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Chapter: 2166

Chapter 2166: Provoking

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After the new year, Bo Cixue moved to the apartment her parents had given her.

More than a hundred square meters was decorated in the style Bo Cixue liked. There was a big bedroom connected to the cloakroom and study, and then there was a big living room with a wide view.

When her best friends saw her new home, they were all envious.

Especially Ye Qingcheng. She had always wanted to move out and live alone, but her parents and Ye Xuan did not agree.

"Come to my house on Friday. I’l cook personally."

Bo Cixue had moved to a new house and her friends who were close to her naturally had to come over for a meal.

Even Ye Qingcheng was flying over from K Country.

After all, it was Bo Cixue’s own small world and the adults would not participate.

Bo Cixue started to prepare the ingredients a day in advance.

Although it was tiring for her to move out, it was also an experience and fun she had never experienced before.

Her apartment was on the top floor and there were two households. Ever since she moved here, she had never seen her neighbor.

When Bo Cixue was moving ingredients in and out, the door of the house opposite opened.

A tall, handsome and mature man came out with a three-year-old girl in his arms.

Seeing Bo Cixue with her hair in a bun and wearinga white casual outfit, the little girl shouted childishly, "Mommy."

Bo Cixue and the man holding the child were stunned.

The man said to the little girl with an awkward expression, "Nanan got the wrong person. She’s our neighbor. You should call her Sister" The man nodded apologetically at Bo Cixue. "Hello, my surname is Ying. Nanan’s mother used to like to wear white too. She got the wrong person."

Bo Cixue reacted and shook her head with a smile. "It’s alright." With that said, she took out a small toy from her bag and gave it to the little girl. "We’ll be neighbors in the future. Please take care of me."

Darling liked the little toys Bo Cixue had given her and nodded excitedly.

"Sister, you can come to our house for dinner in the future. My Daddy’s food is super delicious."

Bo Cixue smiled and nodded, then looked at the handsome and mature man.

"Mr Ying, I’l go in first."

Mr Ying nodded.

The next day.

Nan Xun, Ye Qingcheng, and even Tang Wu, who was far away in M Country, had come. There were also several socialites Bo Cixue had good relationships with in the capital.

Of course, it was not only girls who came. Tang Mo and Lu0 Zhou also came.

When Caesar found out that Bo Cixue had moved to a new house, he still sent gifts although he did not come personally.

It was the first time Ye Qingcheng and Luo Zhou had met after their flash date.

Luo Zhou was gentle and calm, so nothing could be seen. On the other hand, when Ye Qingcheng saw Luo Zhou coming, she was furious.

She was angry!

Although they had only dated for a short time, she had given her heart to him.

But he was calm and indifferent. When he saw her, he could greet her warmly and even smile at her like a spring breeze.


Who wanted to greet him? Who wanted to smile at him?

Ye Qingcheng had many thoughts in her heart, but her thin face still retained her coldness and nobility.

She did not even look at him if she could.

Ye Qingcheng went into the kitchen and helped Bo Cixue cut fruits.

Bo Cixue glanced at Ye Qingcheng and then at Luo Zhou, who was talking to Tang Mo in the living room. She poked Ye Qingcheng with her elbow. "You’re too obvious. You still care about him!"

Ye Qingcheng snorted, pouting her red lips as she said angrily, "Who cares? Let me tell you, I hate people who lie to me the most. Anyway, I won’t forgive him even if I die."

Ye Qingcheng had been in a vegetative state for four years, but her personality was still the same as four years ago. She still had the temperament of a young girl Bo Cixue smiled and said nothing.

Ye Qingcheng glared at Bo Cixue. "What are you laughing at? By the way, you didn’t treat your Brother Xiaojie to a meal today?"

Bo Cixue heard movement at the door and gestured to Ye Qingcheng with her yes. "Speak of the devil"

Ye Jie came over.

He was wearing a casual woolen coat with a black turtleneck inside. His hair was styled and unlike the cold and serious look he had on TV, he looked a little flowery and handsome today.

Even Tang Mo exclaimed when he saw Ye Jie. "Hey, you actually made yourself look so young today. If I had known, I would have gone to get styled too."

Nan Xun, who was eating melon seeds with Tang Wu, glanced at Tang Mo speechlessly. When the man became flirtatious, there was nothing for women to do.

Tang Mo stared at the box in Ye Jie’s hand. "What are you giving Sister Cixue?

How big is the jewelry in such a big box?"

Ye Jie glanced at Tang Mo coldly before his dark eyes landed on Nan Xun. "Take care of your man."

Tang Mo snorted. "I’m a man. Why do I need her to care?"

Nan Xun could not be bothered to glance at the man who liked to seek death.

Ye Jie did not see Bo Cixue in the living room. He strode into the kitchen.

Seeing Ye Jie coming over, Ye Qingcheng left the kitchen. Seeing that Bo Cixue was not looking at him, Ye Jie walked behind her and wrapped a hand around her slender waist. Bo Cixue was shocked.

Countless pairs of eyes were staring at the kitchen from outside. Why was he not paying attention to his figure now?

Bo Cixue poked him with her elbow and was about to say something when the doorbell rang.

Bo Cixue ran out.

The person who pressed the doorbell was the neighbor opposite. The young girl was holding a beautiful doll and when she saw Bo Cixue, she said with a smile, "Pretty Sister, this is my gift to you for moving to a new house."

Bo Cixue took the doll from the young girl and thanked her with a smile. Then, she looked at the handsome man behind the young girl. "Mr Ying, come in and have a seat. Well have hot pot later. If you don’t mind, let’s eat together?"

Mr Ying wanted to say something, but he was slightly stunned when he saw the man walking out of the kitchen and standing behind Bo Cixue.

If he was not wrong, that was the Crown Prince, right?

Mr Ying looked at Bo Cixue again and seemed to understand everything. He smiled politely and shook his head. "Nan Nan and I have something on later, so we won’t be eating hotpot together. I wish you a happy housewarming"

Bo Cixue could feel the strong aura of the man behind her. Not to mention the men in the capital, any man who knew him would not dare to say anything to her when they saw him.

Bo Cixue nodded at Mr Ying and touched the young gir!’s head. "i like the gift very much. If there’s a chance next time, Ill treat you to pizza."

"Okay, thank you, Pretty Sister"

After Mr Ying left with the little girl in his arms, Bo Cixue turned back to look at the man with dark and sharp eyes and went into the kitchen without a word.

The cold nman followed her in.

His handsome jawline was tensed and he said hoarsely, "You can even provoke married men now?

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