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Chapter: 2178

Chapter 2178: Making Up (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

‘Wait, something was wrong!

She did not ask him to go to her place!

Bo Cixue retracted her hand from his and shook her head. "I didn’t mean that."

He raised his eyebrows slightly, a faint smile on his lips. "I’m just going to eat. Don’t think too much." When he said this, he raised his hand and patted the top of her head lightly.

Bo Cixue hummed.

"You look a little disappointed."

Bo Cixue jumped up and punched his shoulder. "I’m not disappointed. Don’t think too much!"

"Do you know what I’m thinking?"

Bo Cixue glared at him. "I don’t want to talk to you anymore." Why hadn’t she realized before that he was so talkative?

Seeing Tang Wu outside the ward from the corner of her eye, Bo Cixue hurriedly walked out. "Wuwu, you’re here. Why didn’t you come in?"

Tang Wu coughed lightly. "I watched the two of you love each other quietly like I was watching an idol drama."

Bo Cixue held Tang Wu’s arm and pulled her aside, asking softly, "You came to the hospital for a checkup?"

Tang Wu hummed. "The surgery is the day after tomorrow."

Bo Cixue looked at Tang Wu and said with heartache, "Have you thought it through?"

‘Tang Wu took out the surgery report from her bag. "The doctor gave me everything."

Bo Cixue sighed.

Although they were best friends, they could not interfere with her decision.

All she could do was to come and accompany her.

"Tm taking leave the day after tomorrow. Ah Xun should be coming to accompany you."

‘Tang Wu did not refuse their kindness. "Buy me something delicious then."

"Of course."

On the way back to Scenery Bay, Bo Cixue was slightly silent.

Ye Jie sat in the front passenger seat and looked at Bo Cixue, who was thinking about something as she drove. He coughed softly. "What’s wrong? Are you a little unhappy after talking to Tang Wu?"

Bo Cixue had promised Tang Wu that she would not tell him about her pregnancy, even if it was Ye Jie.

She shook her head. "I was wondering why Auntie Tang was so ruthless. Didn’t Brother Lan have no background? She didn’t even give him a chance and rejected him directly. Now, she doesn’t even acknowledge her daughter."

Ye Jie pursed his thin lips. "Actually, love and material things are inseparable. Auntie Tang is the second branch of the Tang family. They have been living under the pressure of the eldest branch. Mrs Tang wanted to find a son-in-law who is very strong in all aspects to stabilize the status of their second

branch, but how could she accept it when Tang Wu suddenly got together with a young man from the tribe?"

"You’re from a prestigious family, so you should know that rich ladies like to compare themselves with each other. Mrs Tang is also a person who cares a lot about her face. How can she stand the ridicule of others? Lan Yue’s background is not something he can choose. Mrs Tang’s deep-rooted values can’t

be changed so quickly!"

"However, Lan Yue is still young and has a bright future. If he has some achievements in the future, Mrs Tang will probably let go of her grudges."

Bo Cixue nodded thoughtfully. "Tang Wu is the one suffering now. She’s like a biscuit. Although she left the Tang family, that’s where she grew up. Now that she’s back in the capital, she can’t even enter the house. How can she feel good?"

It was fine if she had to bear this, but she had to abort the child the day after tomorrow.

Which woman wouldn’t want her own child?

Unless he did not want it!

When the car arrived at Kuangjing Bay, Bo Cixue thought that there were not many dishes in the fridge and pulled Ye Jie into the supermarket.

Bo Cixue bought ribs and wanted to ask Ye Jie what he wanted to eat, but she turned around and did not see him.

Bo Cixue looked around but did not see him.

She took out her phone and called him. When she found out that he was buying daily necessities, she pushed the cart over.

Ye Jie met Mr Ying when he was choosing a towel.

Seeing Ye Jie here, Mr Ying was slightly surprised.

Nodding at Ye Jie, Mr Ying left hurriedly.

‘When Bo Cixue came over, she saw Mr Ying leaving hurriedly.

Bo Cixue was a little surprised. "What did you do? Why does he look like he saw a ferocious beast?"

Ye Jie chuckled. "He’s probably afraid that I’ll buy his house. I didn’t say anything just now."

Bo Cixue was speechless. How traumatized had he been when he bought Mr Ying’s house last time?

Amoment later.

Bo Cixue realized that something was wrong. She was stunned when she saw him choosing towels and toothbrushes. "Why… did you buy these?"

"Lremember that your cup has a rabbit pattern on it, right?" As he spoke, he also chose a cup with a rabbit pattern. He looked at it and chuckled. "It’s more childish."

Bo Cixue saw him putting the cup into the cart and looking up slightly. Before she could say anything, she saw him lower his head and kiss her lips.

Bo Cixue was confused by his series of actions.

He only stayed for a few seconds before leaving.

Her ears were slightly red and she glared at him with wet doe eyes, but there was no deterrence. He smiled and the dimple on his left cheek could be seen faintly. "I thought you raised your head to let me kiss you."

Ha, ha!

That’s just what you think!

"I just want to ask you why you bought these cups? You haven’t answered me."

He took the cart from her. "I’ve already answered." He glanced at the vegetables in the cart. "Go buy more."

Bo Cixue walked behind him, frowning.

When had he answered her?

Bo Cixue caught up to him and wanted to say something, but when she saw his side profile when he was choosing the dishes carefully, she did not want to say anything.

It was said that serious men were the most charming. It seemed like that was true.

It was just picking a dish, but his smooth and handsome face exuded a stable and reserved masculinity.

Bo Cixue despised herself.

You’re at the point of no return again!

However, this man who was buying groceries, please stop exuding your masculine charm immediately. The sales auntie’s eyes were fixed on your face.

Fortunately, this was a high-end district and the staff knew that the people living here were all important figures. No matter how shocked they were, they would not be too rude.

After buying the groceries, they returned to Bo Cixue’s apartment.

Bo Cixue looked at the man changing into the gray slippers he had bought himself. The style was the same as her pink shoes and she could not help rolling her eyes.

‘Why was this fellow’s memory so good?

How long had it been since he came to her house? But he could clearly remember these details that she could not even remember herself.

She had no choice but to accept it!

"Tl go cook." He took off his jacket and wore a V-neck sweater inside. He rolled up his sleeves slightly, revealing his well-defined forearms and the luxurious and exquisite man’s watch on his left wrist. He handed her the bag containing his daily necessities. "Help me put it in the bathroom."

Bo Cixue looked at his serious expression and glared at him.

Did he get her permission to stay here?

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