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Chapter: 684

Someone is here

Chapter 684: Someone is here

Next day.

Subdistrict Office Family Quarters. Dong Xuebing’s apartment.

The morning sun shines into the room.

Dong Xuebing yawned and opened his eyes slowly. He looked out of the windows and then looked at the clock before closing his eyes again. It was too tiring last night. Although Geng Yuehua only allowed one position, it did not dampen the mood, and they made love until 3 am. The bed cover is damp, crumped, and pulled out from the sides.

"Hooo…." A woman exhaled loudly.

Dong Xuebing did not open his eyes and reach over to hug the woman. "You are awake?"


"Sleep a while longer."

"What time is it?"

"It’s 7 am. I will prepare breakfast for you."

"No need."

Dong Xuebing smiled when he heard Geng Yuehua’s monotonous tone. He rubbed his eyes and looked at her. She is brushing her messy hair with her fingers while looking at the ceiling in a daze.

Dong Xuebing reached under the blankets and stroked her legs. "Yuehua, what are you thinking?"

Geng Yuehua frowned. "What did you call me?"

Dong Xuebing smiles. "Yuehua…. How else should I call you?"

"What do you think?"

"Fine… fine… fine…. I will call you Mayor. Mayor Geng." Dong Xuebing doesn’t want to argue with her. "I was asking, what are you thinking?"

"Does it have anything to do with you?"

"Why are you so hostile? I was only trying to chat with you."

"I am not interested." Geng Yuehua retorted coldly.

"Alright…. I will not say anything." Dong Xuebing replied. He thought to himself. Does everyone dislike me so much?!

Geng Yuehua ignored Dong Xuebing and frowned.

Dong Xuebing glanced at Geng Yuehua and moved his hands from her legs to her waist, brushed against her chest, before moving to her head. He stroked her long hair gently and hugged her. "What do you want to eat for breakfast?"

"Geng Yuehua frowned. "Anything."

"Anything? You should have something you prefer, right?"

"I said anything!"

"Fine. I will see what I have. Don’t blame me if you don’t like it. I still have bread and sausages at home. How about I prepare sausage and toast for you? What about soup? Is seaweed egg soup fine with you? It’s nutritious." Dong Xuebing is not talkative, but Geng Yuehua is too quiet. He got to speak more, or it will be awkward.

Dong Xuebing hugged Geng Yuehua and returned to sleep.

But Geng Yuehua sighed and pushed Dong Xuebing’s hand away from her waist and sat up.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes. "Where are you going?"

"Get up." Geng Yuehua’s bareback is facing Dong Xuebing.

"It’s only 7 am. Why are you getting up so early?" Dong Xuebing reached over, wrapped his arm around her waist again, and pressed his head against her back.  

"I am going back to grab my clothes."

"What clothes?"

Geng Yuehua looked at the red dress and black stockings on the chair. "Do you expect me to wear those to work?"

"Oh… oh…. Ok."

Geng Yuehua’s words made Dong Xuebing feel they had become closer. She will not explain in the past, let alone say so many words to him. At most, she will just say, "It’s none of your business." He felt touched as he massaged his aching back. He felt his effort last night was not in vain. He had melted the ice-queen a bit.

Dong Xuebing is in a good mood and sat up with her. "Oh, what if your parents went to your place to look for you, and you return home in this dress? How are you going to explain to them?"

Geng Yuehua looks at Dong Xuebing. "What are you trying to say?"

Dong Xuebing said. "Let me get it for you. Pass me your keys. If I meet your parents at your place, I will say I was there to look for you. If there’s no one there, I will get your clothes for you. Go back to sleep. I will wake you when breakfast is ready." He doesn’t know what their relationship is considered now, but he knows they don’t want others to find out about it.

Geng Yuehua looked at Dong Xuebing and nodded. She reached over for her keys on the bedside cabinet and threw them to him.

Dong Xuebing caught the keys. "Wait here." He got up and wore back his clothes.

"Ok." Geng Yuehua rubbed her eyes with her palms and covered herself with the blanket without looking at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing didn’t mind Geng Yuehua’s reaction and closed the door behind him. He walked over to her apartment and pressed the doorbell.

No one opens the door after a few seconds. There’s no one inside.

Dong Xuebing took out the keys and opened the door. He went straight to Geng Yuehua’s bedroom.

Clothes, dresses, shoes, stockings, hairclips, and underwear of all designs are all over the bed.

What is this? Is she moving house?

Dong Xuebing suddenly remembered last night. Geng Yuehua should be picking her clothes for last night. He did not expect someone like her to be so concerned about her appearance. He imagined her standing in front of the mirror, trying on the different dresses and shoes before knocking on his door.

Dong Xuebing exhales loudly and starts picking clothes from the closet for her.

The dresses on the bed are not suitable for work, and he can only pick them up from the closet.

After a while, Dong Xuebing got a better understanding of Geng Yuehua’s dressing, and he almost had a nosebleed.

Although most of Geng Yuehua’s clothes are suits or conservative casual clothing, a small portion are sexy clothing.

Red stockings….

Bright green bra….

She even got a red leather mini skirt.

Of course, these pieces of clothes are placed deep in the drawer behind her sanitary pads. One might not notice them when they pull the drawer.

Dong Xuebing grabbed a set of ladies’ suits, Geng Yuehua normally wears, and picked a set of lacy green see-through underwear. He smiled and picked a pair of black leather shoes before leaving her room. He is looking forward to seeing her reaction. This set of underwear is sexier than what she wore last night. Among all the women he knows, none of them have such sexy underwear. It’s so see-through that she might as well not wear anything.

Dong Xuebing can’t wait to see how she will react.

But happiness is short-lived.

When Dong Xuebing was excited about his ‘surprise’ for Geng Yuehua, he heard someone opening the metal gate outside with keys.

Click! The metal gate is opened.

Someone is opening Geng Yuehua’s apartment gate.

Dong Xuebing almost threw away the clothes he was holding in shock. He did not check who was outside and ran back into Geng Yuehua’s bedroom.

The door opened.

"Yuehua, Yuehua…. Wake up." It’s Geng Yuehua’s mother.

The footsteps got louder. "Are you awake? Breakfast is ready."

Dong Xuebing panics. He cannot let Geng Yuehua’s mother see him, as he can’t explain himself. He quickly crawls under the bed to hide.

The bedroom door opened, and Dong Xuebing saw two feet entering the room.

"Huh? Where did she go?" Geng Yuehua’s mother talked to herself and sat on the bed. She took out her phone and made a call. She used the speaker, and it was loud.

Ring… ring….

"Hello?" Geng Yuehua answered.

Geng Yuehua’s mother asked. "Yuehua, why are you not at home?"

"I left."

"Oh, you went to work? Why didn’t you tell us when you are leaving? I had made breakfast for you. You mentioned that you will have breakfast at home yesterday."

"I woke up early today and left for work earlier. You all go ahead with the breakfast and don’t need to wait for me."

"Alright. Tell me earlier if you are not eating."

"Ok. Bye."

"Wait." Geng Yuehua’s mother said. "I want to ask you about Dong Xuebing, who is living upstairs. What is going on?"

Dong Xuebing, who is hiding under the bed, got shocked. Why are they talking about him?

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