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Chapter: 109

The trumpet's splendid fanfare rang.

Behind the dressed priests and the Kintetsu knights, Berta saw a front square lined up with people waiting for her now or now.

― ― The beginning of the ceremony was wrapped in harsh air.

She joined hands with Louis and followed her lead, step by step, into the square in front.

Near the central stage, there are domestic aristocracy and foreign missions lined up.

Some of them were southern guards who were not in the middle.

Whether or not Kasha, Louis' grandfather, who will be Prince Wang, will come out, was actually a matter of contention until the end, but in the end, there was no Kasha master Valerio here today.

Instead, Berta's half-brother, Leandro, sits with his new wife at the top of the southern Taisho family.

As soon as I saw Leandro in the audience, I realized that Louis had turned to you and opened his eyes, so Belta gently grabbed Louis's hand and held it tightly so that he wouldn't be noticed.

Louis has had a baptism ceremony since the morning and is already tired of it.There was a lack of concentration on the face that I saw.


Calling his name in a whisper and drawing attention, Belta walked slowly in front of the invitee.

All in favor of Louis, some of the foreign emissaries and domestic aristocracy are looking for Louis roughly with their eyes on a plate.

Fortunately, Louis didn't seem so nervous about the occasion when he tended to get distracted.

You'll look like a sophisticated kid in the field, calm enough to keep your gaze on and off.

The only people who have stomach pain are those who are usually close to Louis.... for now.

Berta and Louis stepped up to the front of the stage and looked up the stage before going up the stairs.

Harold stands in front of the throne set on the stage.Next to them were the bishops of the New National Church.

Harold is worthy of these public places and looks down on the prince, who is his own son and is now about to give him the throne of the Crown Prince, in the face of a strict monarch.

Soon the glamorous fanfare stopped ringing.

The crowd in the distance also lurked cheering, and everyone was almost impressed at the end of the ceremony.

With Louis' hand pulled back, Berta knelt to the throne with as many children as she could see officially, then climbed the stairs and stood on the stage.

It was a sunny, windless spring day.

The bishop's voice often echoed outside the square.

The bishop of Louis proclaimed his prince Tachidao here.Belta was kneeling on the spot, thanking him, and listening with prayer.

Probably the same with Harold.

"--I hereby entrust my eldest son, Louis, to the throne of the Crown Prince."

Louis' role in this ceremony is to stand and stand still without tension during the ceremony.

Nevertheless, it is quite a challenge for children as young as three or four years old.

(Yes... as we practiced)

― ― Thank you very much.

"Yes, I'm here!"

As for Berta, he kept slightly wrong about the way Louis practiced, but he kept his head down vigorously.

Yeah, that's good.

That's fine, just take your sword and treasure.

While Louis was on the table and receiving the treasure with a small body, Belta remained on her knees.

So she learns later by talking to the ceremony participants that Harold was gently smiling at Louis by relaxing the harsh expression during the ceremony only when he gave the young Prince the treasure.

It was unusual for him to lose his expression in public.I guess that also left a strong impression on people's memories.

... actually, maybe he was desperate not to distract Louis, and he was struggling to perform the ceremony while facing his usual face.

Regardless, Louis did not even know the nervous care of his parents and surroundings, or the crowded atmosphere of the ceremony, and proudly embraced the treasure he received to finish the day.

It may have been quite a big deal in a sense that it was the first time that I came out in front of so many people and finished my role without being overwhelmed.

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