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Chapter: 2221

Chapter 2221 Crazy

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Tang Mo was once a famous playboy in the industry. After getting married, he had other women with him and not his wife.

But now, he had rejected You Bao’er.

You had to know that You Bao’er was the prettiest and purest girl that President Zhang had signed.

She was not worse than the woman called Mi Yue who had accompanied Tang Mo after his marriage.

Tang Mo bit the cigarette between his lips. Hearing CEO Zhang’s words, he smiled devilishly. "I have no choice. That person at home is very strict. If | mess around, I won’t be able to sleep in the bed in the future."

The other CEOs laughed.

It was not an honorable thing to be afraid of his wife, but he had said it without any burden.

It could be seen that he still had his wife in his heart.

President Zhang said nothing more.

It was already eleven at night when the game ended.

Tang Mo walked out of the clubhouse and his assistant, Meng Yi, drove over. He was about to get into the car when a soft voice stopped him.

"Young Master Tang."

You Bao’er jogged over. "Young Master Tang, you left your lighter in the room."

You Bao’er passed the lighter to Tang Mo, her doe-like eyes staring at him with watery eyes.

Tang Mo did not take the lighter. He was once a well-known playboy and had seen too many women. He could tell what the young girl was thinking at a glance.

"I’m out of breath. Throw it away." With that said, he got into the car.

You Bao’er stood on the spot, biting her lip hard.

The other two girls who were about the same age as her walked out. Seeing that she had been rejected, they laughed mockingly. "President Zhang and the rest are just a little old. What’s wrong with being more

attentive to them? This Young Master Tang is very handsome, but you probably don’t know that he had an accident and is disabled!"

You Bao’er froze.

"H-He’s disabled?"

"That’s right, so you should change your target. No matter how good-looking a cripple is, | won’t take it no matter how much money you give me!"

You Bao’er looked at the place where Tang Mo’s car had disappeared and muttered softly, "So he’s that pitiful."

Tang Mo returned to the Tang family.

After entering the villa, he did not go upstairs immediately.

She took a bottle of wine and sat by the wine cabinet to drink a few glasses.

Hearing the commotion, Mrs Tang got up and went downstairs. Seeing that Tang Mo had returned, she drank and snatched the wine bottle and glass away. "What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you return to your


Tang Mo looked at Mrs Tang. "Mom, do you really think she’s that good? Do you really want me to grow old with her?"

"Mo’er, if you miss Xun’er, you won’t be able to find a better woman than her."

Tang Mo scoffed and did not say anything. He got up and went upstairs.

Nan Xun did not sleep in the master bedroom but in the guest room. Tang Mo turned the doorknob and locked it.

He smirked. She locked the door tightly to guard against him, right?

Tang Mo took the spare key and pushed open the door, walking in.

Nan Xun had already fallen asleep. She was wearing conservative pajamas and pants. Her long hair fell over the pillow as she turned sideways to cover her face.

Tang Mo sat by the bed, his slender fingers brushing away the long hair by her cheek.

Aclean and bright face appeared.

After she grew her hair long, she felt that she looked much better.

It might have been like this in the past, but he had seen too many beauties and did not like short-haired women. He had only thought that she looked like a tomboy because he had not looked closely!

He looked at her quietly.

His gaze moved from her eyes to her lips and nose. When she slept, her lips were slightly opened, not as strong as when she was awake, but with a little womanly cuteness.

Tang Mo lowered his head and slowly approached her.

Just as he was about to kiss her, her phone on the bedside table vibrated.

Tang Mo looked at her phone.

There was an unread message on the screen.

"I won’t disturb you now. I’ll wait until you divorce him. I regret not telling you my feelings earlier and making us miss each other."

After seeing that the sender was Xiao Mo, Tang Mo’s mind went blank.

His grip on the phone tightened, as if he wanted to crush her phone into pieces.

During this period, she had a cold war with him. Although they lived under the same roof and attended family gatherings, dinner parties, and banquets hand in hand, as long as there was no one else, they were like


He did not deliberately inquire about what she was busy with every day or who she met.

He suppressed himself with his strength.

But she met Xiao Mo behind his back.

She must have told Xiao Mo that it was just an arranged marriage!

Anger rose in Tang Mo’s chest, as if he had been cuckolded.

Nan Xun was sleeping soundly and was still planning how to expand the company in her dream when she suddenly had difficulty breathing.

She opened her eyes and her pupils constricted when she saw the man biting her lips.

Tang Mo?

She sniffed and smelled the fragrance of wine and a faint fragrance.

That fragrance was the perfume on the woman.

Nan Xun frowned and raised her hands to push Tang Mo away. "Are you drunk?"

The two of them had been getting along peacefully for a period of time. Although they were strangers, it was the best way for her to get along.

She thought that this peaceful relationship would continue, but it was broken by his actions tonight.

The corner of her lips were bleeding from his bite and she was in pain and anger. "If you continue to be like this, I’ll move out in the future!"

Move out?

Moving out so that she could live with that Xiao Mo?

Tang Mo pinched Nan Xun’s beautiful face, his eyes dark. "Don’t forget that you’re my wife now."

His fingers were very strong, as if he wanted to crush her bones. Nan Xun gritted her teeth and glared at him angrily. "Don’t forget that we already agreed not to interfere with each other after marriage!"

"I said before that the agreement doesn’t count anymore."

an Xun was almost angered to death by him. She was trembling all over. "Whether it counts or not is not up to you!"

an Xun did not want to argue with him. He smelled of alcohol and was clearly not sober. She closed her eyes and tried to be calm. "Let’s not argue, okay? We’ll talk tomorrow when you’re sober."

Tang Mo’s grip on Nan Xun’s cheek slowly loosened. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead. Just as the tip of his nose was about to land on her lips, Nan Xun pushed it away. "Tang Mo, go back to the master

bedroom and sleep."

"Xun’er, I agree to talk tomorrow, but I want to stay here tonight."

an Xun’s temples hurt. "Tang Mo, I’ve already returned what I owed you. Can you respect me…"

He looked up and stared at her with dark eyes. His handsome face was tense and his voice was a little dark. "Is it because of Xiao Mo? You met him and talked to him. When you get a divorce, you will be together,


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