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Chapter: 2174

Chapter 2174: Cold

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bo Cixue looked at the cold and distant man and froze for a few seconds.

‘When Tiantian saw Bo Cixue, she hurriedly stood up from the chair. "Sister Apple, are you done with your call? My brother just woke up."

Seeing Ye Jie close his eyes again, Tiantian said worriedly, "Tl go find a doctor."

After Tiantian ran out of the ward, Bo Cixue walked to the cabinet and looked at Ye Jie’s cold side profile, breaking the silence. "Do you want to eat something?"

He did not open his eyes, only moving his lips. "No need to trouble you."

Bo Cixue could feel his coldness toward her. She did not understand why he was so cold to her when he had even risked his life for her.

"Do you not want to see me?"

He said nothing.

Bo Cixue was a little angry and turned to walk out of the ward.

When she reached the door of the ward, she seemed to have thought of something and went to the cabinet of the ward, carrying the wooden box he had given her.

She was about to leave when she heard him say, "Since you don’t like it, leave it here!"

Bo Cixue was stunned for a moment before she understood what he meant.

He wanted to take back what he had given her?

‘After a few seconds, she said angrily, "Can you take back what you gave others?"

"You don’t like it."

Before Bo Cixue could say anything, the doctor rushed in.

After checking on Ye Jie, the doctor nodded at Tiantian and Bo Cixue. "As long as His Highness rests well, he will be fine."

Tiantian breathed a sigh of relief.

She giggled at Bo Cixue. "Sister Apple, I’ll go out and call my mother. Can you take care of my brother here?"

Bo Cixue nodded lightly.

After the doctor left, the nurse gave Ye Jie a drip.

Bo Cixue stood at the door and watched. The nurse was new and looked beautiful. After giving Ye Jie the injection, she asked him softly, "Your Highness, you’re awake. Do you want to eat something?"

"No need."

"Your Highness, you’ll recover better if you eat. I saw that Princess Tiantian brought porridge for you. Let me feed you some!"

‘The nurse was rather enthusiastic. Ye Jie could not sit up to eat, so she poured out the porridge and took out a straw.

"Your Highness, have some!"

‘The nurse’s voice was gentle and patient.

Although Ye Jie was lying on the bed now, he was handsome, cold, noble, and elegant. He was an unattainable god in the hearts of the women in the capital.

Now that she had the chance to get close to him, the nurse was a little restless.

Who didn’t want to climb up the social ladder?

Besides, she had secretly asked around the past two days and he did not have a girlfriend.

Ye Jie looked at the nurse whose cheeks were slightly red and understood her thoughts at a glance. His lips moved. "Get out."

Although he was lying on the bed, the cold and dignified aura on him was still there. The nurse did not dare to be solicitous in front of him and make him feel disgusted. After putting down the bowl, she fled.

‘When the nurse passed by Bo Cixue, she looked up at her.

Bo Cixue smiled at her and the nurse hurriedly lowered her head and ran away.

After the ward regained its silence, Bo Cixue walked to the bed.

She picked up the bowl of porridge and looked at the silent and cold man. "If I feed you, will you eat it?"

Ye Jie pursed his lips tightly and said nothing.

Bo Cixue was angry and put the bowl on the cabinet. "Since you don’t like me, I’ll leave!"

She left the ward angrily.

‘Walking towards the elevator, she heard several nurses chatting and laughing when she passed by the nurse’s room.

"The Crown Prince’s aura is too strong. Oh my god, my heart almost stopped when he looked over."

"But he’s really handsome. Even when he’s injured, he’s flawless."

"Treally want to know which woman will be able to subdue him in the future."

Anurse pushed the sighing nurse. "Weren’t you the school belle before you graduated? Be more confident in yourself!"

"How can I be confident in front of the future King? I can’t say anything in front of him."

"I’m so envious of the woman he fell in love with!"

Bo Cixue walked into the elevator expressionlessly. Recalling the nurses’ conversation, she snorted.

He was already lying on the bed, yet someone still admired him!

How could she attract so many men!

However, at the thought of his cold attitude towards her, she felt like a cat was scratching her heart.

Bo Cixue arrived at the hospital but did not leave. She stood by the flower bed for a while.

Until she heard someone calling her.

"Little Apple."

Yan Hua came over, carrying the porridge she had cooked with one hand and a bouquet of flowers with the other.

Yan Hua was extremely grateful to Ye Jie after finding out about Gao Tai.

‘When she was unconscious, she had come to see him once. She guessed that he would wake up today and could not sit still at home, so she came again.

Yan Hua walked in front of Bo Cixue and frowned slightly at her tense face. "What are you doing here? Is Xiaojie awake?"

"Yes." Thinking of Ye Jie’s attitude after waking up, Bo Cixue felt a little depressed.

Hearing Bo Cixue’s tone, Yan Hua guessed that her relationship with Ye Jie had not eased.

If it was in the past, Yan Hua would definitely stand on Bo Cixue’s side, but this time.

"Have you thanked anyone?"

"No." It was not that she did not want to say it, but he did not even look at her. She had no chance.

Yan Hua stuffed the thermos flask in her hand into Bo Cixue’s hand and grabbed her arm with her free hand. "Go to the ward with me. It’s all thanks to Xiaojie this time. Otherwise, how could you stand here properly?"

Bo Cixue was pulled into Ye Jie’s ward by Yan Hua.

Ye Jie saw Yan Hua coming over and nodded at her. "Auntie Yan."

"Xiaojie, I brought Cixue here to thank you." Yan Hua walked over, put the flowers on the cabinet, and pulled Bo Cixue to the bed. "Gao Tai was addicted to gambling and got involved in things he shouldn’t have. He blamed Little Apple for Ye Yiren’s death and planned to drag Little Apple to hell with him. If

you hadn’t appeared in time, Little Apple…"

Ye Jie narrowed his dark eyes slightly and said hoarsely, "Was it Gao Tai? Where is he?"

"Your Uncle Bo found his car in the sea. When he was rescued, he was already gone."

Ye Jie nodded thoughtfully and glanced at Bo Cixue behind Yan Hua from the corner of his eye. She had her eyes lowered and looked unhappy.

"Auntie Yan, you don’t have to worry too much about me saving Cixue this time. Just find the person who wants to harm her. This probably won’t happen again."

Yan Hua smiled and nodded. "No matter what, it’s all thanks to you this time." Looking at Ye Jie’s thin face and the bowl of porridge on the cabinet, she said, "You haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ll get Little Apple to feed you some."

"Auntie Yan, there’s no need." At this moment, the nurse who wanted to feed him earlier walked in and Ye Jie said to her, "I want to eat something. Help me.."

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