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Chapter: 2196

Chapter 2196: He Suddenly Appeared in the Video

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ina large Chinese-styled room, Old Master Tang, the eldest and second branch were sitting.

The illegitimate son, Tang Xu, and his mother were not invited. The Old Master was still alive and he would not allow any vixen to enter the Tang family.

Seeing Tang Wu, who he had not seen for a long time, Old Master Tang reached out his hand to her. "You’ve lost weight."

‘Tang Wu held the Old Master’s hands that were only connected to his skin and bones. She felt a lump in her throat and her eyes turned red. "I’m sorry, Grandpa. Tangtang has disappointed and hurt you."

"Let’s have a good meal together today and not talk about those unhappy things." When Old Master Tang said this, he glanced at Mother Tang and Father Tang.

Ever since Tang Wu came in, Mother Tang had not looked at her.

She was disappointed with this daughter.

She had been her pride since she was young, but she started to disobey when she grew up, making her a joke between her family and the rich ladies.

‘Tang Wu gave the gift she had bought from the mall this morning to the Old Master.

The Old Master had not seen Tang Wu for a long time and asked her to sit beside him.

"Dad, I haven’t seen you so happy ina long time," Father Tang said.

Old Master Tang nodded. "It’s been a long time since our family has gathered together so neatly."

The waiter served all the dishes and the family started to eat.

‘When they were almost done, the butler came over and said to Old Master Tang, "Old Master, I’ve finished editing the family photo video you asked me to edit last time."

The Old Master nodded. "Show it to everyone."

The video was recorded by the butler for the Tang family during festive seasons. Before this gathering, Old Master Tang had asked the butler to cut the video into a complete video.

The butler turned on the TV and inserted it into the thumb drive.

The video started with Tang Wu and Tang Mo when they were young, then Tang Wu running around the yard. Mother Tang followed behind her, looking like she was afraid that she would fall.

‘When Tang Wu saw this video, she had mixed feelings.

Actually, after leaving Lan Yue and losing contact with her parents, how could she not know that she would only hurt her family?

She was undoubtedly willful and unfilial.

‘Tang Wu looked at Mother Tang, who lowered her head and wiped her tears.

Their personalities were undoubtedly similar.

‘They were all too opinionated and stubborn.

He was not willing to give in no matter what decision he made.

As a result, their relationship had become like this.

Halfway through the video, the screen suddenly flashed.

A few seconds later, she suddenly jumped into a private room.

‘There were more than a dozen people sitting in the room, half of whom were men and half were women. One of them was a man in his forties with a braid. He took a wine glass and walked up to a man who was lying on the table.

‘The man lying on the table looked up slightly. Tang Wu, who was immersed in the sadness of falling out with her parents, froze.

Because the person who looked up was Lan Yue.

‘Tang Wu widened her eyes in disbelief.

Lan Yue had clearly drunk too much. There was an undeniable drunkenness on his fair and handsome face.

The middle-aged man walked to Lan Yue’s side and patted his shoulder.

She could not hear what he had said.

Lan Yue held his wine glass and stood up from the chair.

‘The middle-aged man raised his wine glass and looked at Lan Yue wretchedly. His lips moved, probably wanting to continue drinking with Lan Yue.

Lan Yue clinked his glass with the man’s.

After drinking, the man put his arm around Lan Yue’s shoulders and whispered something into his ear.

The others in the room seemed to be cheering.

When Tang Wu saw that video, she went around the round table and turned off the television.

‘Why was the video of Lan Yue drinking with another man playing at home?

Looking at the decoration of the room, it should be in the same restaurant.

Old Master Tang clearly did not know. He frowned and asked the butler, "What happened?"

The butler shook his head. "There might be a malfunction. I’ll ask the manager."

Mrs Tang said, "If I didn’t remember wrongly, that middle-aged man just now is a famous investor, Mark. I heard that his sexual orientation is not normal and he specifically targets young men."

Mother Tang and Father Tang did not look too good.

Of course, Tang Wu had the worst expression.

The matter between Lan Yue and her had blown up in the Tang family. Old Master Tang and the others should know what Lan Yue looked like.

In the video, it was unusual for Mark to put his arm around Lan Yue’s shoulders and speak with his head lowered.

‘Tang Wu was not in the mood to find out who had changed the video to a surveillance video. The most important thing now was to find Lan Yue.

Mark was very rich, but his character was really cheap.

Auntie was right about one thing. Mark specially chose young people with young faces.

"Tang Wu, stop right there!" Mother Tang wanted to stop Tang Wu, who was about to leave.

Tang Wu bowed to Old Master Tang. "Grandpa, I’m sorry. I might have to disappoint you again. I can’t stay here anymore. I still have something on. I’ll leave first!"

‘Tang Wu bowed to the other elders. When her gaze landed on Mother Tang, her expression was complicated.

A few seconds later, Tang Wu turned and left the room.

Mother Tang wanted to chase after her, but Tang Mo walked over and handed Mother Tang a cup of tea. "Auntie, get rid of your anger. I’ll chase after that disobedient girl, Wuwu, for you."

‘Tang Mo walked out of the room and saw Tang Wu, who had gone to find someone. He pulled her back. "It should be Peony Pavilion."

‘Tang Wu walked toward the pavilion quickly.

‘When she arrived at the entrance of Peony Pavilion, Tang Wu did not dare to delay any longer and pushed open the door of the private room.

The waiter in the room was cleaning up the messy table and there was no one else inside.

‘Tang Wu walked in and asked anxiously, "Have all the guests left?"

The service staff nodded. "He left half an hour ago."

Tang Wu pursed her lips tightly.

In other words, the video that was playing in the room was not a real-time surveillance video but had happened half an hour ago.

‘Tang Wu walked out of the room and took out her phone from her bag.

As she walked toward the entrance of the hotel, she called Lan Yue.

However, his phone was switched off.

‘Tang Wu stood at the entrance of the hotel with a dazed expression.

She knew very well how bad Mark’s private life was in the industry.

If Lan Yue was drunk, he might not be able to escape Mark’s clutches.

‘When Tang Wu saw the hotel manager, she asked anxiously, "Did you see Mark when he left?"

‘Tang Mo walked over, his gaze slightly oppressive. "Tell me the truth."

Mark was a frequent guest here and the manager naturally knew him.

"Mark went to the hotel opposite."

"Did he leave alone at that time, or were there two of them?"

"Two people. One of the young men seems to be a little drunk. Mark is supporting him."

Tang Mo glanced at Tang Wu, who did not look too good, and said, "Mark has a permanent suite at the top floor of the hotel opposite. Do you need me to contact the hotel manager and get a room card for you?"

Tang Wu’s mind was a little blank as she replied in a daze, "Okay.."

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