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Chapter: 3152

"Black devil pestle."

Chen Xiao looked cold, took out the black devil pestle and held it in his hand.

At this moment, when he cast this magic weapon, he didn't have to worry about being recognized, because after his painstaking sacrifice and refining, the black magic pestle had changed greatly, like a black gray iron pestle, which was tightly held in his hand.

At first glance, there is nothing surprising.

Now that he has made up his mind and doesn't want to expose his identity, the combination of double swords and green Yan immortal fire used before can't be used.

Once he uses these tricks, he will certainly be seen through and there will be endless trouble in the future.

However, if black Chen Xiao uses the black devil pestle, there will be no such concern. After all, his great secret has never been revealed. Even the people he sees are dead. Don't worry about being suspected.

On the contrary, the old uncle Yun will only think that the black Chen Xiao who is fighting with him now is an out and out evil cultivation devil, and will not think of him.

In this way, it is greatly beneficial to cover up his identity as an elder of the chamber of Commerce.

It has to be said that it was unintentional to insert willows into the shade. Chen Xiao had never thought of it before.

On the desert island, black Chen Xiao stood upright with his legs separated, holding the black devil pestle in front of him and blocking the blow.


With a huge roar, the whole desert island shook up with the mountains, as if it was going to collapse completely under this attack. It looked very terrible.

Chen Xiao, however, was blown out for hundreds of feet by this blow. His body retreated and was hit by the light of the sword. Almost in a plowing posture, he plowed a terrible gully on the ground, and the whole person fell in.

"Puff ~"

On the ground, Chen Xiao held the black devil pestle with one hand and kept his body from falling to the ground. He was panting, but blood overflowed from one corner of his mouth.

It can be seen that this blow hurt heichenxiao a lot, but it was only hurt, not to hurt the muscles and bones.

"Eh? What kind of weapon are you? It can block my cloud sword." Seeing this, uncle Yun asked.

"Hey," said Chen Xiao with a grin when he heard the speech, "old man, why should I tell you."

"Well, you're right. You really don't need to tell me." after listening to this, uncle Yun nodded silently. "Then I'll take it myself."

After the confrontation of this move just now, he also saw that the long pestle weapon in the other party's hand was also quite extraordinary. At least it had to be a weapon comparable to the cloud sword.

If he can get it, it is also very good for him.


"The wind and shadow must be killed by dust."

At the next moment, the old man uncle Yun held the cloud sword in his hand and used his unique skill again. The blue immortal power shrouded his whole body, giving people a feeling of floating like an immortal. His body was incomparably elegant. He just dodged and plundered onto the desert island, and stabbed Chen Xiao with a sword.

Since the breath of wind killing is different from that of the previous one, if the wind killing just now is an extremely explosive move, which is hard and fierce, then this move is a terrible blow of combining hardness with softness and bringing hardness in softness.

When Chen Xiao saw this, his blood color talisman flashed, his blood light suddenly appeared, and he regained his strength again.

Lifting the black devil pestle is a sweep.


When the impact sound sounded, Chen Xiao only felt a shock in his right hand and numbness in his arms. He could feel the terrible power of the sword and the terrible killing of the sword power.

Although it is much worse than the previous killing blow, it is amazing enough.

He shook his body and took a half step back, but there was a cruel smile on his face. The black devil pestle was retracted and loosened, and stabbed the old uncle Yun's chest. The track of the black gun tip flashed past, with an extremely terrible killing intention.

But it was very strange that uncle Yun was in the air, but his body was twisted strangely. With the help of the force of the wind, he forcibly changed his body position, almost close to the barrel of the black devil pestle.

Then there was a fierce stab of the sword, which went straight to Chen Xiao's throat.

This sword is like a poisonous snake hiding in the shadow. After waiting for a long time, it finally found a perfect opportunity and launched the most deadly blow.

"You're finished." Seeing this, uncle Yun smiled coldly.

It seems that everything is under his control. He can't be more familiar with the battle between life and death.

To be able to get to this point and become the guest of honor of the Wang family, he did not know how many geniuses he had killed, and even many of them died in his hands.

It's not difficult for him to kill another one.

At this critical moment, Chen Xiao made a very decisive and calm judgment. As soon as he loosened his hands, he directly gave up the black devil pestle. With his left hand back, he grasped the tip of the cloud sword.

The light of gold and red talismans converged on Chen Xiao's right arm and was frantically fighting against the terrible sword Qi on the cloud sword, forming mana ripples visible to the naked eye.

This scene is very terrible.

He saw that a trace of crimson blood with dark color gushed out of Chen Xiao's palm.

But it is quite strange that these blood did not fall to the ground, but flowed back and was absorbed by heichenxiao's skin again. In this way, the vitality lost is not much.


Seeing this, the elder uncle Yun was also surprised. He subconsciously tried his best to continue to stab in. At this time, the blade of the cloud sword was even less than a few centimeters from Chen Xiao's throat.

He could even clearly perceive the terrible murderous spirit on the blade, which made his scalp numb and gave rise to a burst of goose bumps.

However, no matter how hard uncle Yun tried, he couldn't get another inch even if he had the strength to eat milk.

Black Chen Xiao's bleeding right hand was like a blacksmith's pliers. He clamped the cloud sword so that he could no longer get in a little, not even a point.

The strength of this force is really frightening. You have to compete with an individual. Obviously, uncle Yun is not good at this at all.

Suddenly, his face changed, he sensed the danger close at hand, and subconsciously wanted to get out, but he was still a step slow.

"Want to go? It's too late."

Black Chen Xiao smiled grimly. He held the cloud sword in his right hand, clenched his fist in his left hand, and burst out with all his strength. The bloody talisman gathered, and the golden luster covered his fist, emitting an unparalleled and terrible breath.

One punch hit, the power was strong and heavy, and the ferocity was to the extreme.

Within such a close distance, the old uncle Yun only had time to condense into a thin layer of body protecting vigorous Qi in front of his chest, so he was punched.

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