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Chapter: 3153


There was a sudden loud noise in the air, and Chen Xiao's golden fist hit the old uncle Yun's chest. In an instant, the whole chest collapsed. The body protecting vigorous Qi just about to condense failed to resist, and directly collapsed into countless fragments and dissipated in the air.

Uncle Yun, the old man, was hit by this punch. He was bent like a shrimp. He was very embarrassed. A trace of blood flowed out of his mouth.

The clothes he was wearing were completely broken, leaving only a few rags hanging on him. In this way, the glittering silver armor he was wearing was exposed.

Then, uncle Yun threw his right hand and gave up the cloud sword. His body quickly retreated and flew out by this punch.

It flew out for nearly a thousand feet before it stopped.

Seeing this, Chen Xiao looked gloomy and said with some regret, "it's a pity that without this silver inner armor, this punch can seriously hurt him. Unfortunately, it's still a little poor."

After this punch, he could clearly feel that most of his strength was removed by the other party's armor.

Therefore, this punch can only hurt him, but not to the extent of heavy damage.

In mid air, the old uncle Yun's face was gloomy, his eyes were full of blood, and he looked extremely angry.

He didn't expect that he would almost capsize in the gutter and be fooled by the other party.

"Good guy, how dare you pick up my cloud sword empty handed? What kind of skill does this guy cultivate? I haven't heard of it before." The old uncle Yun said with a shock on his face that he was a little timid after the confrontation.

He has never seen black Chen Xiao's skill, which is very wrong.

However, Chen Xiao was very clear that the power of devouring gold was a great magical skill he accidentally obtained by chance at the beginning. It had great lethality to metal magic tools, so he was able to catch the other party's sword empty handed.

"The power of gold can actually damage my inner armor. What's the origin?" Uncle Yun bowed his head, looked at his inner armor and said solemnly.

I saw that the heart position of the inner armor chest was completely sunken, and there had been a large number of fractures and cracks. If he struck again at the same position, he was sure that the inner armor would not be able to resist.

It can be seen that the terror of the other party's golden power has reached a very good level of understanding.

This son's talent is so amazing that he can't stay. He must be killed and then quickly.

At this moment, the old man uncle Yun's killing intention became stronger than ever, and said sternly: "you'd better stay today. You're dead. As long as I can hold you for a moment, my support from the Wang family will arrive soon. At that time, you'll die without doubt. Little son, just admit your life, ha ha."

After being beaten back by a blow, uncle Yun not only didn't mean to be discouraged, but became more relaxed.

At the beginning, he planned to solve Chen Xiao on his own. That would be great.

But after this fight, he found that the other party's strength was very strong. He couldn't kill the other party in a short time.

In this way, he is not in a hurry. He is relieved to wait for support. When the time comes, he will be killed. There is no doubt that there is only one thing he needs to do right now, that is to drag the other party.

"Take it for me."

After making up his mind, uncle Yun was so determined that he pinched his finger with his right hand that he suddenly burst out of the cloud sword with a vigorous sword spirit and went crazy.

Chen Xiao originally grabbed the right hand of Yun Jian and had to release it. But even so, it also blew out a big shed of blood, causing a heavy blow to his right hand and exposing white bones. The whole palm of his right hand was broken by the sword Qi.

I have to say that Chen Xiao underestimated the other party a little and thought he had grasped the other party's weapon, so the other party had no way, but he didn't expect to have this move.


His complexion was cold and he used the secret skill.

I saw that the blood mist that had been broken by the sword Qi twisted strangely, like a living creature, and gathered around the injured right hand again. It recovered bit by bit. Soon, at the speed visible to the naked eye, the right hand recovered as before.

Such a powerful recovery also benefits from the demon body of heichen Xiao.

"It's a terrible recovery. You can be reborn with flesh and blood. Your cultivation skills are extraordinary. I'm a little greedy. Now I can't let you go. Hey hey, stay obediently." Uncle Yun sneered.

This method is really shocking. Even he has never seen it before. It is terrible that he can recover at such a fast speed without losing much combat power.

It is an immortal body with a steady stream of resilience. In the face of such an opponent, people often feel very powerless.

"If you want to keep me, it depends on whether you have that ability." Chen Xiao said with a sneer.

Just now, this punch hurt the other party, and his initial goal was achieved. Now that the other party has chosen not to attack actively, but to wait for support.

Then he doesn't need to continue to spend here with each other. It's good to run away quickly.

With a wave of his right hand, a space crack appeared in front of him. Before leaving, he glanced back at each other and said, "old man, wait and see for me. One day, I Qin Feng will double my revenge today."

"Your name is Qin Feng? Hehe, it's not so easy to go, sword." Uncle Yun, seeing this, naturally won't let the other party slip away easily. Raising his hand is a sword.

The blue sword light cut through the sky and split at Chen Xiao, trying to stop him or destroy this space crack.

Originally, the space crack is extremely unstable. As long as the external force interferes a little, it will collapse immediately.

Uncle Yun took a fancy to this point and shot at the fastest speed.

"Hehe, do you want to stop me?"

Seeing this, Chen Xiao was expressionless. With a wave of his hand, he sent out a sword Qi and burst out. He collided with the sword Qi from the other party in mid air and burst at the same time.

The next moment, Chen Xiao lifted his right foot and was ready to leave.

Seeing this, the old man uncle Yun immediately became anxious, "Damn it, it's not easy to drag the other party's footsteps. If he slips away like this, he'll lose a lot and can't go."

At that moment, he didn't care so much. He flew and held the cloud sword in his right hand. Then he fell from the sky, came to the East with a sword and went straight to Chen Xiao.

On the edge of the sword, the sword Qi is bright and dark, and the sword meaning is rising to an extreme.

With this blow, he made every effort to keep the other party and not let him escape.

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