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Chapter: 2198

Chapter 2198: Their Feelings Were Already So Deep That They Didn’t Even Want to Meet?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

‘Tang Wu looked at the bowl of noodles. After heating it in the microwave, she brought it to the dining room and ate it bite by bite.

As she ate, her tears fell.

She did not know why she was crying.

She felt that she had wronged him.

If she had not taken the initiative to flirt with him, he might not have to live like this.

He would be an outstanding athlete, famous and shocking the world.

At that time, there would be a girl who was suitable for him and a mother-in-law who would love and protect her.

However, in order to be with her, he had injured his arm and could no longer be an athlete. Now, he still had to work hard in the entertainment industry that he did not like.

‘Tang Wu took a few bites and seemed to be about to break down. She lay on the table, her tears surging.

But what could she do? She still could not bear to give up after forcing him to this point!

If there was no room for him here, she would leave with him!

‘There would always be a way out, right?

Tang Wu wiped her tears and sobbed as she finished the bow] of noodles!

‘The next day, Tang Wu woke up early.

The assistant sent several messages over.

"Sister Wuwu, I’m in the headlines. It seems like a large number of fake reviewers are attacking me."

"Sister, have you seen the news?"

‘Tang Wu hurriedly opened the link from her assistant.

In the latest movie that Mark had invested in, the male lead was Lan Yue. The production team announced the male and female leads.

It was originally a good thing, but the moment the male lead announced it, he was slandered by all the major marketing accounts.

She said that the male lead got to his position because he had a good relationship with the investor, Mark.

There was also news that the relationship between the male lead and Mark was not ordinary.

Anyway, the male lead did not rely on strength, but on improper relationships.

It was impossible for Tang Wu not to be angry when she saw these unrealistic reports.

She called Tang Mo.

"Brother, can you help me suppress those unrealistic reports about Lan Yue on the internet?" Those fake reviewers had clearly been bribed by someone to slander Lan Yue on purpose.

Although Tang Wu suspected Mother Tang, Mother Tang did not pay much attention to the entertainment industry. She probably did not know how to hire fake reviewers!

"Okay, but what happened between your little boyfriend and Mark yesterday?"

"There’s nothing wrong. Don’t make wild guesses."

‘Tang Mo said, "Old Master didn’t look too good when he went back yesterday. It’s probably very difficult for your little boyfriend to enter the Tang family."

Tang Wu was silent for a moment. "If he can only suffer if he enters, I’d rather he doesn’t enter."

"You’re really bold. I didn’t dare to make any decisions for that family business and was forced to marry Nan Xun."

Tang Wu smacked her lips. "It’s your fortune to have married Xun’er. Why should I let you suffer?"

"That woman makes me suffer every day. Alright, let’s not talk about it. I’ll deal with the haters online for you."

"Brother." Tang Wu’s voice was slightly choked. "Thank you."

After Tang Wu finished breakfast, she packed her luggage and took a high-speed train to the neighboring city.

Tang Wu did not contact Lan Yue and called her assistant.

The assistant went to the high-speed railway station to pick Tang Wu up.

"Sister Wuwu, I haven’t seen you for a few days and I feel that you’ve lost weight."

‘Tang Wu narrowed her beautiful eyes slightly. "It doesn’t matter if I’m thin or not. What’s important is that you’re bold now. You didn’t even report Lan Yue’s schedule to me, okay?"

The assistant touched his head and said awkwardly, "If Brother doesn’t want me to say it, I can’t say it either."

‘The two of them arrived at the hotel and helped Tang Wu bring her luggage to Lan Yue’s room. Tang Wu shook her head and rejected them.

"After all, this is where he’s filming. If the rest of the crew sees this, there will probably be rumors tomorrow." Tang Wu took out her identity card and booked a room alone.

The assistant carried Tang Wu’s luggage to her room. "Sister, are you going to the production team to see Brother film?"

Tang Wu hummed.

‘Tang Wu put on a mask and hat and went to the filming site with her assistant.

Lan Yue and Ye Yao were acting in the corner. The assistant wanted to go over and call Lan Yue, but Tang Wu stopped him. "Don’t disturb him."

Tang Wu stood behind her assistant and looked at Lan Yue, who was acting with Ye Yao.

He was wearing the crew’s clothes and a denim outfit. He was sunny and handsome and did not have much expression on his face when he was filming with Ye Yao. On the contrary, Ye Yao looked up at him from time to time.

‘There was a burning light in his eyes.

‘Tang Wu could tell at one glance that Ye Yao liked Lan Yue.

"Did that female lead treat him well?"

The assistant glanced at Tang Wu, who had a dark gaze, and chuckled. "Sister, don’t think too much."

Tang Wu pulled the assistant aside, her eyes sharp. "Who hired you? Don’t you want your salary for this month?"

The assistant touched his forehead. "Sister, it’s too difficult for me. Did you have a conflict with Brother recently? Brother doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. Also, it’s true that Ye Yao is interested in Brother and invited Brother for supper, but Brother didn’t agree."

‘Tang Wu nodded thoughtfully. "What else?"

"Also." The assistant looked at Tang Wu and hesitated.

"Just say it."

"Sister, why are you worried about me when you’re in the headlines with a scandal?"

‘Tang Wu saw some resentment in the assistant’s eyes.

Tang Wu was stunned.

Was she in the headlines because of her scandal?

Why didn’t she know?

‘Tang Wu took out her phone and searched online.

Not finding any scandals about her, she looked at her assistant in confusion. "Who am I in a scandal with?"

"It’s Qi Chen’s, but it was suppressed not long after."

‘Tang Wu pursed her lips.

"You also said that it was a scandal. That was all written by the reporters."

‘Tang Wu glanced at Lan Yue and Ye Yao again. Ye Yao stared straight at Lan Yue from time to time. He was pure and charming. Tang Wu was a little distraught and said to her assistant, "I’ll go back to the hotel first."

Before Tang Wu left, she instructed her assistant, "You don’t have to go over and tell him that I’m here so as not to disturb his work."

After filming for the afternoon, Lan Yue changed into his own clothes.

The assistant was waiting outside. Seeing Lan Yue coming over, he was about to go forward when Ye Yao, who had removed his makeup, arrived in front of Lan Yue first.

"There’s a gathering tonight. Will you go?"

Before Lan Yue could say anything, his assistant whispered in his ear.

Hearing that Tang Wu was here, Lan Yue was slightly stunned.

"Miss Ye, our brother might not be able to go to tonight’s gathering…"

Before the assistant could finish, he heard Lan Yue say calmly, "I’ll go over tonight."

Ye Yao smiled and nodded.

The assistant was stunned and looked at Lan Yue in disbelief. He reminded him again, "Brother, Sister Wuwu is here. Aren’t you going to accompany her?"

"Tm not going back to the hotel. I’ll go for dinner later."

The assistant was speechless. Was their relationship so bad that they did not even want to meet? They were so close before..

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