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Chapter: 2177

Chapter 2177: Making Up (2)

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After the engagement party, the two of them had never been so close again.

They had not even hugged, let alone kissed.

But now, not only was she hugging him, she even kissed him.

This time was different from before.

She bit him.

There was some bitterness and anger, as well as punishment and grievance.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

A nurse came in with a thermometer, a shy and gentle smile on her face. "Your Highness, it’s time to take your temperature…"

Before she could finish, the nurse froze when she saw the woman sitting by the bed with her head lowered doing something to His Highness. When she regained her senses, the nurse shouted, "W-What are you doing?"

‘The moment the woman turned around, the nurse took a few steps back in shock.

"M-Miss Bo?"

The nurse could not be blamed for overreacting. Bo Cixue had not put on any makeup for the past two days and was dressed casually. Suddenly, she dressed up and tured around, looking like a vixen in the middle of the night.

The corner of Bo Cixue’s lips were stained with blood and mixed with her lipstick, giving off a seductive aura.

Bo Cixue looked at the stunned nurse and smiled. "Tl take his measurements!"

The nurse hummed in response.

‘When she gave Bo Cixue the temperature, she saw the man on the bed from the corner of her eye.

He had clearly been bitten, but he did not look angry. Instead, there was a faint doting and smile on his cold face.

‘The Crown Prince and Miss Bo.

The nurse seemed to have found a big secret and her expression changed.

Oh my god, she had even tried to seduce the Crown Prince under Miss Bo’s eyes.

The nurse shivered and did not dare to stay another second, running out.

Bo Cixue saw the nurse’s reaction and smiled helplessly.

Turning around, she saw the man staring at her with his dark eyes. She glanced at his wound. "It’s fine if ‘m not angry at you, but I still have to see your performance in the future."

There was a smile in his eyes and his sharp and handsome face softened. "Okay."

Bo Cixue did not tell him that her feelings for him had recovered. Although she had given him another chance to reconcile, she would not expose herself to him like before.

There were still many things they needed to work on.

If they followed the same path as before, he might still act on his own and not tell her anything the next time they met with danger, making her sad and sad alone.

Bo Cixue took his temperature and gave it to the nurse.

Several nurses surrounded the nurse in the on-call room.

"What’s wrong? Your eyes are red from coming out of the Crown Prince’s ward."

"Did your confession fail?"

"It’s normal to be rejected by the Crown Prince. After all, he grew up in the royal family and has seen too many outstanding women."

The nurse covered her face with her hands and shook her head. "I’m not sad, I’m just afraid."

"What are you afraid of? Will the Crown Prince take revenge on you after rejecting you?"

"No, no. I didn’t confess at all. It’s impossible for me to confess." The nurse’s eyelashes fluttered. "I just found out that the Crown Prince and Miss Bo are a couple. I even wanted to make the Crown Prince like me in front of Miss Bo. If Miss Bo doesn’t like me, she can make me disappear from the hospital

with just a word…"

Before the nurse could finish, she heard a chuckle from the door.

‘The nurses turned back and were all silent when they saw Bo Cixue leaning against the door with a lazy expression.

Bo Cixue touched her nose, walked in, and handed the thermometer to the nurse. "Don’t worry. I’ve just made up with him. Your previous actions were based on the fact that he’s single. I won’t trouble you."

The nurses only regained their senses after Bo Cixue left.

"Oh my god, Miss Bo is too nic

"Not only is she a goddess without makeup, but she’s even more beautiful with makeup!"

"She and the Crown Prince look like they’re a match made in heaven!"

The nurse also nodded. Miss Bo was really good to ignore the past!

Half a month later.

It was time for Ye Jie to be discharged.

Tang Wu happened to come to the hospital for a checkup. Lan Yue had been on leave recently and had been accompanying her. She could not find a chance to come to the hospital.

After he attended an award ceremony tomorrow night, he would be joining the crew and Tang Wu would ask her assistant to follow him.

After Tang Wu finished her checkup, she went to Ye Jie’s ward.

Ye Jie did not ask his family and friends to pick him up, only Bo Cixue.

Ye Jie went to change and Bo Cixue stood in the ward, asking the doctors if there was anything to pay attention to after being discharged.

Bo Cixue spoke more to one of the young doctors.

‘When Ye Jie came out after changing, he saw that the young doctor’s face was slightly red and looked at Bo Cixue.

Bo Cixue had a smile on her face. She had no special attitude toward the young doctor, and the young doctor was purely smitten by her smile.

She had just arrived at the hospital for her internship and had never seen a girl who was as pretty as a fairy.

When he smiled, it was like an invisible hand that gently caressed her heart.

Ye Jie walked to Bo Cixue’s side and asked hoarsely, "There won’t be any problems."

Bo Cixue glared at him. "It’s good to ask more."

Ye Jie chuckled and glanced at the attending doctor, who hurriedly left with the other doctors.

The young doctor walked to the door and could not help but glance at Bo Cixue.

Bo Cixue was about to smile at him politely when the man lifted her chin and lowered his head to kiss her.

The young doctor hurriedly looked away and left in an awkward and panicked manner.

Bo Cixue was a little embarrassed by his sudden action, but she did not push him away. She wrapped her arms around his thin waist. "The doctors haven’t left. Why are you like this… It won’t be good if word gets out."

He raised his hand and pulled her into his arms, his voice low and deep. "No one dares to spread it. Let’s do it openly."

Bo Cixue glared at him. "Let’s go. Auntie Nan Zhi is still waiting for us in the palace!"


Bo Cixue looked at him in confusion. "Aren’t you going back to the palace?"

He hummed softly. "To Kuangjing Bay."

"You bought Mr Ying’s house again?" Seeming to have thought of something, she poked his chest with her fingertips. "That house has the memories of Mr Ying and his wife. Why do you keep buying it?"

He held her fingers that were poking him and wrapped them tightly in his well-defined hands, a faint smile on his lips. "What do you think?"

"Tf you want to see me, you can just come to my place. Don’t buy Mr Ying’s house…"

Before she could finish, she heard him say, "Okay."

Bo Cixue said, "What?"

"If you don’t buy his house, I’ll move to your place.."

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