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Chapter: 1943

Chapter 1943: Xia Tang and Huo Ze’s Grand Finale (2)

"Ahem, I’d better go out first…" Xiaofan, who was about to put the notes from the meeting on Xia Cha’s desk, coughed awkwardly and turned to go out.

Xia Cha looked at the handsome man in front of her and smiled gently like running water. "You’re not busy today?"

"Grandpa called and asked us to go back for dinner."

"Okay, let me sign some documents and we’ll go back."

Xia Cha got up and sat at her desk.

Huo Heng looked at Xia Cha, who was lowering her head to sign the document. He suddenly realized that this girl had grown up, matured, and become more and more feminine.

After Xia Cha signed the document, she found Huo Heng staring at her without blinking and she smiled. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"My wife is beautiful."

Xia Cha glared at him with a smile. "We’ve been married for several years, but you still say such things."

"I’ll say that for the rest of my life. When you’re old, you’ll be the most beautiful old lady in the world."

"Alright, alright. You’ll also be the most handsome old man in the world."

The two of them returned to the Huo family’s old mansion for dinner. Along the way, Xia Cha received a call.

After the call, Huo Heng saw Xia Cha frowning slightly. "What’s wrong?"

"University class reunion."

"Don’t go if you don’t want to."

"They’ve been calling me for three years. Forget it, I’ll just go once!" Most of the time, she was in Harbor City and would bump into her classmate occasionally. Every time they called her, she would not go. In the eyes of others, she was too arrogant.

Huo Heng held Xia Cha’s hand. "Are you going to bring a plus-one?"

"The rule is that family members are not allowed."

The weekend.

Huo Heng sent Xia Cha to the clubhouse. Before Xia Cha got out of the car, he hugged her and said, "Call me before you end. I’ll come and fetch you."

Xia Cha looked at the man who, for some reason, was sending her to work and picking her up after work. "You’ve been so passionate recently. Do you have any ulterior motives?"

"I’m afraid of wild men wanting my wife’s beauty."

Xia Cha punched his shoulder with her fist. "You’re annoying."

When Xia Cha arrived at the private room, several female classmates surrounded Chen Xinying, who was center of attention. They were all praising her for her branded bags, watches, necklaces, and clothes.

Chen Xinying noticed Xia Cha from the corner of her eye and secretly sized her up.

Xia Cha did not know if she was hallucinating, but she felt Chen Xinying’s gaze land on her flat stomach for a few seconds.

"Xia Cha, you’re here." Chen Xinying welcomed her warmly.

Xia Cha nodded lightly. She walked over and sat between her roommates that she was close to.

"I don’t know what’s wrong with Chen Xinying. So what if she’s wearing branded goods? How can her status be higher than yours?" Her roommates rolled her eyes.

Her roommate had also gotten married two years ago and had a son last year. She had gained some weight, but she did not lose out in cuteness.

Xia Cha smiled and changed the topic. "I saw the baby video you posted that day. He’s so chubby and cute."

"Right? I even regretted being pregnant with him at first and couldn’t have my own career. But after he was born, I felt that my sacrifice was worth it."

"It won’t be too late for me to find a job after he weans." The roommate looked at Xia Cha and said, "Cha Cha, when do you and Mr. Huo plan to have a child?"

At the mention of this question, Xia Cha’s eyes darkened slightly.

After they got married, Huo Heng doted on her a lot.

She did everything she could, but he stuck to his own opinion when it came to having children.

He did not want her to take even the slightest risk!

Old Master Huo and Jian Yi had tried to persuade him several times, but it had no effect.

Chen Xinying secretly observed Xia Cha’s movements. Seeing Xia Cha’s eyes darken after hearing the mention of a child, she confirmed her guess.

Chen Xinying was now working in the Huo Corporation. Through her own hard work, she had become a member of the president’s office.

Although she was not the head assistant yet, she was also a capable assistant who received an excellent salary.

All the girls in the president’s office liked Huo Heng.

But the other two were old.

Only Chen Xinying, who was known as the belle of assistants in the president’s office, was ranked at the top with her beauty.

Initially, she could only dream on since Huo Heng and Xia Cha were married.

However, the two of them had been married for three years. Not only had Xia Cha not given birth to a child, but she had never even gotten pregnant.

The women in the company had already secretly gossiped. Which woman who married into a rich family did not want to have children to stabilize her status? From what she knew, some female celebrities wanted to have children in order to enter a rich family, but Xia Cha did not…

The company had long spread that Xia Cha was a hen that could not lay an egg.

Chen Xinying felt that she had a chance.

Even if Huo Heng did not give her a status, she would give birth to a son for him who would inherit the Huo family’s fortune. After all, Xia Cha couldn’t have children.

Chen Xinying was planning happily, and she looked at Xia Cha with more pride and sympathy.

In the following days, Chen Xinying dressed herself up more. Every time Huo Heng came to the company, she would call him President Huo gently.

Unfortunately, Huo Heng never looked at her.

There were a total of twenty people in the president’s office. Jian Ming was the president’s assistant and their boss.

Among the twenty people, there were only three women, two of whom were married. She was the youngest and most beautiful.

Originally, the President’s office did not want beautiful and youthful women, but she was very close to the HR manager and the HR department strongly recommended her, saying that she was capable.

However, after she came up, she realized that she could not enter the president’s office at any time. Although she was an assistant, she was also the lowest-ranked assistant. She could not directly contact Huo Heng.

Chen Xinying was trying to find a chance to rise again so that she could get in touch with Huo Heng. It was then that her opportunity came.

On this day, the male assistant, who was supposed to accompany Huo Heng, felt uncomfortable, so Chen Xinying offered to go in his place.

The male assistant had eaten with Chen Xinying and knew that she was good with liquor, so he did not think too much about it and agreed.

Jian Ming was slightly stunned when he saw Chen Xinying coming over. Chen Xinying immediately explained the assistant’s stomach discomfort.

Jian Ming nodded. "Can you drink?"

"Yes, I have a very good alcohol tolerance."

The client Huo Heng was going to meet was an alcoholic, and Chen Xinying took a lot of alcohol on Huo Heng’s behalf.

Despite her good alcohol tolerance, she was still slightly dizzy in the end.

Not only did Chen Xinying, but Jian Ming had also been forced to drink a lot of alcohol.

Huo Heng asked the driver to drive them back.

Jian Ming’s house was close to the restaurant and he got out of the car first.

When they arrived at Chen Xinying’s house, Huo Heng asked the driver to send her off.

But Chen Xinying did not get out of the car. She looked at the man who was sitting far away from her and could not help leaning closer to him.

Huo Heng frowned. "Assistant Chen, your house is here. Get off."

Chen Xinying didn’t move, merely staring at the man’s handsome and charismatic face under the light. She smiled coyly at him. "President Huo, actually… I’ve known you for a long time."

Huo Heng clearly did not have the patience to listen to Chen Xinying. His expression was fierce as he said, "Get off!"

"President Huo, I don’t care if you have a wife or not. If she can’t have children, how about I have your children?" Chen Xinying raised her hand, wanting to caress Huo Heng’s face.

Huo Heng shook her hand off.

"Assistant Chen, do you know what you’re saying?"

"I do! Your wife, Xia Cha, was my classmate. What’s so good about her? She has no background and has a cold personality. She only has good looks. But President Huo, you’re not such a superficial person… So what if Xia Cha is good-looking? She can’t have children. She has been married to you for three years but has never even gotten pregnant. How can the Huo family tolerate such a woman?"

The moment she finished speaking, Chen Xinying was kicked out of the car.

The pain made Chen Xinying sober up a little.

The driver shook his head when he saw Chen Xinying. "You’d better pray for yourself!"

The chauffeur got into the car and drove away.

Chen Xinying looked at the departing car and suddenly remembered what she had said in the car. She wanted to bite her tongue off!

She was doomed before she could even implement her plan!

The next day, Chen Xinying received a letter.

After being fired by the Huo Corporation, which other company would want her?

Chen Xinying had really shot herself in the foot this time. She was indignant, so she spread the news of Xia Cha being infertile in the school’s chat group.

Xia Cha did not know what had happened to Huo Heng recently. He was treating her even better than before.

He did not work overtime during the weekend and accompanied her to shop, read, and watch movies.

On this day, when they were in the mall, Xia Cha met her university roommate who was hugging her child.

Huo Heng stood at the side and watched Xia Cha carrying her roommate’s son, smiling and her eyes filled with softness. Suddenly, his heart ached.

After shopping, they returned to the old mansion for dinner.

The moment they returned, he saw the Old Master’s angry expression.

Old Master Huo was like a child as he got older, and his emotions were written all over his face.

The butler explained, "Old Master went to play chess at an old friend’s house in the afternoon and met Old Master Liu. Old Master Liu’s eldest grandson had a second child and even secretly mocked Old Master for not being lucky. He might not have see his great-grandson even up until the day he passes away."

"I’ll go to the study to see Grandpa," Xia Cha said.

Huo Heng stood in front of the French windows in the living room, his thin lips slightly pursed as he looked out of the window thoughtfully.

That night.

Huo Heng hugged Xia Cha and kissed her ear. "Little Camellia, do you like children?"

"I do."

"Aren’t you afraid?"

Xia Cha was originally sleepy, but when she heard Huo Heng’s words, she immediately sobered up.

She turned around and hugged Huo Heng’s thin waist. "If I say I’m not afraid, I’d definitely be lying to you. I couldn’t keep my child all three times. I’m also afraid that I won’t be able to keep it the next time."

"But what can I do? The more time I spend with you, the more I like you. I just want to have our baby."

She looked up from his chest, staring at his slightly silent face as she kissed his chin. "Hubby, go and do the surgery. If I still can’t keep the child even if I get pregnant, I won’t think about it anymore, alright?"

Hearing her words, Huo Heng felt terrible.

She was his weakness and he did not want to try anymore.

He really did not want her to experience that kind of pain again.

After a few days of thinking, Huo Heng made a decision.

He said to Xia Cha, "I’m going on a business trip for half a month."

Xia Cha did not doubt him.

Huo Heng went for the surgery.

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