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Chapter: 2211

Chapter 2211: She Was His Girlfriend

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Ye Qingcheng could not help but roll her eyes. "You should go to the ophthalmology department!"

With that said, she was about to leave.

The man reached out to grab Ye Qingcheng’s wrist, but the next second, someone grabbed it first.

The man looked up at the man holding his arm. He looked gentle and handsome, with a scholarly and refined aura.

He looked like a weakling that did not know how to fight.

"L-Let go. Do you know who I am?" The man had clearly drunk too much and spoke loudly.

"No matter who you are, you can’t touch her." Compared to the man’s roughness, Luo Zhou’s expression and tone were much calmer and indifferent.

It seemed like she did not care about the man at all.

"Tm Brother Biao. I’m in charge of this street. If you offend me, you’ll suffer!"

The man wanted to shake off Luo Zhou’s arm, but he could not.

He looked thin but was strong.

"Brother Biao, what happened?" Several more men walked over.

Ye Qingcheng realized the danger and grabbed Luo Zhou’s hand. "Let’s run!"

Luo Zhou was speechless.

Before Luo Zhou could say anything, Ye Qingcheng pulled him out of the bar quickly.

Brother Biao chased after them quickly with his men.

Ye Qingcheng did not dare to stop until there was no movement behind her.

She glanced at Luo Zhou. His expression was still calm and his breathing was stable.

Ye Qingcheng realized that she was still holding his hand and subconsciously wanted to retract it. However, the next second, he grabbed her hand instead.

This time, no matter how she struggled, she could not break free.

Ye Qingcheng thought of her mother’s ultimatum to her and slowly stopped struggling.

Instead of finding someone she did not like to marry, it was better to find someone who met her requirements in all aspects.

Whether he loved her or not was not that important.

Anyway, it was not easy to get away after marrying her!

Luo Zhou took out a tissue from his bag. "Wipe yourself."

Ye Qingcheng seemed to have realized something. She opened her bag and took out a small mirror. Seeing that her makeup was smudged and she looked like a ghost, she screamed, "This isn’t me. Forget how I look now!"

Luo Zhou smiled slightly. "You look like your friend from my blind date."

Ye Qingcheng was speechless.

The two of them stood in the alley for a while. After guessing that Brother Biao and the rest would not chase after them, Luo Zhou held Ye Qingcheng’s hand and walked out.

Before sending her back to Song Lei’s house, he said to her, "Qingcheng, I’m serious about you."

Two days later.

The people in the dormitory found that Ye Qingcheng, who liked to sleep in, got up without anyone calling her.

And he was the earliest one in the dormitory.

"Qingcheng, why are you up so early today?"

Ye Qingcheng smiled sweetly. "It’s a secret."

Because she had agreed to be with Luo Zhou, the first period in the morning was his class and she wanted to see him in the classroom early.

They had just talked on the phone last night, but they were looking forward to meeting in the morning.

She was not a little girl anymore, but she had the mentality of a little girl.

Looking at Ye Qingcheng’s sweet smile, Song Lei was slightly confused. "Did you secretly fall in love? When we went to the bar that day, you left first. Did you go on a date with your boyfriend?"

Ye Qingcheng did not deny it. "I was with him that night."

The other people in the dormitory screamed, "Ah, who is it? Do we know each other?"

At the thought that Luo Zhou was still teaching here, Ye Qingcheng shook her head. "I’ll keep it a secret first. I’ll tell you when the time is right!"

The four of them had breakfast and went to the classroom.

Because she had arrived early, there were still seats in the first row.

There was still half an hour before class started and Ye Qingcheng kept looking out of the door with her hands on her cheeks.

Her phone suddenly rang.

Luo Zhou: "Have you had breakfast?"

Ye Qingcheng: "Yes, I’ll wait for you in the classroom."

Luo Zhou: "So early?"

Ye Qingcheng: I want to see you earlier.

Luo Zhou did not reply.

But a few minutes later, he appeared at the classroom door.

It was rare for him to wear a black shirt today. His skin was fair and his figure was good. He could wear anything and was tall and handsome.

"Oh my god, Professor Luo is so handsome today." Song Lei was smitten. "It’s a pity that he has a girlfriend."

Ye Qingcheng replied in her heart, "Yes, yes, it’s me."

Luo Zhou walked to the stage, turned on his laptop, and sorted out the contents of the class.

‘After he came in, Ye Qingcheng did not dare to look at him openly.

Luo Zhou naturally noticed Ye Qingcheng. After settling the contents of the class on the computer, he sent her a message.

"Be serious in class and don’t be distracted."

Ye Qingcheng could not help but laugh when she saw him standing on the stage and sending her a message with a calm expression.

She leaned on the table and when he looked at her, she secretly made an OK gesture to him.

When it was time for class, Luo Zhou finished explaining the contents of this class and announced something.

This was his last class as a substitute teacher. There would be a new teacher in the next class.

The girls exploded.

"Professor Luo, aren’t you substitute for three months?"

"Yes, we don’t want other teachers."

"Professor Luo, you can’t leave just like that. You have to be responsible for us!"

Ye Qingcheng was also a little surprised. Luo Zhou had not told her that today was his last class.

Faced with the girls’ insistence, Luo Zhou only smiled faintly. "The new teacher is a senior professor. He can teach you better. I’m very happy to be able to teach everyone during this period. I’m also a little regretful that I can’t stay here for personal reasons, but I still hope you can continue to be proactive

and enthusiastic to learn from the new professor."

‘When Ye Qingcheng heard him mention his personal reasons, she vaguely understood why he had left early.

He was still a professor here, so they could not be together openly.

He did it for her.

Ye Qingcheng could not help but smile.

Luo Zhou was leaving and the French students were reluctant to part.

After some discussion, they decided to treat Luo Zhou to a meal.

This dinner was initiated by Xia Jingjing, Her family owned a seafood hotel and after discussing with the monitor, they decided to eat at Xia Jingjing’s restaurant.

When Luo Zhou found out that his classmates wanted to treat him, he could not refuse, but he told his classmates that he would pay for it.

Although she did not get along with Xia Jingjing, she would definitely go since Luo Zhou was there.

Xia Jingjing had booked a private room a day in advance. When it was time for dinner, she and her best friend stood at the entrance of the seafood restaurant to wait for Luo Zhou and her classmate.


Xia Jingjing had apologized to Ye Qingcheng on the radio last time and made her lose face. This time, she would definitely regain her face and make Ye Qingcheng feel ashamed after seeing her family’s situation.

jing, when everyone sees that your family is so rich, they will definitely support you even more in the future."

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