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Chapter: 2195

Chapter 2195: He Felt That She Was Becoming More Charming

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Late at night.

Tang Wu lay on the hard bed, not sleepy at all.

She placed her delicate hands on her abdomen, feeling the small life inside.

She could not help but recall what Lan Yue had said in the car that day.

"Can you come back to the tribe with me? I’l help you conquer the world…"

"Tangtang, I’ll take on my own work in the future. I’ll force myself to accept the survival rules of this society and go out to socialize. Can you… keep this child?"

Although he was still an immature boy, she could feel his urgency and determination to keep this child.

If she forcefully aborted this child again, she would definitely hurt his heart.

Their relationship would also have gaps and regrets that could not be restored.

But if they kept this child, would they be able to raise him?

Tang Wu felt that her mother would not let her and Lan Yue continue like this.

With a child, both Lan Yue and her would have a weakness.

The two of them could still enjoy a good meal, but if they brought their children along, they could not leave anytime!

Tang Wu’s mind was in a mess. She did not know how to make this decision!

Lan Yue yearned for humble pleas. Her mother’s strong and ruthless methods made her feel like she had fallen into a swamp.

It was tiring and painful!

Tang Wu stayed in the temple for two days.

After meditating, chanting, and talking to the abbot, the impetuousness and chaos in her heart had improved greatly.

She had her own decision on whether to let the child go or stay.

Tang Wu came down from the mountain and received a call from Tang Mo.

"Are you still in the Capital?"

Although Tang Wu and Tang Mo were cousins, Tang Mo still called her from time to time after Tang Wu left the Tang family.

If she needed money, he would also transfer money to her card.

‘When they met, they argued and argued with each other, but their relationship had been good since they were young.

Tang Wu replied, "Yes."

"Tonight at Lan Yi Hotel, the family will have a meal together. Grandpa organized it. You know that Grandpa’s health is getting worse by the day and I don’t know when he will leave. It’s his wish. He will come, right?"

Thinking of her grandfather, Tang Wu’s voice softened. "I’ll go."

"TIl send the details to your phone later."


Tang Wu returned to the hotel, changed, and went to the mall. When she returned, it was already afternoon.

She called her assistant and asked about Lan Yue’s recent filming.

Lan Yue had told his assistant not to reveal too much.

The assistant only said that everything was normal with Lan Yue.

Tang Wu sat on the bed and opened her WeChat chat with Lan Yue.

They had not contacted each other for several days.

He must have been angry when she chased him to the filming site that day!

Tang Wu sighed slightly and got up from the bed to choose clothes to attend the gathering.

Tang Wu went to Lan Yi Hotel with the gift she had bought for the Old Master.

Tang Mo was afraid that Tang Wu would feel awkward when she went in next, so he waited at the door. When Nan Xun found out that Tang Wu would come, he waited at the door with Tang Mo.

The couple had not spoken much recently, mainly because Tang Mo still hated Nan Xun. That heartless woman had actually sent her to Mi Yue’s bed. Other women’s wives were afraid that their husbands would cheat on them, but she had a heart that accepted everyone and sacrificed herself to satisfy


Nan Xun did not care. She was happy and at ease with Tang Mo ignoring her.

Although the couple was waiting for Tang Wu at the door at the same time, they ignored each other. They did not look like husband and wife, but like strangers.

A boss who had business dealings with Nan Xun’s company happened to be having dinner with a client. When he saw Nan Xun at the door, he came over to greet her.

The boss was quite young, in his early thirties and looked mature and steady.

He was Nan Xun’s type.

She hated frivolous men and happened to marry such a man.

"Miss Nan, what a coincidence. Are you waiting for someone?"

The boss reached out and shook Nan Xun’s hand lightly.

Nan Xun smiled. "Hello, President Ling."

"I saw the proposal Miss Nan proposed the other time. My team and I are more interested."

Nan Xun’s smile deepened. "Then let’s arrange a time to discuss it in detail?"

"Okay, next Friday."


President Ling nodded with a smile and left gracefully.

Nan Xun only looked away after he disappeared.

A cold scoff sounded.

Nan Xun turned back and saw a pair of slightly upturned eyes.

The smile on Nan Xun’s face disappeared.

Tang Mo smirked. "Didn’t you see that she’s wearing a ring on her middle finger? Since she’s already engaged, it means that she has a fiancée. You look so ugly thinking about her."

If the occasion was right, Nan Xun really wanted to kick Tang Mo.

She greeted the boss and told him about the cooperation. It seemed like something shameful coming from him!

"Everything a dirty-minded person sees is dirty!"

Tang Mo walked to Nan Xum’s side and pinched the back of her neck with his thumb and index finger. "Nan Xun, who’s the dirty one? At least, I haven’t sent you to another man’s bed!"

Nan Xun chuckled in reply.

‘Who was the one who had an affair and openly brought Mi Yue with her?

After the accident, knowing that the woman outside was unreliable and wanted to be entangled with her, Nan Xun really wanted to slap this man to death!

"If knew you cared about me so much now, I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital to take care of you after your accident."

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and looked at Nan Xun’s beautiful face. He did not know if it was because she had been focusing on working out recently and had lost some weight, but he felt that she had become more feminine.

Nan Xun’s hair was shoulder-length now. She had tied her hair into a low ponytail today, revealing her forehead and entire face. Her makeup was very light, but she looked surprisingly good.

Tang Mo scolded himself softly. He was not a man who had never seen the world. Why would he think that Nan Xun looked better the more he looked at her?

‘What spell did this woman cast on him?

Nan Xun’s scalp turned numb when she saw Tang Mo’s charming eyes landing on her face without blinking, She took a few steps forward unconsciously to put some distance between them.

Tang Mo cursed when he saw Nan Xum’s actions. In the past, women had always clung to him. Now, this damn woman despised him!

Fortunately, she saw Tang Wu getting out of the taxi not long after.

The awkward atmosphere between the couple eased a little.

"Brother, Xun’er."

"call her Sister-in-law." Tang Mo corrected Tang Wu seriously.

Nan Xun held Tang Wu’s arm and glanced at Tang Mo. "Ignore him. I like it when you call me that."

Seeing the two of them walk toward the private room, Tang Mo followed them with a dark expression…

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