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Chapter: 2220

Chapter 2220 You Should Learn to Coax Your Wife

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After they left school, they drove to the Bo family’s villa.

Although it was not his first time visiting, Bo Cixue was inexplicably nervous.

Especially after her father saw her last night, her mother had not called her. It was really abnormal.

Bo Cixue looked at the man driving. His expression was calm and elegant, without any nervousness or panic, giving people the feeling that they did not have to worry about anything with him around.

Bo Cixue took a deep breath and slowly relaxed.

The car stopped at the entrance of the villa.

Bo Cixue walked to the door first and entered her fingerprint.

When Bo Cixue opened the door, Yan Hua was already behind it.

Seeing Yan Hua, the nervousness that Bo Cixue had calmed down spread out again. "Mom, you’re cooking personally!"

Bo Cixue smiled to hide her panic.

Yan Hua nodded and her gaze landed on Ye Jie, who was behind Bo Cixue.

"Hello, Auntie Yan." No matter what, he looked calm and indifferent.

Yan Hua took out slippers for them and Ye Jie handed the gifts he had brought to Yan Hua. After changing into the slippers, he held Bo Cixue’s hand and walked into the living room.

Bo Cixue struggled but could not break free. She glanced at Yan Hua from the corner of her eye, but Yan Hua did not show any emotions.

Her mother was becoming more and more unfathomable.

"Mom, where’s General Bo?"

"In the study. You’re back and should be down soon."

Yan Hua returned to the kitchen.

Dinner was ready very quickly. Bo Yan came downstairs and the four of them sat in the dining room.

During the meal, Yan Hua personally took food for Ye Jie.

Bo Cixue was quite surprised. Looking at her mother, she did not seem to object to her getting back together with Ye Jie!

After dinner, Yan Hua called Ye Jie to the study.

Bo Yan was making tea in the tearoom downstairs. Bo Cixue ran over and lay on Bo Yan’s broad shoulders. "General Bo, will Mom make things difficult for Brother Xiaojie?"

Bo Yan patted Bo Cixue’s arm. "No matter what your mother says, it was for your happiness."

Bo Cixue nodded. "I know."

Alright, she could be hit by her mother and dote on her more in the future.

After about an hour, Ye Jie and Yan Hua came downstairs.

Bo Cixue could not ask Ye Jie what his mother had told him.

Yan Hua did not ask them to stay the night at her house. She had learned last night that they were already cohabiting.

She called Bo Cixue aside alone. "I didn’t say anything to make things difficult for him. I told him about your likes and habits since you were young and asked him to treat you well in the future. I don’t ask for anything. I

just want you to be happy, safe, and healthy. Don’t be sad because of relationships anymore!"

Hearing Yan Hua’s words, Bo Cixue felt a lump in her throat and her tears almost fell.

She went forward and hugged Yan Hua. "Mom, I know that you love me the most in this world. Please believe in me and Brother Xiaojie. We will be happy in the future."

Yan Hua patted Bo Cixue’s slender back. "Mom believes you."

Bo Cixue sniffed. "Actually, when I brought him back today, I thought that Mom would not agree to me getting back together with him so quickly."

Yan Hua sighed. "I watched him grow up and I know his character. He proposed to you on the official website yesterday and made his promise. Tonight, he said in front of me that you would be his only Princess

Consort in the future and would love you like his father loved his mother. What else can I say?"

"As their friend, I know very well how much your Uncle Sihan loves your Auntie Nan Zhi. If he can do that, I will trust him with my daughter."

Bo Cixue could not help but smile.

When Bo Cixue and Ye Jie drove away, Yan Hua stood at the door to send them off.

Even after the car had left, she still could not look away.

Bo Yan came out and put his arm around Yan Hua’s shoulders. "Our daughter has grown up. As parents, we should let go."

Yan Hua nodded. "I hope there won’t be any more setbacks in the future. Let’s continue being happy like this!"

After Mrs Tang saw Ye Jie proposing to Bo Cixue on the Crown Palace’s official website, she called Tang Mo, who had not been home for several days.

When he received Mrs Tang’s call, Tang Mo was playing cards with several clients in the clubhouse.

"I think even the Crown Prince is more romantic than you. You didn’t go home for a few days and let Xun’er stay alone in the room. No woman would be willing to live with a man like you."

Tang Mo clearly felt that his status at home was no longer as high as Nan Xun’s. He did not know what spell that woman had cast on his mother and grandfather. As long as there was a conflict between them, it would

be his fault!

In fact, it was that woman who did not want to live a good life with him!

It was fine that she pushed him to another woman. When he went back, she did not give him a good expression and did not let him sleep in the same bed with her. What was the point of him going back?

"Women have to be coaxed. Mo’er, listen to me. Come back tonight and apologize to Xun’er properly."

After Tang Mo informed the clients at the table, he walked out of the room with his phone. "Mom, | didn’t do anything wrong. Why should I apologize to her?"

"The two of you have a cold war. You must have done something to make Xun’er uncomfortable. If you don’t admit your mistake, who will?"

Tang Mo could not say anything, but he felt wronged!

"| have something on now with several important clients. Let’s talk later!"

Without waiting for Mrs Tang to say anything, Tang Mo hung up first.

After hanging up, Tang Mo did not return to the room immediately. He leaned against the wall, took out a cigarette from his pocket, and bit it between his lips.

After smoking, she returned to the room.

There were a few more women in the room and President Zhang said, "These are the new girls signed by our entertainment company. They’re new here, so I asked them to come and meet you."

CEO Zhang glanced at the girl standing by the side. "Baby, what are you waiting for? Young Master Tang is here. Help him move his chair."

The girl called Bao’er was probably in her early twenties. She had waist-length hair and looked fair and innocent.

After the boy moved the chair for Tang Mo, he stood by the side obediently.

"Young Master Tang, shall I light a cigarette for you?"

Tang Mo focused on the cards in his hand and replied, "No need."

"Shall I bring some fruits to feed Young Master Tang?"

Tang Mo raised his left hand and knocked on the table. The baby immediately saw the wedding ring on Tang Mo’s left ring finger.

"If I eat the fruits you feed me and one day, my wife will be jealous."

The boy’s face was red and he was at a loss.

Tang Mo waved his hand. "Sit on the sofa. I don’t need help here."

President Zhang, who was sitting opposite Tang Mo, smiled and said, "Young Master Tang, you’ve changed a lot recently!".

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