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Chapter: 688

Sister Yu s mother died

Chapter 688: Sister Yu’s mother died


Slightly past 7 pm. The sun is setting, and the clouds are orange in color.

Dong Xuebing looked at the date and time on the newspaper at home again. He confirms it is tomorrow’s newspaper.

Tomorrow’s newspaper?!

How is this possible?

Morning papers are called morning papers because they will report the previous day’s important news with other sections. These papers are printed the night before. Sometimes, newspaper agencies will print additional pages when there is breaking news. Most papers will reserve a few pages for breaking news.

That’s why no one can get tomorrow’s newspaper in advance.

Nan Qi News Agency’s Chief Editor also can’t get tomorrow’s papers as it was not been printed yet. He can only see tomorrow’s papers on the PC when checking the layouts.

But now, Dong Xuebing is holding tomorrow’s papers in his hands.

Dong Xuebing wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. He did not expect FORWARD to have this effect. He had decided not to think about this command. Still, he suddenly got this idea to test it on the plastic box, and tomorrow’s papers appeared. This is the power of FORWARD. FORWARD had brought this box and the space inside and outside tomorrow morning.

If this is tomorrow’s newspaper box, it will contain tomorrow’s papers.

This is the only explanation for what happened. The more Dong Xuebing thinks about it, the more excited he gets. FORWARD is not a useless command. It is more useful than anything else.

Suppose Dong Xuebing can get tomorrow’s newspaper from the newspaper box. In that case, he can also get it the day after tomorrow, or even one month later’s copy of the newspaper. He will know the headlines of one month and what happened then. He had overlooked this aspect when he thought about this command this afternoon.

This is good news.

Dong Xuebing immediately goes into the kitchen to prepare a sumptuous dinner consisting of three dishes and a soup. He even took out a bottle of alcohol to celebrate. 

This discovery of FORWARD is a surprise for Dong Xuebing.

When one is happy, one tends to be forgetful. Dong Xuebing was having his dinner when he remembered about Yu Meixia. He had promised her he would contact her parents. He took out his phone and called City Power Station’s General Manager, Yu Meixia’s father, Liu Chenlong.

"Hello, Uncle Liu. I’m Xiao Dong."

"Oh, Xiao Dong. How are you?"

"Haha…. What are you doing now? How come it’s so noisy?"

"I had just finished work and am on my way back for dinner. Are you looking for me?"

Dong Xuebing organized his words and said. "It’s like this. A friend of mine is coming tomorrow and would like to have a meal with you. Oh, if possible, can you invite Bank Manager Qian along?"

Liu Chenlong paused for a second. "My ex-wife?"

Dong Xuebing replied. "Yes. My friend needs to meet both of you."

"I remember telling you that my ex-wife and I are not on good terms after our divorce and seldom contact each other. Can you tell me what it is about over the phone?"

Dong Xuebing smiles. "It’s inconvenient for me to tell you now. My friend is a better person to tell you. Anyway, I promise it is a good thing."

Liu Chenlong laughed. "Xiao Dong ah…. What are you up to?"

"It’s good news, and I promise I am not asking you or Aunt Qian for favors. It’s only a meal."

Liu Chenlong paused for a few seconds and said. "Ok. I will help you ask her out. Anyway, I also need to talk to her. I will help you ask if she is free, but I can’t promise you that she will agree."

"Ok. I will wait for your call."

"Ok. That’s all. My phone’s battery is running low. Bye."

Dong Xuebing continues with his dinner and drinks after hanging up.

Oh, I still have not read tomorrow’s paper.

Dong Xuebing puts down his wine glass and starts reading tomorrow’s papers. The headline is about politics, and it’s not very important to him. He skipped that article and read the next article that caught his attention. The header is about a drunk driving accident. It’s nothing special, but such news seldom appears on the newspaper’s front page.

Let’s see what it says.

Dong Xuebing started reading line by line.

An accident occurred along Nan Shan District’s Luo Gu Street at around 8.10 om last evening. A middle-aged man was driving under the influence and crashed his car into a café. It crashed through the glass into the café, and a female diner was pronounced dead on the spot.

Dong Xuebing shook his head. Drink driving is too much. The driver even crashed into a café.

Dong Xuebing continues reading as he wants to know why this article is on the front page.

But the next line of the article stunned him.

According to our reporter, the woman is Qian Lihua. She is ICBC Fen Zhou City Branch Manager, Qian Lihua.

Qian Lihua?!

Yu Meixia’s mother?!

Dong Xuebing stood up from his chair. Yu Meixia’s mother was knocked down and killed in the accident!

How is this possible?!

They still have not reunited! Sister Yu still has not met her mother!

Dong Xuebing immediately got anxious. Although he had not met Qian Lihua, he sees her as his mother-in-law because of his relationship with Yu Meixia. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her. But now, she is ‘dead.’

Wait a minute!

Qian Lihua is not dead yet! The accident has not happened.

The papers wrote ‘8.10 pm yesterday,’ which is today.

Dong Xuebing quickly looks at the time. It’s 7.30 pm, and he has forty minutes.

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