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Chapter: 758

Call from the Chief Secretary

Chapter 758: Call from the Chief Secretary!

One day….

Two days….

Guang Ming Subdistrict’s only remaining neighborhood hospital.

Dong Xuebing slept for two days and two nights. He found himself sleeping comfortably in a temporary ward when he woke up. A doctor is beside him checking his blood pressure.

"Oh, you are awake." The doctor looks at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing rubbed his eyes. "How long have I been asleep? I felt I had slept for days."

The doctor points to the clock. "It’s been two days and two nights."

"Two days?!" Dong Xuebing was shocked. "Did anyone visit when I was asleep?" The doctor whispered something to a nurse and checked his breathing with a stethoscope before answering him. "Stop talking, and let me check you. Your mother and a woman came with her daughter. A lady, Ms. Xie, had visited a few times. The rests are your colleagues and friends. But they saw you deep in sleep and did not wake you."

Xie Huilan is here.

Mum and Sister Yu are here too.

Dong Xuebing scratched his head and knew he had made them worry again. "Doctor, how am I? My body should be fine, right?" The door opens.

Geng Xinke, Zhou Yanru, and a few Subdistrict Office staff entered the ward. The nurse must have notified them.

"Director Dong. You are awake."

"Doctor, how is his condition?"

"Is our Director alright?" Everyone started talking and asking when they entered.

The doctor finished his checks and replied calmly. "Don’t worry. Director Dong is fine. He was just mentally exhausted, and he is fine after a long sleep."

Zhou Yanru asked. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." The doctor replied and thought to himself. Dong Xuebing is ten times healthier than an average person and doesn’t look like someone who barely escapes death. The doctor looks at Dong Xuebing again and is shocked by his recovery speed. How can someone buried under the rumbles for almost twenty days recover so fast? The doctor was transferred from a nearby hospital and had heard of Dong Xuebing before. But seeing him escaping from the collapsed hospital without any injuries is unbelievable.

Is this guy still human?

Everyone is relieved after the doctor confirms Dong Xuebing is fine.

Dong Xuebing tried to get up. "Thanks for worrying. Since I am fine, let’s go. It’s time for me to leave. I don’t want to continue lying here."

The doctor stops Dong Xuebing. "No! We still need to observe you." Geng Xinke also stops him. "Yes. Director Dong, you should get more rest." Wang Yuling added. "Don’t worry about the rescue operations. It is almost over, and we are preparing to rebuild."

"Oh?" Dong Xuebing asked. "Tell me the details."

It took two hours for Guang Ming Subdistrict Office’s staff to report to Dong Xuebing on everything they had done.

Dong Xuebing nodded after they finished. "Good. You all had worked hard when I am not around." Geng Xinke smiled. "I believe we would be better if you were around."

"Secretary Geng, you are too modest." Dong Xuebing patted his shoulder.

"This time…." Dong Xuebing was about to say something when the door opened again. Seven to eight middle-aged men enter the ward. Four of them carry bags under their arms and look like Leaders. Two reporters with cameras followed behind them. Everyone was shocked, and Dong Xuebing felt he had seen the middle-aged man walking in front. He had appeared in Fen Zhou City’s news often and should be the City’s No. 1. Fen Zhou City Party Secretary Wan Fanglei.

"Secretary Wan. Secretary Bai." The rest should be the City Government Leaders and Staff. They closed the door lightly after they entered.

Wan Fanglei smiles as he looks at Dong Xuebing. "You must be Xiao Dong."

"Yes, Secretary Wan." Dong Xuebing quickly sat up and wanted to get off the bed.

But Wan Fanglei steps forward and stops him. "I know you are not feeling well. Just lie down."

Geng Xinke, Zhou Yanru, and the rest quickly step aside.

A reporter quickly took a few pictures of them and went behind into a corner.

Dong Xuebing knew Secretary Wan was here to visit him.

Wan Fanglei says. "I had wanted to visit you when I heard you were fine two days ago. But I learned you are hospitalized and decided to visit you today."

"Xiao Dong, you had done well before the earthquake. I had read the reports about you at least twice. Our Fen Zhou City can have a low casualty rate because of you."

Dong Xuebing quickly reply. "Secretary Wan, you had thought too highly of me. I am a Party Member, and this is my duty." Wan Fanglei patted his shoulder and nodded. "How are you feeling?"

Dong Xuebing smiles as he replies. "The doctor says I am alright now. Thank you for asking."

Wan Fanglei looks at Dong Xuebing. "Good to hear you are fine, but you still have to take care of yourself. Your current mission is to recuperate well. We have more work for you in the future."

Wan Fanglei chatted and encouraged Dong Xuebing for a while before saying. "Wait a minute. I got to make a phone call."

Wan Fanglei walked out with his phone, and no one knew who he was calling.

The reporter immediately went up to Dong Xuebing after Wan Fanglei left. "Director Dong, I am a reporter with Fen Zhou City TV station and would like to interview you. You had moved everyone in Fen Zhou City when you sacrificed yourself to save others. When we heard you had been buried when the First Hospital collapsed, we all cried. We would like to know what you were thinking and what made you risk your life to save the residents."

Dong Xuebing smiles wearily and looks at the camera. "Haha… I find you quite familiar." The reporter laughed. "I had interviewed you before when you saved the boy from the Siberian Tiger at the Safari Zoo."

Dong Xuebing calmly replies. "Then you should remember what I said that time. Everyone is scared of dying, and it is the same for me. But I am a Party Member and a Civil Servant. Those people are in danger, and everyone can walk away from that situation except me. I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, and it doesn’t matter. As a Government Leader, I cannot abandon them, and saving them is our duty."

It would be too fake if anyone else said this. But no one will doubt Dong Xuebing when he says this. He has proved himself with his actions and doesn’t think twice when sacrificing himself to save those residents.

Suddenly, the City Party Secretary’s assistant enters the ward. "Everyone, please leave the ward."

They look at each other and quietly leave the ward.

Wan Fanglei enters the room alone a while later, holding his handphone. It seems to be an important phone call. He passed the phone to Dong Xuebing. "It’s the Chief Secretary."

Everyone outside heard it and was shocked.

Chief Secretary had returned to Beijing, and he is calling Director Dong now!

Dong Xuebing is also surprised and quickly answers the phone respectfully. "Good morning, Chief Secretary. I am Xiao Dong."

The caller laughed loudly. "I can tell you are doing well from your voice. Good job! I have heard about you. Leaders like you are what we need during such times. You have done well and set a good example. Everyone should learn from you."

Dong Xuebing nervously replies. "Chief Secretary, you think too highly of me. This is what I should do."

"I am relieved when I hear you are recovering well."

Although the Chief Secretary did not say much over the phone, Dong Xuebing knows its weight.

After hanging up, Secretary Wan asked Dong Xuebing to rest well before leaving with his men.

Guang Ming Subdistrict Office staffs were envious of Dong Xuebing. He had spoken with the Chief Secretary on the phone, and Fen Zhou City’s No. 1 had visited him! After this incident, they know Director Dong could not remain in Guang Ming Subdistrict Office. With his contributions, he will move to the next level.

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