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Chapter: 3154

In this way, it is right in Chen Xiao's arms.

"Come on, just wait for your moment, hehe."

Chen Xiao smiled coldly, which made his heart cold. At the same time, his lips moved slightly, silently recited a string of spells, and then shouted, "explode for me."

Uncle Yun, who was flying in the air, obviously noticed a trace of something wrong, as well as the extremely obscure fluctuation of immortal power.

"Hmm? What is this?"

But when he noticed something wrong, it was too late.


With the sound of a terrible explosion, the whole desert island was almost lifted up, and the terrible vibration even set off huge waves, making the whole desert island tottering and a scene of destruction.

Under the cover of terrible smoke and dust, the fire burst into the sky, forming a huge and terrible explosion mushroom cloud, which completely trapped the old uncle Yun.

This is the big array that Chen Xiao just set up. At this moment, Chen Xiao detonated it directly and immediately gave the other party a heavy blow. It can be said that he was unprepared.

Who would have thought that Chen Xiao, who was clearly ready to escape, would kill a rifle at the last minute.

The explosion was cruel enough.

Tens of miles away in the sea, Chen Xiao had already taken the opportunity to escape, felt the explosion, looked back and said, "are you dead, or are you not dead?"

His mind extended rapidly and soon felt a faint breath.

In addition, the mark of sword Qi on his body is still there. It seems that he should not be dead.

"It's a pity that I carried it," Chen Xiao said to himself with a gloomy face. "But it's good. It's better for me to survive serious injury."

Let's not say whether Chen Xiao's strength is enough to kill uncle Yun who robbed the middle stage of immortality on the spot.

If it does, the consequences will be terrible. The other party will go out in full force. Even the forces of the whole Wang family and all the immortals will go out of the mountain and lay a snare to hunt them down without death.

At that time, it will be extremely passive for Chen Xiao, especially if he still has the mark of sword Qi on his body, which is even more dangerous.

It's better not to die from serious injury.

It can not only break the idea of the other party's pursuit, but also warn the other party and make him dare not mess around. Chen Xiao can take the opportunity to distance himself and find an opportunity to erase the mark of sword Qi on his body.

"Slip up first."

At that moment, Chen Xiao showed his teleportation power again and went all the way north.

On the desert island, it has been blown beyond recognition and devastated by Chen Xiao's explosion array. There is not even a redundant weed on it, and it has all become a bare piece.

It can be seen that the attack was tragic and terrible.

But what's more, uncle Yun survived.

"Cough ~"

On the desert island, there was a big pit. Uncle Yun was in tattered condition. The flesh on his body was almost rotten and was completely blown up.

At this time, he coughed hard for several times, and his face was even scorched. He scolded: "asshole, I was fooled by such a big mistake today. Damn it, this guy was ready to ambush early in the morning. I didn't expect to be fooled. Alas!"

He sighed heavily, and his eyes were quite helpless.

In fact, he had already had prevention in his heart, but seeing Chen Xiao ready to run away, he relaxed at the last moment, and was caught in the gap without thinking.

"In this way, there will be some trouble. If this son escapes, it will be a great disaster in the future. Alas."

No matter how worried the old uncle Yun is, it won't help. He is completely powerless now. In his current state, it's the best outcome to be able to protect himself.

Thinking like this, he simply took out a few healing pills and stuffed them all into his mouth. While lying silently in place, waiting for support.

Before, he had left a mark along the way. As long as the Wang family saw it, they would arrive at the first time.

Soon, after a period of time, uncle Yun noticed that there were four streamers, which came quickly from a distance and landed directly on the desert island.

The temperament and appearance of these four people are very different. They cultivate different skills, but the only thing they have in common is that the dead man's breath is very strong and their strength is extraordinary.

"Elder Yun, how did you get this look?"

"Who hurt you like this? He dares to attack my white stone city. He doesn't want to live."

As soon as they saw the old uncle Yun's appearance, they were all startled. They looked at him one after another and surrounded him in the middle.

At this time, the only female Nun among the four came. She looked middle-aged and had a lot of charm. Her figure was even more graceful. She was neither fat nor thin. She opened her mouth and said, "well, it's important for me to heal elder Yun first."


"Hey, hey."

In this way, the other three people silently made way for a distance. Some subconscious thoughts swept around and checked the situation around. While being careful, they could see that they were very familiar.

But judging from the faces of these three people, it can't be said whether elder Yun's experience was out of sympathy or more schadenfreude.

Anyway, it's complicated.

"Please bother elder Ye rust." Elder Yun frowned and said in a deep voice.

"Yes," said Ye rust with a slight smile, "you're hurt so badly that it may hurt a little. You can bear it."

"Well, don't worry, I'm fine, ah ~" elder Yun screamed before he finished his words. The voice was like killing a pig. Soon, there was a cold sweat on his forehead, "this, this is too painful."

"That's why I said that you should bear it. It will hurt a lot. The more serious the injury, the more painful it will be." Leaf rust said as he took out bottles and cans of things and began to sprinkle powder on the wound.

But in fact, what is more important is that ye Xiu's other hand is one that presses on elder Yun and continuously transmits green energy into his body.

With the green energy full of vitality flowing into his body, the medicine powder sprinkled on the wound is being absorbed at a speed visible to the naked eye. The wound recovers a little bit, and the speed is very fast. If Chen Xiao sees it, he will be surprised.

This speed is not much weaker than his demon body. It is enough to see that this woman named Ye rust has some attainments on the way of medical practice.

With the improvement of the injury, elder Yun finally breathed a sigh of relief and slowed down a little. At this time, he turned his eyes to the other three people and said faintly: "the four of you are very neat."

The so-called tidiness is because these four people come from four families in Baishi City, one by one.

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