ring, the black mask monk made a sound and said, "maybe you're right, young Lord. I'm really old and can't see these."

"Uncle Lian laughed. You are old but strong. At that time, I have to rely on you more." Wang Jue lowered his head slightly and said with a smile.

It can be seen that, different from Uncle Yun, the protector around Prince ang, the black mask friar is obviously much more low-key, and he will not appear and act so grandly, but hide behind the scenes.

After saying this, the black mask monk said in a deep voice: "just, everything depends on the words of the young Lord. I'm talkative just now."

After saying this, before Wang Jue could respond, he turned into a dark cloud and hid in the void. It was very strange.

It felt like a shadow, protecting Wang Jue all the time. He would show up when he was in a crisis.

This is quite different from the old uncle Yun.

The black mask monk is like a close guard, while the old uncle Yun is more like a thorough thug.

It can be seen from here that Prince ang obviously depends more on the latter. It is difficult to decide whether it is good or bad.

Seeing this, Wang Jue didn't argue much, but silently watched the masked friar hide again, and felt relieved.

At this time, he looked at Prince ang, sneered, moved, and disappeared in place without stopping.


To the north of a sea area, a space crack suddenly appeared, and a slightly embarrassed figure came out of it.

It's none other than Chen Xiao.

While wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, he took out a Xianyuan pill and stuffed it into his mouth. He chewed hard twice and gnashed his teeth. "Damn guy, it's really hard enough. He didn't give up after chasing so far."

He simply looked around and found that it was far away from the sea area of Baishi City, which was much more than the open sea.

But a Qi engine behind him is not locking him all the time. It is the old uncle Yun.

Chen Xiao knows very well that as long as the mark of sword Qi on his body is not removed for a day, it is almost impossible for him to get rid of each other's pursuit, which is very troublesome.

In fact, he also thought that maybe he could use the power of the black devil pestle to fight back, and then use the black Chen Xiao to work together. Maybe he could have a chance to hurt each other, but in this way, he would inevitably expose more secrets, and the gains outweigh the losses.

After all, if he plays all his cards, but he is still not sure that he can kill each other.

"It seems that at present, we really have to continue to escape. There is no other way." Chen Xiao sighed in his heart and thought.

Chen Xiao gasped and tried his best to forcibly regulate his breath so that his immortal power could recover.

At the same time, his mind radiated wildly, paying attention to the possible pursuers behind him all the time.

"Hmm? Here we are."

Soon, he felt a terrible killing opportunity and was frantically locking him. Chen Xiao's face changed, and he showed a blink of space again and disappeared in situ.

The next moment, accompanied by a crazy sound, a blue ghost body swept in like a storm. When it was close, the body stopped where Chen Xiao stood just now.

It's not someone else, it's uncle Yun.

His face was particularly gloomy and terrible, like the bottom of a dark pot. His eyes were sinister, murderous, and even impatient.

"Hum, you really can escape. I don't believe it. Can you really escape to the ends of the earth? Don't fall into my hands, or you'll die."

After saying that, uncle Yun didn't stop at all and caught up with him as fast as he could.

It has to be said that the space friar is really very difficult. Even with his strength, it is not easy to catch up in a short time.

But Uncle Yun also has a little confidence. As long as the other party's immortal power is exhausted, then the other party will have no way to escape.

Every time he casts the space blinking magic power, he loses his mana. In contrast, it's much easier for him to use the empty body method.

The old man uncle Yun is already confident.

At this moment, a hundred miles away in strange waters.

Chen Xiao's figure suddenly appeared in the air. His face was a little pale, which was caused by the excessive consumption of immortal power. He knew that if he continued to escape like this, he would be the first to die.

"Sure enough, there is still such a huge gap between the middle and early stages of robbing immortals. I really can't help it." Chen Xiao sighed.

Although he has a large number of Xianyuan pills, it also takes some time to absorb Xianyuan pills, and the old guy behind is too tight to catch up with him.

"It seems that this one has to fight. If so, it can only be a full-scale battle."

Finally, at this time, Chen Xiao made up his mind. Since he couldn't escape, there was only one war.

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