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Chapter: 2216

Chapter 2216: Will You Be My Princess Consort?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Seeing Bo Cixue and Ye Jie showing off their affection in public, Ye Qingcheng covered her face. "Aiya, this dog food caught me off guard."

"Te already prepared my big red packet. When are you going to hold a wedding of the century that will shake the world?"

Ye Jie smirked faintly and said nothing.

Bo Cixue saw that he was silent and did not say anything.

However, a trace of disappointment appeared in her heart from the sweetness just now.

They had been living together for a while, but he had never mentioned marriage before!

Could it be that when she said that she did not want to get married so soon, he really postponed it indefinitely?

Bo Cixue did not show the disappointment on her face and drove back to the apartment after having dinner with Ye Qingcheng and Luo Zhou happily.

On the way back, Ye Jie drove the car. He had taken off his suit jacket and was wearing a tailored white shirt with a white collar. The top two buttons were unbuttoned and he could vaguely see his collarbones, shoulders, arms, and chest.

Bo Cixue thought of what had happened in the elevator and said to him, "My father didn’t send me a message or call me. He probably didn’t recognize us."

Ye Jie glanced sideways at Bo Cixue. Her fair and exquisite face was hidden in the dim light and her doe eyes were clear and bright. His Adam’s apple bobbed and he freed a slender hand from the steering wheel. He held her slender hand lightly and said hoarsely, "It’s okay if you see it."

Bo Cixue looked at his thin and well-defined hand and poked the back of his hand with her fingertips. "If we break up again in the future, my parents will definitely be very worried…"

Before she could finish, her fingertips were pinched by his large hand. His dark eyes looking at her were dangerous. "You still want to break up?"

Bo Cixue glared at Ye Jie. "Who knows what will happen in the future? We can get a divorce even if we get married…"

"Impossible," he replied with certainty.

Bo Cixue looked at his cold and serious handsome face and was amused by his serious expression. "I was just saying."

His dark eyes were as dark as ink.

Bo Cixue was frightened by his appearance and raised her hand in surrender. "Okay, okay. I won’t say anything about breaking up in the future."

His expression finally eased a little.

Bo Cixue thought of her mistakes in the hotel room and felt that she was thinking too much.

She could feel his love for her. It had only grown stronger recently. How could she doubt that he would marry her?

The car drove to the district and stopped. Before he could unbuckle his seatbelt, the woman in the front passenger seat leaned over and kissed his handsome face.

Ye Jie froze slightly and looked at Bo Cixue lovingly. "You don’t want to get out of the car?"

Bo Cixue understood what he meant and glared at him with red ears. "What are you thinking? I just kissed you. I didn’t mean anything else."

With that said, she got out of the car first.

After Ye Jie got out of the car, they held hands and had only taken a few steps when he suddenly froze.

Bo Cixue also stopped and looked at him in confusion. "What’s wrong?"

Ye Jie looked back. There was a dark sedan parked where the lights were dim. The driver’s window was slightly open and there was a red fire inside.

Ye Jie pursed his lips slightly. "Uncle Bo."

Bo Cixue followed Ye Jie’s gaze and saw General Bo’s car. Her relaxed nerves tensed up.

Instead of calling and questioning her, Master Bo had parked the car under her apartment. This was too scary!

"You’re here. I’ll go over and greet my father."

Ye Jie held Bo Cixue’s hand tightly, his dark eyes dark. "Let’s go together."

Bo Cixue’s heart felt warm and sweet.

The two of them walked to the dark-colored car. The cold man in the car looked at their hands and his deep eyes landed on Bo Cixue. "Little Apple, go up first. Dad has something to say to Xiaojie."

Bo Cixue hesitated and Ye Jie let go of her fingers. "Go up!"

His eyes were deep and firm, giving her strength and confidence.

She should believe that he could handle his relationship with her parents!

"Okay." Before Bo Cixue went up, she walked to the car window and wheedled to Bo Yan. "Dad, I got back together with Brother Xiaojie willingly. Don’t make things difficult for him!"

After Bo Cixue left, Bo Yan got out of the car.

Bo Yan asked Ye Jie a few questions, such as when did he and Bo Cixue make up? How was their relationship recently?

One of the questions was, "You’re cohabiting?"

Faced with Bo Yan’s slightly sharp and strong gaze, Ye Jie resisted the pressure and hummed softly.

Bo Yan’s expression did not look too good.

The darling Jiaojiao that he doted on had been cohabiting with someone before marriage. As a father, he was naturally unhappy.

Ye Jie looked at Bo Yan’s tensed face and dark eyes and said, "I will be responsible for Cixue."

Bo Yan pursed his lips tightly. "Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with her?"

Ye Jie replied without hesitation, "Yes."

"When do you plan to make it public?"

Ye Jie said, "I’m ready to make it public anytime."

Bo Yan said, "I need to see your sincerity. Xiaojie, you only have this one chance. If you make her sad or break up again, her mother and I will never agree to you being together again."

"Uncle Bo, I know." Ye Jie did not make any promises in front of Bo Yan. "Uncle Bo, give me a few minutes." With that said, he took out his phone and walked to the side.

After Bo Cixue returned to the apartment, she ran to the balcony and looked downstairs without taking off her shoes.

Because they were on the top floor, they could not see what was happening downstairs.

She returned to her room, planning to take the binoculars. However, before she could find it, her phone kept ringing.

Bo Cixue took out her phone and glanced at it.

Many friends had sent her messages and the news had also mentioned her.

Bo Cixue was stunned for a few seconds. A moment later, she understood that Ye Jie had tagged her on the Crown Palace’s official website and asked, "Are you willing to be my Princess Consort?"

Although it was just a few words, it caused a stir and countless media in the country reposted it, instantly becoming the hottest news.

There were already countless comments under Bo Cixue’s Weibo.

Everyone replied in unison, "I do!"

Many people also said that the Crown Prince had proposed to her and that female fans like them were going to fall out of love!

Bo Cixue found a pair of binoculars and ran to the balcony quickly, looking downstairs.

Ye Jie stood in front of the car door and seemed to have felt something. The moment she looked down, he looked at her.

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