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Chapter: 2167

Chapter 2167: Sour

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bo Cixue heard Ye Jie’s words and felt a lump in her throat.

‘When did he see her provoking a married man?

Bo Cixue took a deep breath and told herself not to argue with a sick man.

Bo Cixue looked at his deep and dark eyes and explained with a smile, "Firstly, he’s a single father and my neighbor opposite me. Secondly, I only greeted him occasionally. Anyone would come and greet me. I would also politely invite him in as a guest!"

Ye Jie looked at Bo Cixue’s serious expression and felt a slight pain in his heart.

If the Head of the hospital had not said those words to her, she might have rejected him!

He could not see true love and love in her eyes.

However, this did not affect him much. Feelings could be cultivated, but he was afraid that he would not even have the chance to do so.

Ye Jie reached out his hand that had been behind his back.

"It’s a gift for you."

Bo Cixue glanced at him and then looked down at the gift he handed over. A moment later, she took it.

She put it on the kitchen counter.

His low and hoarse voice sounded. "Aren’t you going to take a look?"

"Tm cutting fruits. Let’s open gifts tonight."

Ye Jie looked at Bo Cixue’s fair and exquisite side profile and frowned.

How could he not see that she just could not get along with him?

After the hotpot was almost ready, Bo Cixue saw Tang Wu standing on the balcony and walked over to call her.

Tang Wu sat on the swing, surrounded by the flowers and plants raised by Bo Cixue. The scenery was beautiful and the air was fresh. When she saw Bo Cixue walking over, she said with a bright smile, "Have you made up with the Crown Prince? Now that you’ve moved out, their relationship will be even


Bo Cixue glared at Tang Wu. "I have no intention of letting him stay here. Besides, I only allowed him to approach me because of some special circumstances."

‘Tang Wu knew Bo Cixue’s personality. If she did not want to say anything, it was useless for them to ask.

Although Tang Wu also wanted to know what was going on, she would not ask if Bo Cixue did not tell her. This was also the trick of being best friends. She could not understand everything just because they were close.

Everyone should have their own secrets and space.

‘Tang Wu and Bo Cixue’s conversation fell into Tang Mo and Ye Jie’s ears.

Tang Mo glanced at the calm Ye Jie. "I thought you settled Beauty Bo! But there’s something wrong with the two of you. Why is it the other way around? She doesn’t seem to have you in her eyes!"

Ye Jie pursed his lips tightly and did not speak. He looked at Bo Cixue, who was talking and laughing with Tang Wu, and his chest felt empty.

The ingredients for the hotpot were almost ready, except for the vegetables that had not been washed.

Ye Qingcheng volunteered to wash the vegetables in the kitchen.

She did not know how to cook or cut vegetables. She could barely pick vegetables.

Ye Qingcheng volunteered to go to the kitchen to pick and wash vegetables mainly because she did not want to face Luo Zhou.

She did not know who he was calling, but he was smiling brightly.

Out of sight, out of mind. He probably wouldn’t be sad if he couldn’t see her!

‘As Ye Qingcheng plucked the vegetables, she thought angrily that she would agree to the man who had been pursuing her recently to have a relationship and forget the influence Luo Zhou had on her!

"Washing vegetables alone?" The man’s deep and mellow voice sounded by her ear. Ye Qingcheng looked up and was slightly stunned when she saw the man standing beside her.

There was a heater in the house. Luo Zhou had taken off his jacket and was wearing a round-neck mixed-colored sweater. It was clean and moist. Coupled with his tall figure, he was unbelievably handsome no matter what he wore.

Ye Qingcheng had seen countless handsome men. After all, she had grown up in the presidential palace and had seen too many young masters.

But she had not seen many boys with clean temperament who made people feel warm when they smiled.

Even if he had lied to her before, she could not go against her conscience and say that he looked like a scumbag.

Ye Qingcheng looked at Luo Zhou’s elegant and gorgeous side profile and said with a fake smile, "Is Young Master Luo talking to me?"

Luo Zhou reached out his slender hand and helped Ye Qingcheng pick the vegetables, a faint smile on his lips. "Qingcheng, even a judge will give himself a chance to defend himself. You’ve sentenced him to death."

Ye Qingcheng threw the vegetables she had picked into the pool and said aggressively, "I heard it with my own ears. Why are you still trying to defend yourself? You’re using another set of lies to lie to me!"

‘As Ye Qingcheng spoke, she lifted her chin proudly. "But I don’t mind you lying to me anymore. I have someone I like now."

Luo Zhou’s handsome face was still smiling warmly. "Who are you talking about, Princess?"

"You wouldn’t know me even if I told you."

"Tell me about it."

"Uncle He, the young master of the Duke’s palace."

Luo Zhou narrowed his clear eyes and nodded, his expression unreadable.

Ye Qingcheng glared at him. "What kind of expression is that? Hebai doesn’t look worse than you and has a good family background."

Luo Zhou washed the vegetables clean and the smile on his handsome face deepened. "Princess, do you know that he had three girlfriends and every one of them died inexplicably before his engagement? It’s said that he jinxes women. If you’re bold, you can try him."

Ye Qingcheng had been unconscious for four years and she really did not know many things.

He Bo’s pursuit of her was very low-key and almost no one knew about it. No one told her that He Bo had dated three women and they had all died.

Ye Qingcheng still cherished her life very much.

However, she could not show it in front of Luo Zhou. "So… so what? I’m lucky. We still don’t know who jinxed whom!"

Luo Zhou washed the vegetables and put them in the basket. The person outside shouted that it was time to eat. He took the vegetables and went out with a faint smile.

Ye Qingcheng looked at his back and jumped in anger.

What was he laughing at?

‘What was so funny?

Was her pursuer that bad?

Ye Qingcheng stomped her feet and walked out of the kitchen angrily.

In the afternoon.

Her friends left one after another.

Bo Cixue was about to clear the table when Ye Jie walked over. "Go and rest. I’ll clean up."

"It’s alright, I can do it myself. You can go back first!"

Ye Jie looked at her deeply. "Okay."

Unlike in the past, when she chased him away, he did not leave. After nodding at her, he went out.

Bo Cixue looked at his handsome back and did not look away for a while.

After Bo Cixue tidied up the dining room, she was a little tired and the smell of hotpot on her was a little strong. She went to the bathroom to take a bath.

After she was done, she lay on the bed and listened to the soothing music before falling asleep.

‘When Bo Cixue woke up, it was already evening.

She took the rubbish out to throw it away.

She had just opened the door when she saw Mr Ying carrying the little girl with one hand and pushing the luggage out with the other.

Mr Ying nodded at Bo Cixue.

"Is Mr Ying on a business trip?"

Mr Ying looked at Bo Cixue and hesitated before nodding.

Bo Cixue returned home after throwing away the rubbish and looked at the tightly closed door opposite. She did not know if she was hallucinating, but she felt that Mr Ying’s expression was strange when he left just now.

For the next two days, Bo Cixue saw people coming in and out of Mr Ying’s house and even changed the furniture.

Perhaps she wanted to change her furniture, not to mention that it was the neighbor’s business. Bo Cixue did not go over and ask anything.

Three days passed like this. Bo Cixue went out to meet her best friends and came back. She went to the supermarket downstairs to buy some fruits. When she entered the elevator, she was slightly stunned when she saw that there was someone inside.

The man in the elevator was wearing a black suit and tie. He must have just come from an important event.

"Brother Xiaojie, why are you here?" Recently, he had to receive foreign guests and was very busy. He had not looked for her and she naturally had not contacted him.

Ye Jie looked at the fruits in Bo Cixue’s hand. "You went to the supermarket? Have you eaten?"

Bo Cixue planned to go home and cook some noodles. She shook her head. "Not yet. I’ll go home and cook."

He smirked slightly. "Tl cook for you."

"I don’t have anything at home."


Bo Cixue furrowed her eyebrows. What did he have?

Was there food in the briefcase?

Just as she was confused, the elevator door opened.

Bo Cixue and Ye Jie walked out of the elevator one after another.

Bo Cixue stood in front of the door and was about to ask Ye Jie if he wanted to go to the supermarket with her when she saw his slender index finger pressing the fingerprint lock opposite her.

Bo Cixue widened her eyes slightly and only found her voice after a while. "Why… do you have Mr. Ying’s pass code?"

Bo Cixue had just finished speaking when she immediately remembered that the furniture and the aunties had been changed in the past few days. She was stunned. "Did you buy the house Mr Ying bought?"

Ye Jie said, "We’ll be neighbors in the future. I’ll go cook first. You can come over anytime. The password is your birthday."

He went in first.

Bo Cixue only reacted after a while.

Back at home, she sent this to her best friends.

Ye Qingcheng sent a voice message very quickly. "I’m being lovey dovey again."

Recently, Tang Wu and Lan Yue had returned to the country. The response to Lan Yue’s movie was very good. He had come back to attend an award ceremony.

‘Tang Wu would occasionally post about her and Lan Yue’s daily lives in the group.

Ye Qingcheng ate the dog food with relish while being abused.

Nan Xun: "When he saw Mr Ying’s gaze that day, I had a feeling that Mr Ying might move away from here."

‘Tang Wu: "I underestimated the Crown Prince in the past. I thought he was a straight man who didn’t know how to woo a girl. Now, I realize that he’s the most capable among the men."

Tang Wu: I’m close to you.

Ye Qingcheng: "What does he mean to you by becoming your new neighbor?"

Bo Cixue: "He went back to cook and asked me to go down for dinner."

Ye Qingcheng: I’m jealous. Please call me Princess Lemon in the future.

Bo Cixue changed her clothes and walked opposite while chatting in her best friends’ chat.

She was about to enter the password when the door was opened from inside.

Ye Jie had changed out of his suit and was wearing a set of loungewear. He looked at her with his dark eyes. "Do you have white sugar at home?"

"No, I’ll go down and buy it if you want!"

He hummed softly.

Bo Cixue went downstairs and found that something was wrong the moment she walked out of the elevator..

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