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Chapter: 3151

As the old saying goes, one punch to open, lest a hundred punches come.

Since the other party is so desperate, it just gives him an opportunity to ambush. According to Chen Xiao's conjecture, he is so out of breath now that Xianli can't recover, so the other party will certainly not be much better.

Even if the strength of the other party is above him, the consumption of immortal power will never be much less than him.

"In this battle, we don't want to be able to kill each other. We just want to hit him hard so that he doesn't dare to pursue and kill again."

At that moment, Chen Xiao's face sank, his mind radiated wildly in all directions, and he found a desert island several miles away.

The island is deserted and flat. You can see the end at a glance. It is suitable for a battlefield.

"Here it is."

After making up his mind, Chen Xiao no longer hesitated. He moved and crossed a distance of several miles. He fell on the desert island and raised his hand fiercely.

Shua Shua!

Suddenly, thousands of rays of light flew out, like stars scattered, and disappeared under the ground around the desert island.

This is the array flag he arranged. It is a very powerful killing array.

Of course, Chen Xiao doesn't think he can deal with the other party only by this so-called killing array, but it's enough as long as he can resist a little and hinder the opportunity of the other party's attack.

"Next, I'll wait for him slowly. I'd like to see how good I am, Wang family."

Chen Xiao looked eager to try. He simply sat cross legged in the center of the desert island, swallowed several Xianyuan pills and waited silently.

Fortunately, the other party didn't let Chen Xiao wait too long.

Not far away, the old man uncle Yun suddenly gave a meal, frowned and said, "hmm? The sword Qi mark has stopped. So, the other party is not going to continue to run, or is he ready to ambush and wait for me?"

All at once, he thought of many possibilities.

I even guessed that it was probably a trap laid by Chen Xiao, waiting for him to enter the urn.

But who is he? He is a monk in the middle of robbing immortals, and he has a powerful immortal weapon near him. How can he flinch at this time.

"Since you want to die, die, hum."

Uncle Yun sneered and sped up. He came to the unknown desert island. His eyes narrowed slightly and glanced coldly at Chen Xiao sitting in the center of the desert island.

But Chen Xiao was a little strange at this time. What appeared here was not his body, but his black body. He was close to a Zhang tall body, dark and shiny, reflecting the amazing luster of metal. His face was wearing a mask fitting the skin, revealing only a pair of indifferent eyes, staring at each other.

Seeing this, uncle Yun was also surprised.

"Is this your real body? Your breath is really good. No wonder you have the courage to rob my Wang's things. It's interesting." Uncle Yun said faintly.

I have to say that the appearance of heichenxiao really surprised him, especially the evil and strange smell from the other party.

This person is very strong. He is absolutely the only one in the evil cultivation. That is why such a person dared to grab food at the mouth of the tiger and took advantage of the chaos to rob Lei Yuanjing.

Seeing this, uncle Yun took a deep breath and said coldly, "your strength is extraordinary. If you hadn't done something to my young master before, maybe I could open up and win over. Even Lei Yuanjing can give it to you. It's a pity!"

"What a pity?" Chen Xiao sneered and asked.

"Unfortunately, you attacked my young master with corpse puppet self explosion before. Now my young master is angry, so you have to die." Uncle Yun replied with a cold face.

"Well, ah, the Wang family is really cold and domineering. Come on. I'm here today. I'll try how you can get me?" Chen Xiao's face was expressionless and sent a provocative signal.

"Well, take my sword."

Uncle Yun didn't talk nonsense at all. He raised his hand fiercely, and the cloud sword floated on the side of his arm. Suddenly, it turned into a blue rainbow light and flew to stab heichenxiao.

"It's just a flying sword. If you dare to be crazy, break it for me."

Black Chen Xiao's eyes were angry. His dark right fist was pinched to death, bigger than a sandbag. Then the golden talisman began to flow and cover his right fist. The golden one was extremely amazing and exuded an extraordinary metal texture.


A crisp to harsh metal impact sounded. At the moment when the sword and fist intersected, they hit an unparalleled spark and splashed everywhere, but soon they separated again. Hei Chenxiao's body retreated a few steps, swayed a few times and then stabilized.

But the cloud sword flew backwards, like a broken kite, out of control.

"How is this... Possible?"

Seeing this, the old uncle Yun was completely shocked. He didn't expect that the other party's fist could easily dissolve his full blow of flying sword.

And I can see that the other party still has a little spare power.

I have to say that uncle Yun was surprised by the strength of heichenxiao again, and his face became colder and darker.

Because the old uncle Yun realized a very terrible thing. At present, the two sides have become enemies. If they can't kill him here and let him escape, I'm afraid there will be endless trouble in the future.

This son cannot stay and must die. Whether for the sake of the young Lord Prince ang, or for himself and the king's family, this possible threat must be strangled in the cradle.

Thinking of this, uncle Yun's eyes changed for the first time, becoming extremely cruel and cold.

"I have to say that your strength surprised me. I've lived for so long and have seen a lot of talents, but there are few extraordinary people like you. Not only the space friar, but also the whole body spirit are so strong. It seems that you can't stay and kill you today."

Before the words fell, uncle Yun was already murderous. With a move from his right hand, the cloud sword flew back, and then a sword stabbed out.

This is his unique skill, the destruction of the wind.

Behind him, a steady stream of green wind immortal power gathered on the cloud rising sword in his hand, forming an amazing array pattern, forming a powerful and terrible power.

Then, the power of terror condensed on the cloud sword, gathered together and turned into a line, which is a sword stabbed out.


At this moment, even the space was punctured and opened black cracks. The cyan sword light fell from the sharp pen of the cloud sword and went straight to black Chen Xiao.

This blow was terrible to the extreme.

"It's a strong blow. You can't take it hard."

Seeing this, Chen Xiao was also surprised. Although he was very aware of the strength of black Chen Xiao's physique, it was very unwise to use his flesh to pick up each other's unique skill.

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