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Chapter: 2179

Chapter 2179: Making Up (4)

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Bo Cixue went to the bathroom obediently and arranged the daily necessities he had bought.

‘When their cups were placed together, although the pattern was childish, there was an indescribable beauty to it.

Bo Cixue looked at herself in the mirror and her lips slowly curled up.

She put down the cup and put his towel on the shelf.

It was only now that she realized that the towels he bought were of the same brand and style as him, but the colors were different.

How much had this person observed her house before?

After dinner, the doorbell rang.

Bo Cixue stood up from the chair and looked panicked. "Did my mother come to check on me?"

Ye Jie looked at the panicked Bo Cixue and smiled slightly. "What are you afraid of?"

Bo Cixue glared at him with a red face. "We just made up and you’re already here. What does my mother think? My mother said that I’m not allowed to mess around before we get married."

Ye Jie leaned back against the chair, his dark eyes narrowed slightly. He looked handsome and charming. "Am I not a gentleman enough?"

To be honest, compared to other men, he was indeed a gentleman.

He got up, patted her head and went straight to the door.

Bo Cixue reacted and hurried after him.

It was Ah You who pressed the doorbell. He had brought Ye Jie’s laptop and a small suitcase over.

Seeing Bo Cixue poking her head out from behind Ye Jie, Ah You nodded at her. "Miss Bo, His Highness is often busy until dawn when he’s handling work. I hope you can supervise him in the future."

Bo Cixue was speechless. Did he want to stay here for a long time?

After Ye Jie took the things, he closed the door and locked Ah You out.

‘The two of them tidied up the kitchen and Bo Cixue glanced at him. "I only have one room here. Are you sleeping on the sofa tonight?"

He smirked. He did not agree or disagree.

He had been hospitalized for half a month and had accumulated a lot of work. Bo Cixue automatically gave him the study.

‘Thinking of the gifts she had prepared when he was hospitalized, she ran into the room and wrapped the gifts in a box.

An hour later.

Bo Cixue brought him milk.

Hearing that he was talking to someone, she put down the milk and was about to leave when he waved at her.

Bo Cixue walked over in confusion and saw that he was video calling Tang Mo and Luo Zhou.

Bo Cixue subconsciously wanted to leave.

But very soon, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap.

Tang Mo and Luo Zhou exclaimed in the video.

Bo Cixue was not a shy person. Since he was not afraid of being seen by his friends, she had nothing to be afraid of.

Bo Cixue snuggled into his arms and adjusted her posture to make herself comfortable. She held Ye Jie’s arm with one hand and put the other on the desk, looking at the camera.

The moment Bo Cixue looked at the camera, the two men cursed again.

Bo Cixue was still wearing the long dress she had dressed up in. The makeup on her face had not been removed. Although her lipstick was lighter, it did not affect her beauty.

She was a little shy when he suddenly pulled her onto his lap just now and a blush appeared on her face. Together with the light now, she looked like a beautiful woman who had walked out of a newspaper.

"No wonder people say that women in love are the most charming. It’s true." Tang Mo clicked his tongue. "The little girl from back then was really amazing when she grew up."

Before Bo Cixue could say anything, the two people in the video suddenly disappeared and Ye Jie had already ended the video.

Bo Cixue’s long and thick eyelashes fluttered. "I haven’t greeted Brother Tang Mo and Brother Zhou!"

The man said coldly, "You’re already married, yet you’re still praising other women for being beautiful and frivolous."

Bo Cixue buried her face in his arm and could not help giggling.

It was only when her stomach hurt from laughing that she looked up at him and poked his arm lightly. "I didn’t expect you to be so petty to be jealous of Brother Tang Mo."

The man said seriously, "He’s not worthy."

From the corner of his eye, Ye Jie saw a box beside the glass of milk she had brought in. He took it. "What is this?"

Bo Cixue was a little embarrassed and lowered her long eyelashes. "Open it."

Ye Jie opened the box and there was a wooden carving inside.


Bo Cixue looked up at him. Seeing his unreadable expression, she nodded quickly. "Do I look like him?"

"Are you sure it’s not Caesar?"

Bo Cixue raised her fist and punched his chest, struggling to get out of his arms.

Indeed, her carving did not look good. She did not have the skills, but she had carved for nearly half a month.

She was a little ugly, but she had the heart.

She thought he would be touched when he saw it!

"Why are you always targeting Caesar? I haven’t even dated him for a day. Don’t always think of him as your love rival."

‘The man pulled her onto his lap again, his long arms pulling her into his arms. He looked down at her with his dark eyes. "If I hadn’t stopped you, you might already be dating me."

Hearing his words, Bo Cixue’s scalp turned numb.

Oh no, she seemed to have dug a hole for herself.

She said with a strong desire to live, "You’re thinking too much. How can I fall for another man so easily?" Then, she pouted and muttered, "I’m not as charming as you. Look, even the nurses in the hospital are interested in you."

The man’s eyes were dark as he caressed her hair. He lifted a strand of hair and played with it, his low and hoarse voice seemed to come from the depths of his throat. "Cixue, no matter how many women like me in this world, I won’t be seduced away."

"After I set my mind on a person, I will be very determined. No other woman can enter my eyes."

Bo Cixue’s long eyelashes fluttered. "Then… will I be that person?"

He gave a low laugh and threaded his long fingers that were playing with her hair. He held the back of her head and lowered his head, rubbing the tip of his nose against hers. His fresh and elegant breath filled her nose. "What do you think?"

Bo Cixue looked at his dark eyes, handsome face, and her heart seemed to have been electrocuted. She was a little touched and numb.

Actually, she knew his personality. He would not look at any woman no matter how outstanding they were.

Perhaps this was love. When they were unhappy, they felt terrible, but when they were together, they would feel sweet and soft because of a sentence.

Bo Cixue wrapped her arms around his neck and looked up, their lips touching.

Ding-dong, ding-dong

The doorbell rang in an inappropriate manner.

Bo Cixue moved away from his arms and ran out to open the door.

A moment later, Ye Jie, who was in the study, heard her scream.

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