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Chapter: 757


Chapter 757: Uproar!


The City is in an uproar after Dong Xuebing is confirmed to be alive.

The TV station immediately announces this piece of information. The host of a live-telecast TV program quickly reported. "We interrupt this program for a piece of breaking news. We have received information that our Earthquake Hero, Dong Xuebing, had miraculously returned after being buried for over three hundred hours. Our sources revealed he was not hit by the falling debris when the building collapsed and was trapped in a small space. Luckily, food and water happened to be around in the small space, letting him survive this ordeal. I believe one good turn deserves another. This is a miracle!"

Dong Xuebing is alive!

Dong Xuebing managed to survive in that situation!

Everyone is shocked.

At the same time, Dong Xuebing is talking to Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian on the phone.

"Qianqian, don’t you recognize my voice?" Dong Xuebing laughed. "Get your mother to answer the phone."

"Mum! It is Uncle!" Yu Qianqian shouted excitedly.

"Xiao Bing, is it you? Are you Xiao Bing?" Yu Meixia answered the phone.

"Of course." Dong Xuebing replied. "Are you all in Beijing now?"

"We are in Fen Zhou City at my parents’ place. We heard about your incident and rushed back. You…."

"I am fine. Don’t worry about me. Haha…."

"I…. Qianqian and I thought you……." Yu Meixia cried.

"Why are you crying again? Stop crying."

"I…… I am not crying."

"Haha…. Do you think I can’t hear you? I am fine and tell Qianqian not to worry about me. I will visit you all when I am free. You should know me well. How can a minor earthquake kill me? I will not die even if the sky crashes down! Don’t worry about me. I still have work to do and will call you again."

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang again.

Dong Xuebing had inserted his SIM into Zhou Yanru’s phone, and his phone immediately rang nonstop.

"I am Xu Yan. Is it Xiao Dong?" The City’s State Security Chief Xu Yan called.

Dong Xuebing laughed. "Sister Xu, I was about to call you."

"You idiot! You had scared me!"

"Thanks for worrying about me. I am fine now."

"Good to hear that." Xu Yan is relieved. "I had told you many times before. Don’t force yourself beyond your capabilities, and don’t listen. Luckily, you are safe."

Dong Xuebing laughed. "How are you?"

"What can happen to me? I was only worried about you. You…. Can’t you stop making me worry?"

"I promise I will not do this again."

"Make sure you keep to your words. Alright. I know you are busy. Go and check your body at the hospital, and we will chat later."

"Ok. You must also take care of yourself. I will visit you when I am free."

"Xiao Bing, I am your Aunt Han." It’s Xie Huilan’s mother, Madam Han.

Dong Xuebing quickly greets her. "Auntie."

Han Jing said. "Huilan had just called me. You ah…. You had made us worry."

"Sorry…." Dong Xuebing felt terrible. "I didn’t expect things to turn out this way. But everything is fine now."

"It’s good to know that you are ok. I can stop worrying about you."

Xie Hao shouted in the background. "Aunt! Pass me the phone!"

Han Jing laughed. "Xiao Bing, hold on the line. Xiao Hao wants to speak to you."

"Brother Dong!" Xie Hao shouted. "Say something, and let me hear if it is you."

Dong Xuebing is amused. "Who else can it be?"

"Goddamn! It is you!" Xie Hao exclaimed excitedly. "You are my idol! My only idol in my life! How did you survive it?"

"What do you mean? Are you hoping I would die?"

"Hehe…. Of course not. I am waiting for you to tell me about your adventures."

"Ok. I will visit you all when I return to Beijing."

"You are amazing. I previously heard about the air crash, and I thought you had died. Haha…. It is the same this time. I have no words for you. Brother-in-law, how many lives do you have? You made me waste a few of my precious tears."

"Stop your nonsense."

"Director Dong, you are still alive!" The next caller is Yan Tai County Lin Pingping.

Dong Xuebing laughed. "Do I sound like I am dead?"

"Thank god!" Lin Pingping said. "I knew you would be fine."

"Thanks for worrying about me."

"Director Dong, I’m Luo Haiting. You…."

"Sister Luo, haha…. Did you think I had become a martyr?"

"No. I knew you would be fine."

Dong Xuebing had called and received over twenty phone calls, and he was excited. He can finally rest after contacting all his friends and family. He looked at the people around him and saw them waiting for him to say something. He thought about what to say when he suddenly felt giddy. Everything is spinning.


Dong Xuebing knows he was trapped under the debris for too long. Although his body has recovered from his powers, he is still mentally exhausted. His mental damage cannot be healed with REVERSE. Coupled with his excited state of speaking to his concerned friends and family, he suddenly feels the effects.

"Director Dong!"


"Watch out!"

Zhou Yanru and Geng Xinke, standing nearest to Dong Xuebing, rushed over to support him. "Director Dong, how are you feeling?" 

Dong Xuebing waved his hand, but he couldn’t say anything. He is too dizzy.

Wang Yuling shouts. "Get someone to send Director Dong to the Neighborhood Hospital!"

"No need." Geng Xinke said. "Old Pang! It will be faster if we carry Director Dong."

"Ok!" Pang Geng rolled up his sleeves, and they carried Dong Xuebing towards the Neighborhood Hospital.

Everyone is worried as they make a path for them.

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