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Chapter: 687

Is this tomorrow s paper

Chapter 687: Is this tomorrow’s paper?


Work Party Secretary Office.

Dong Xuebing took out a notebook and wrote his discoveries on the new command.

Dong Xuebing has an extra minute every day than everyone else, which is the base for his power.

If Dong Xuebing wants the world to return to the previous day, he has to use 24 hours of BACK.

If he wants the world to stop for a day, it will be 24 hours of STOP.

If he wanted a specific object to return to its previous state one day ago, he needs to use 1 second of REVERSE on it.

If he wants a specific object’s state to become the next day’s state, he needs 1 minute of FORWARD.

Dong Xuebing puts down his pen. Damn! This is too complicated. He decides it’s meaningless to find the logic behind these commands. After all, having an extra minute than everyone else in the world does not make sense. He comes up with a vague reason to explain this. For example, the future needs more energy compared to the past.

I don’t need to think about this now. I should be thinking of ways to use FORWARD.

Dong Xuebing starts to think of the different uses for FORWARD.

The more Dong Xuebing thinks about the uses, the more frustrated he becomes. He looked terrible when it was almost after office hours. No matter how he analyzed this power, he didn’t find it useful. If he made a mistake or said the wrong words, he can use BACK to amend his wrongs. REVERSE can treat patients and provide beauty care. He can even find new uses of REVERSE in the future. But FORWARD….

Changing the state of an object to its future state…. What’s the use of it? Make someone old? But one minute can only make that person older by one day.

Damn! What’s the use of it? How much time of FORWARD do I need to kill my enemy with it? He also can’t predict what will happen to his enemy in the future, and he can’t benefit if he pushes forward the time. It’s useless compared to BACK and STOP.

Dong Xuebing was excited to discover a new command, but it turned useless.

Dong Xuebing had thought of all possibilities of using FORWARD, but none could excite him.


Dong Xuebing slapped his head in frustration and decided to put FORWARD aside temporarily.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and sighed. It’s time to go home. He packed his things and adjusted the clock to today’s time before driving out of the Subdistrict Office.

Another day is wasted.

On the way home, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s Yu Meixia.

Dong Xuebing was turning into the Subdistrict Office Family Quarters. He parked his car and answered the phone. "Sister Yu, are you missing me again?"

"No… no… I… I…."

Dong Xuebing is amused and stops teasing her. "What is it?"

Yu Meixia paused for a second. "I talked to Qianqian."

"Oh, you told her about your birth parents? What is her reaction?"

"She does not react."

"Huh? What do you mean by no reaction?"

"I don’t know either."


"We talked about it and felt… we should acknowledge them. After all, they are my parents and I… I miss them." Yu Meixia started sobbing. "Although… although I was too young to remember anything, I miss them. But… but I am scared. I don’t know what to say when I meet them."

Dong Xuebing consoled her. "Stop crying…. It will be a happy reunion. What’s there to cry?"

"No…. I am not crying."

"Stop crying so easily. You are an adult, and others will laugh at you."


"Alright. Since you decided, I will make arrangements for you. When do you want to meet them? Is tomorrow fine?"


"Ok. Come to the City with Qianqian tomorrow. I will contact your parents."

They talked for a while, and Dong Xuebing went upstairs after hanging up. He met a few Subdistrict Office staff on his way upstairs and greeted them.

Top floor. 

Dong Xuebing suddenly paused after he opened the door. He looks at the red plastic container for newspaper delivery outside his door. After Nan Qi Daily had written negative articles about him twice, he paid for a year’s subscription. His Subdistrict Office did not subscribe to Nan Qi Daily. He ordered the papers to read and get the latest information if they tried to tarnish his reputation again.

Dong Xuebing opened the container with a key and took out the papers.

The newspaper was delivered this morning, but Dong Xuebing forgot to take it out before working. The newspaper is considered outdated, and he returned home after flipping a few pages.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing stopped and turned.

A few moments later, Dong Xuebing got an idea. He threw the newspaper and his bag aside and walked out of his apartment. He stood there and stared at the newspaper container.

Dong Xuebing examine the red plastic box for a while before placing his hand on the box. He focused on the box and mumbled," FORWARD."

One second….

Twenty seconds….

Forty seconds….

FORWARD deactivated.

Dong Xuebing removed his hand. He had forwarded this newspaper box to almost one day later. The box still looks the same from the outside without any changes.

Dong Xuebing took out his key and opened the box again.

To his surprise, that’s a newspaper in the box!

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and took out the newspaper with his trembling hand.

Calm down…. I must calm down….

Dong Xuebing clenched his teeth and looked at the newspaper’s front page. He almost threw the papers away when he saw the date.


What the hell is going on?!

Dong Xuebing is speechless and feels the hairs on his back standing up.

The date on this copy of Nan Qi Daily is tomorrow! This is tomorrow’s newspaper!

Translator’s notes: This is the most powerful command out of all. Predicting the future! This is more powerful than BACK, STOP, and REVERSE.

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